Finding Your State

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How would your game change if you never felt feelings of rejection? What if rejection had no more power over you than a still breeze? Would your game change if you could control how you responded to women?

One NLP exercise that no one does (event though it’s fundamental and even though you cannot “do” NLP unless you’ve performed this basic exercise) is to create a state of emotion or consciousness that you can always return to. The exercise, described in NLP: The New Technology, requires you to go into a room alone. In this room you need to stand up and focus on an event that has brought you a great feeling of accomplishment. You then imagine a spherical light around your body.

This forms the basis for your “state.” Whenever you are feeling weak, powerless, or embittered, you return to this state.

A person’s default state is a private one and it differs from person to person. My default state when dealing with a woman is a rock. A woman’s emotions, rejoinders, or outbursts flow harmlessly around and past me. I do not move.

To recognize the power of finding – and returning – to your state, observe this Tony Robbins video:


What would you be able to accomplish if you operated from feelings of empowerment? Imagine how much better your day would be if you were able to return to state. Can you see how women respond when they subconsciously detect the power overflowing from you?

Read more: NLP: The New Technology.

  • Nick

    Good post and video. Not that long ago I internalized the idea that I just wasn’t good with women. It caused me to not only avoid showing sexual intent with women but made me feel less confident in a variety of situations. Since making a conscious effort to learn game I’ve had numerous experiences I can refer back to to get myself in “state” whenever I’m feeling weak: insta-date with a model, taking a hot girl home from a club, number closes from street approaches, etc. We all have experiences where we felt powerful, proud and happy so we can use the memory of those experiences to raise our confidence to try new and more challenging things.

  • Liam

    Might have to give this a go to see if can tap into the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ state for when I go out.Always have the best time and attract most female attention when im in that kind of mood.Kinda similar to your rock state maybe.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    Wow. Maybe TR is not entirely preaching nonsense. If I did not experience Game working for myself, only in the past year, I would not suppose mental attitude has social power. Interesting juxtaposition, but I’ll still take Game on the strength of being a non-profit, peer-reviewed science of sorts.

  • anon1

    One thing about Tony Robbins. you’ve gotta give it to him. he knows how to motivate the fuck out of people.

    I also watch a ton of brent smith (the lifestyle coach) videos, helps keep me in check when i start behaving like a pussy instead of a man.

    those daily affirmations, get into state and all that shiz actually does work

  • String

    Here’s a link to a Ray Lewis speech that you’d probably like.

    I found it at that blog, I’m not affiliated, but the blog itself is gold, so I linked directly.

    Feel free to delete this comment.

    • Danger & Play

      Thanks, man. I’ve had a Ray Lewis post set to hit tomorrow. Ross Training is a great site. Used to get a lot of ideas when I was doing fight training.

  • Dylen Durret

    Was reading the Tony Robbins article and got linked to your podcast about state control. Nice work, definitely an engaging website.