Overeducated and Underemployed? Start Making Money Online!

Although Gucci Little Piggy is an outstanding writer, I stopped reading his blog because it was too negative and bitter. A Twitter link to an article shows why he’s a bit unhappy with the world:

I had top grades among Finance students but just didn’t think or know and hadn’t been told how important internships were.  So I just focused only on school work because that’s what I was best at.  So I graduated and didn’t immediately find a job so I decided to enroll in a master’s econ program.  [Now I wait tables.]

Well, GLP, let me help you and other men like you. You are smart. You are a very good writer. You have an audience.

How about you stop writing about how evil black people are and start a personal finance blog? Steve Sailer and The Derb’ are both broke. Why end up like them?

Why not start a SEO’ed personal finance blog just for men with posts like:

  • How to Get Out of Debt;
  • How to Improve Your Credit;
  • How to Invest in Index Funds;
  • Top Personal Finance Books;
  • How I Ruined My Life By Buying a House With My Girlfriend;
  • How I Ruined My Life By Going to Graduate School.

Read James Altucher’s blog and copy his narrative style. Go to the Warrior Forum to start learning internet marketing.

Publish two posts every week. Promote your blog to your manosphere buddies. Go to the library to read personal finance books. Read other blogs to get more content.

After 3 months you will have a blog that you can monetize. Write an ebook. Create an affiliate marketing page. Or affiliate market other personal finance books.

Your current audience would be interested in personal finance subjects. Most men have the same problems you have.

You could make money affiliate marketing credit card offers and credit monitoring services. You could add a first-person narrative recounting your struggle in repaying loans. I also think you had a foreclosure. Why not write a short ebook about that?

I could start such a blog but have a couple of other good hustles going on right now. So I’m giving the idea to you. Or at least I’m giving you a 3 month head start. You need to the money more than I do. Run with it.

There are a lot of ways for GLP and all of you “overeducated” people to earn some spare change online. If you can write you can earn a living online. Let me say that again:

If you can write you can earn money online.

It means you need to start treating your writing like a job. You want to write about how blacks and Mexicans are destroying Western Civilization? Too bad, you’re broke.

Roosh makes a handsome living writing about feminism. Do you guys make any money belly aching about American women?


If you are broke, you do not have the right to do things that feel good.

Besides, having money feels better than talking about social problems.

Write about something that makes you money, not something that gives you a short-term dopamine rush. Basing your actions on a short-term “feelings of goodness” is feminine and makes you no different from the women you criticize.

Find your own hustle.

Roosh has his hustle. I have mine. You need to find yours. (You can also start promoting iHerb coupon code, which I highly recommend.)

What’s your hustle? That’s your job to figure out.

Adopt the winning mindset. Start from the proposition that, “I am worth an hour of my day’s labor.”

Charlie Munger, as a very young lawyer, was probably getting $20 an hour. He thought to himself, ‘Who’s my most valuable client?’ And he decided it was himself. So he decided to sell himself an hour each day. He did it early in the morning, working on these construction projects and real estate deals. Everybody should do this, be the client, and then work for other people, too, and sell yourself an hour a day.” Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.

Snowball Warren Buffett and the Business of Life


You don’t get to treat writing like a fun hobby. Treat your writing like a business.

“If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. If you treat your business like a business, it will pay you like a business.” – Lloyd Irvin.

You guys need to think strategically. Read and internalize Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. Ask yourself, “Is this activity earning me money?”

Benjamin Franklin autobiography

If you are broke, you cannot afford to do anything that does not make you money. You cannot afford to have friends. You cannot afford to watch the news. You cannot afford to play on Twitter. You cannot afford to do anything that does not make you money.” – Danger & Play’s Principles of Success: For Game and for Life.

Cut out all the losers in your life. Create a better environment. Invest in yourself. Build a crew of like-minded men who share your goals. Seek out your superiors for their assistance. Become an apprentice.

Watch all of Frank Kern’s videos. Look at blogs that are earning cash. Reverse engineer them. Most importantly…

Frank Kern: Stop Being a Pussy and Start Making Money Online

Lloyd Irvin Talks About the Importance of Multiple Income Streams

I can’t tell you where to go from here. Most will not even comprehend the full implications of what we’ve discussed.

