How small-minded and pathetic some people are. Say a guy he can make money online, and haters bristle. Yet here is what mankind has accomplished in one centenarian’s lifetime:

Model T Mars Curiosity

It’s no coincidence that the Mars mission was named Curiosity and not Haterosity.

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  • playmuc

    Hell, yeah. (Also, we live in fantastic times. Here in Europe: If it wasn’t for former Yugoslavia we’d have almost 70 years of peace. Unprecedented. Computers, Internet, Birth Control, Good Music, Wealth, ..)

    • Constantine

      Hey, playmuc,

      It wasn’t only Yugoslavia. In 1974 the mediterranean Republic of Cyprus was invaded by Turkey. Turkey still maintains an occupation force of 43,000 men and close to 400 armoured vehicles. There is continuous violation of human rights as this is determined by various UN resolutions and ECHR decisions. There is also the case of Northern Ireland. Ah, almost forgot! The anti-colonial struggle of the Cypriots against the British during 1955-1959 and the military coup in Greece in 1967.

      But in general I would agree with you. Things (if you subtract the economic crisis from the equation) seem to be going well. There are things that need to be taken care of (religious fundamentalism) but we are on the right track!

  • samseau

    People hear “Economy contracted 4th quarter” and think they are screwed. They forget the fallacy of composition.

  • Jason

    Real talk!

  • Ed_PUA

    Awesome post

  • Samim S

    Best examples to convey the power of vision. I am starting to see what is possible once I keep a consistent vision. It almost brings everything else in alignment.