What Miss Teen Delaware Teaches About Game

Miss Teen Delaware Porn

Rule 1 of the game is the never put women on a pedestal. The case of Miss Teen Delaware illustrates the justification for that maxim most aptly. Miss Teen Delaware was literally put on a pedestal. She was given a crown and treated like royalty. In reality she wanted rough sex and to be put on a sex pillow. Men who were not dominant met her felt intimidated. They viewed … [Read more...]

100 Ways to Break the Ice

How to Break the Ice

Guys new to the game are always looking for openers - that is, magical lines or questions that will cause a woman to immediately find him interesting. In real life an opener should be much simpler. An opener is just something you say to get the conversation started. In How Did You End Up Here?: The Surprising Ways Our Questions Connect (Amazon)Davy Rothbart gives you 100 … [Read more...]

Why I’m Not a Liberal or a Conservative

Ireland Baldwin

Two sides of the same coin Big Government: Liberals say, "We need a strong social services program since I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to support myself." Conservatives say, "I'm terrified of cave-dwelling savages and of black men. We need a larger army and more police on the street!" Out taxes and national debt go up accordingly. Child support: Liberals … [Read more...]

Foam Rolling, Active Release Technique, and Self-Myofascial Release

Tendonitis tennis elbow

I was lying face down on my stomach while my girl dug the point of her elbow into my shoulder blade. I had tried returning to the gym, only to be crippled by a high school football injury. "It's just a pinched nerve," some moronic coach told me when my entire right arm went numb during high school football practice The "pinched nerve" would resurface whenever I'd begin … [Read more...]

Why The Game Comes Easily to Philosophers

Enlightenment, unfortunately, is not all-encompassing. Although an enlightened person knows the truth, the truth is fractured. There is, for example, a truth about making money: Don't work for someone else if you want to get rich. Yet how many rich men have you met who had to ask his wife for permission to take a trip with the guys or even have a cigar at the lounge? A man … [Read more...]

Audible Review

Audio Books

Road trips have always served the purposes of relaxation and daydreaming and self-education and edification. During my formative 20s I always looked for opportunities to listen to audiobooks. After one visit to California, I remember stopping at the Pasadena Border's, eagerly looking for my next title. I stopped listening to audiobooks once road trips were fewer. Since I … [Read more...]

Why Do Yuppies Want Pit Bulls?

Cane Corso

Dog ownership among women is growing. Nearly every girl I know has or wants a dog. Most pet store owners seem to be women. It seems that more yuppie white women are owning pit bulls. What's up with that? GLP views it as a manifestation of guilt: Women are apt to feel more guilt than men so it would make sense that the various forms of ‘privilege guilt’ would prove most … [Read more...]

Here’s the Deal with the Forum


As many of you have noticed, there's a Danger & Play Forum set up. I haven't approved any usernames yet because I've had to decide what to do with the forum. 99% of Internet forums (or fora, for the pretentious among you) exist for one of two reasons: 1. A large forum allows the forum owner to sell advertising to third parties. This is self-evident. If you can get … [Read more...]

Are You More Alpha than Raw Vegans?

Mirror Homer Muscles Fat

My post about making money online created immense controversy. The consensus from people who no doubt go on Internet message forums to tell everyone that they are alpha males was surprisingly beta, "It can't be done!" I think a lot of guys need a new mirror. Some of you are seeing alpha images when the reality is less flattering. These three groups of people are all … [Read more...]

Dante’s Admonition

DC Training

Dante Trudell has put more muscle on guys through his revolutionary DoggCrapp training than probably any other bodybuilding visionary since Arnold. Most don't know about Dante or DC Training because DC Training is too demanding for most trainees. Dante issued a warning that I took to heart many years ago. It's a warning most will ignore until it's too late. What did Dante … [Read more...]