I can tell you that you are now facing a fork in the road. Will you find a way to work for yourself, to create multiple streams of income that prevents you from being a slave to a time clock?

Since I’m not selling an internet marketing products, the Federal Trade Commission cannot prevent me from saying what I’m about to say. I can make promises and give a guarantee of success.

If you follow the principles articulated above, within one year you will be making a decent side income online.


Don’t miss: Building Your Crew.

  • Keith Lee

    Lots of people want to talk big game, few are willing to put forth the effort.

    Personally, I find earning money to be a side effect of doing a great job at what I want to do. Work, play, blog, book, whatever. Pick things that you want to work on, then bust your ass working on it. You’ll enjoy the hell out of it so it won’t seem like work.

    Put 20 hours a week into blogging? Who cares – it’s fun.

  • asdf

    “After 3 months you will have a blog that you can monetize

    Why do you assume this? There are like five billion blogs out there, many on personal finance. The vast vast majority will never monetize, even if they are fairly good.

    “You could make money affiliate marketing credit card offers and credit monitoring services.”

    So basically one broke loser helping other broke losers get further into debt. Sounds like a pyramid scheme.

    “Roosh makes a handsome living writing about feminism”

    And Roosh is the best. How many people are trying to be Roosh and fail. The vast vast majority. And not for lack of effort. Its a niche winner take all market. And even Roosh will tell you he doesn’t make a lot of money.

    “Find your own hustle.”

    Hustle is by definition finding a way to rip other people off. By definition we can’t all be hustlers, since being a hustler comes at the expense of others.

    “I can make promises and give a guarantee of success.”

    That guarantee isn’t worth squat.

    The WORST advice anyone could give another person is to try and make money writing on the internet. The absolute worst. If someone’s goal is money I can’t think of worse way to get it. All your selling is to through yourself into a parasitic meat grinder where a few people luck into success at the expense of everyone else.

    If GLP wants money he should put the hard effort into learning an in demand skill. And if he wants to feel good about his life it should be a skill that makes the world better, not a “hustle”. That’s real advice.

    • Danger & Play

      You have the mentality of a loser.

      • asdf

        You have the mentality of a psychopath selling snake oil.

        • Danger & Play

          What am I selling?


          You are a loser. There are many places people like you congregate on the Internet. This is not one of those places.


          • asdf

            Your selling “the hustle” more broadly and making money blogging more specifically. Basically you set up a website which and try to make money of ads for parasitic crap and products like credit card offers or piss poor financial advice from a nobody.

        • XDAYS

          Giving out free advice is obviously fraud.

          Everyone knows that only snake oil salesman would create a blog, post free-to-read content and occasionally provide an Amazon Affiliate link for something that they use and find beneficial.

          How dare you suggest creating a blog to earn extra money. No one in the history of the universe has ever made any money off the internet. A man like GLP would be far more successful if he abandoned the world of finance (because bankers are evil and to be one often requires a college degree, which is a scam) and take up a much more lucrative career like protestor or welfare recipient.

          If history tells us anything, it’s that putting in an effort and trying something new has never accomplished anything. Everyone who ever made money, or achieved success did so because of blind luck and family connections.

          But really, I loved the post. I’ve been running my new site for about a five weeks and already earned $30. It’s not much, but it covered my monthly lunch budget. There’s plenty of money to be made online, all you have to do is try.

    • Heh

      Step #5:

      Cut guys like asdf out of your life.

      • Danger & Play

        My good friend just dropped his second book.

        If you guys like Lincoln, check it out.


        His first book was at every bookstore, even saw it at my local Costco.

        What percentage of first-time authors fail? Probably 90% or more. I never told him writing a book was a bad idea, although statistically speaking it was.

        When you only hang around with successful people, your vision of what is possible expands.

        You begin “assuming the sale” within your own mind, that is, you begin to take it for granted that you will succeed.

        • samseau

          What’s more, is that your friend wrote a book on Lincoln, THE MOST WRITTEN ABOUT SUBJECT IN ALL OF AMERICA. Lincoln is second to the bible in terms of book sales. And yet, your friend was able to pull off a hustle on the most written about subject in America.

          “It can’t be done” = “I don’t believe it can be done”

  • slow clap

    between this article and the anti-hbd article at nexxtlevelup….everybody’s picking on GLP today!!

    he is a bitter dude though.

