Ray Lewis: Alpha Male

A lot of geeks are wringing their hands over the fact that Ray Lewis was involved in an altercation where two men died. Yet it seems clear that if Lewis killed anyone, it was in self-defense. “Thugs are gonna thug,” and some guys popped off. Why would anyone but a geek who is too terrified to stand up for himself like a man have a problem with what Lewis was accused of doing?

Lewis tore a tricep at 37.  Any guy over 30 will tell you how slowly injuries are to heal. A torn triceps should have been a season ender – which at Lewis’s age meant career ender.

Instead of listening to losers and haters, he used whatever drugs were necessary to heal and win a Super Bowl.

Betas blame circumstances or coyly hide behind rules. Lewis embodies the alpha lifestyle because he will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, you could have spent your time listening to his inspirational speeches, which are all over YouTube:


To find out how to not be worthless at 37, read, “The He Hormone.”

  • Chuck

    most who are critical are critical of his phoniness. do you think everyone is appalled just that he may have stabbed two guys, or do you think they are appalled that he’s full of shit and seems to not even acknowledge that we know that he’s full of shit?

    also, there’s the aspect that when we watch football we’re getting the perspective of former players and coaches and people who are married to the economic side of the game. so all we basically hear is praise for ray lewis despite the very real possibility that he’s a piece of shit who is merely doing on the field what plenty of other guys can do. it’s that he’s being held up above so many other guys who are just as alpha as he is. and then rambling incoherently about god and jesus just adds an extra layer of “fuck you” to the cake.

  • Blade

    Here’s another good video with Ray Lewis:

  • s

    There are over 600 people that play in the NFL. Those are some of the best athletes alive. Ray Lewis stands there above these men through a combination of gift, luck and hard work, and yet there are people out there who come out and say things like “he’s a piece of shit who is merely doing on the field what plenty of other guys can do” instead of asking themselves “what is it that i can learn from this man that will further me in my life”.

    you can sit around and have masturbatory arguments about who in the NFL is more alpha, or you can take a look at yourself and see where you can apply some lessons from this guy.

  • sfer

    Ray Lewis was awesome. Coming back the way he did inspired the Ravens.

    Football guys take a lot of drugs.