Are You More Alpha than Raw Vegans?

My post about making money online created immense controversy. The consensus from people who no doubt go on Internet message forums to tell everyone that they are alpha males was surprisingly beta, “It can’t be done!”

I think a lot of guys need a new mirror. Some of you are seeing alpha images when the reality is less flattering.

Mirror Homer Muscles Fat

These three groups of people are all living exclusive off of online income. If you say you can’t make money online, you are admitting that these are your superiors. While you cry about being broke, these people are making it happen.

Who’s the alpha – a bunch of pussies who cry about being broke or these people?

Raw Megan

Banana Boy

Raw Brahs

  • XDays

    Funny story:

    My 15 year old brother likes science. Last week he saw some digital scales that were being sold at a clearance auction.

    He ended up buying the scales and reselling them online for a 1000% (yes, three zeros) profit.

    Remind me again of how hard it is to make money online?

    • Danger & Play

      Wanna do a guest blog or have your bro do one? If so, email to gmail: playdangerously.

  • Liam
    • Danger & Play

      If you’re suggesting they are selling an inferior product, then you only amplify my point that making money online is easy.

      Imagine what you could accomplish if you sold a superior product?

  • Rob

    That was impressive rock climbing. She struck me as friendly, caring, and sexual. Need more like that one.

    • Danger & Play

      Yeah, the raw vegans get a lot of hate. They aren’t really “my people,” but they are having fun doing their own thing. And making some damned good money, too. “Alpha males” could learn a lot from plant eaters.