    • Danger & Play

      In a sense I’m a fan. He is wasting his talent on hatred and racism.

      If he put his talent to good use, his life would monumentally improve.

      I hope he makes the right choice.

  • ASF

    I didn’t really read this post like the commenter asdf above did as guaranteeing that an internet business or blog is going to make you money.

    I read it as more of trying to kick otherwise talented people out of a negative mental rut. When you spend all your time hating or having negative thoughts, even if partially or wholly justified, they become your actions.

    How is your life better because 40 people commented on your post that says group X sucks?

    I used to scoff at the idea of having a positive mental attitude, like Tony Robbins, but I am increasingly coming around. That does not mean that merely thinking happy thoughts is going to magically translate into cash. However, having a positive mental attitude, coupled with talent and concentrated effort, CAN result in cash.

    • asdf

      “I read it as more of trying to kick otherwise talented people out of a negative mental rut.”

      That’s how he’s defending it, but there is actual advice in there that is bad.

      “However, having a positive mental attitude, coupled with talent and concentrated effort, CAN result in cash.”

      Yes, but we have to ask ourselves how. There is no shortage of positive attitude, there is a shortage of outlets.

      There is a trend amongst bloggers such as this that ANY way to make money is good. The ethical, productive, and social content doesn’t matter. Selling people credit card ads over the internet is great as long as it makes money.

      Personally, I care about how I make money. I don’t want to make it “hustling” people. I’ve worked in high finance, insurance, government, and IT. It is full of hustlers that are trash. They destroyed our economy. There might be a good job out there for GLP if not for hustlers. Hustlers are parasitic, any way you earn income is fair game.

      This blog, and others, poses that if you get rich it doesn’t matter what happens to your brothers, society, anyone. Just do it. Everyone who doesn’t climb over the bodies of those around them deserves it. Survival of the fittest.

      • ASF

        I think you’re reading too much into the word “hustling.” It means extra effort, not cheating or defrauding people.

        I think the best and most sustainable businesses offer true value for the money.

        Your comments pose a larger question regarding whether businesses owe any moral or ethical obligation (the so-called “good corporate citizen”) to society, or whether they are just amoral profit making machines. I think that question is harder to answer than it may first appear.

        • Danger & Play

          My pee-wee league baseball coach told us to hustle when running on and off the field.

          Guess he was a 50 Cent fan? (Even though my baseball days long preceded 50 Cent.)

          That; or perhaps English is not asdf’s first language.

  • Dark wolf

    Good and timely post. I’m in the process of creating my own hustle and one of my goals is to be location independent. I would definitely be interested in joining a mastermind group.

  • dc1000

    chill out dude

    a “hustle” just means something outside of your 9-5. something you have to “hustle” to make happen..you know..put forth extra effort

    • asdf

      The term “hustler” was most popularized by 50 cent. Here are the lyrics to hustlers ambition:


      50 cent is singing about being a psycopathic drug dealer who will do anything to get rich and get what he wants. Whenever people talk about hustling its always with this black drug dealer swagger attitude in the background.

      The specific advice he’s giving GLP is parasitic, as are most internet “entreprenuers” in this part of the net. They mostly sell snake oil to each other.

      If he wanted to give him real advice he might have looked at this skills and asked what we can reasonably expect to succeed in. Off the top of my head if he’s really as good at finance and math as he says then he could go to SAS.com and learn to be a SAS programmer. You can take courses and get your certification online. It’s easy to advance in certification on your own. Within five years the guy could be making six figures. He could even be location independent, many SAS programming jobs are work at home. And its used in a number of roles and industries I would consider socially useful.

      That’s real advice. It’s hard. It’s not glamorous. It doesn’t pay off for years. But its real advice.

      • dc1000

        you are tripping, dude.

        everyone I know knows that a hustle is a side thing.

  • Mac

    Great post. Spoon fed GLP this, he has no excuse.

    Most people just don’t seem to understand that complacency breeds mediocrity.

    I’m down for a D&P Mastermind Forum.

  • Pete

    The mastermind group is an amazing idea. Count me in!

  • jackson

    Internet Marketing. Great idea.

    But don’t scam people.


    Frank Kern is linked to scammers and scum bags.


    Don’t be a scum bag.

    • Danger & Play

      I was enthralled. Thanks.

      Pretty funny that the author bashes Internet Marketing before posting a link to his eBook (along with an affiliate link).

  • Rob

    Hang on a second. Everyone seems to be talking like having a positive attitude is a good thing. But that can’t be true. Roosh just wrote an article saying a positive attitude is for losers. Pessimism is the way to fly.

    If D&P and Roosh disagree on an issue of this magnitude, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    Seriously, please someone tell me what to believe.

    • ASF

      Roosh is actually a pretty positive person in the flesh.

      • Rob
        • Danger & Play

          I’d seen that and didn’t disagree. Optimism bias is a dangerous cognitive bias that I’ve written about in other fora.

          I am pessimistic about the world but optimistic about myself. I know that I will work hard to overcome adverse conditions. I know that if I woke up tomorrow without any money (pessimism), I would find a way to overcome (optimism). My will to survive is strong.

          Does that make sense?

          • Rob

            So you’re saying you adapt to the environment? Like an animal trying to survive? Let’s hope that in a 1000 generations your DNA has survived. I know you don’t want to have children (god knows I don’t either), but maybe you should think about selling sperm (ya know, as a hustle).

            It makes sense. I was just having some fun.

            But…why not just call it being realistic. Belief and action in accord with reality. Sometimes being realistic calls for pessimism, sometimes optimism.

  • anon1

    fantastic knockin’ it out of the ballpark, level article here D&P. i’m actually pretty shocked because i had been independently following altucher’s blog and warrior forum for a while now, toying with a few businesses but not fully committing to one, keeping it as a hobby rather than a business. this article has given me the boot up the arse i needed.

  • Roosh

    Real talk right here

  • Ra

    There’s a book called “Seeking Wisdom” that in large part draws from Charles Munger’s guiding principles in life and money that has some real gems in it. Much of the book is basically a no nonsense guide on how to not fuck up in life, an abridged version of: “Don’t do cocaine. Don’t race trains. And avoid all AIDS situations.” Not fucking up long enough to do a few things right seems be enough to be successful. It’s a dense book that I’m still working my through, sometimes I get as far as a page before I have to stop and let it sink in. Also draws on Charles Darwin and other notable figures.

    I think a forum along the lines of this blog or Bold & Determined is overdue (a red pill forum for men that’s not focused on pickup). A co-op between you and Victor could give it a nice jump start, but that might get too complicated.

    • Danger & Play

      I’ve got more from Charles Munger coming soon.

      I’m big on “staying in lanes,” so I haven’t set up a forum yet because Roosh has a good one. We should all cooperate and promote each other’s stuff and view each other as partners rather than competitors.

      So if I set one up, it’d be as you described.

      What topics would you want to see covered? IOW, what “subforums” would there be?

      Forums can be a huge time suck, too. I make very little money on D&P. Amazon commissions on books amount to not much.

      D&P is my outlet and labor of love. A forum might make it seem like a job.

      • Ra

        Yeah, Roosh at least gets a few book sales out of RVF, but I’m sure even then the time to monetary reward ratio isn’t stellar.

        Possible topics / subforums:

        Private mastermind organization

        Where guys post either MM wanted or MM recruiting threads. Do internet based MM groups work? It would have to be tested, not sure.


        Where guys post what fields they work in, what opportunities they would be interested in talking to other guys about, proposals for joint ventures, professional advice, etc.


        Job ads + service ads. A place for like minded guys to seek out and provide professional services for each other.

        General Business

        Entrepreneurship, legal topics, marketing, web dev

        Health / Fitness

        Self explanatory


        Motivational topics, mindset development, spirituality / enlightenment, masculinity, etc


        Travel, women / relationships, personal finance, fashion

        Also, there could be a lot of value in making it a private forum, especially if guys would be divulging even a few details about their professional lives — keep that stuff out of Google’s everlasting database. Maybe even a small registration fee ($10-$20) to keep the tire kickers and trolls out?

        • Danger & Play

          The ROI on a forum is not bad. Users create content that people find by searching topics. For example, User X posts, “Best bars in Toronto to meet girls.”

          Someone Googles that term, find the forum, and then is potentially converted to a book buyer.

          It’s a win-win for the forum owners. Someone else creates topics and the forum owner gets a customer. HOWEVER, it takes hours to filter spam, moderate disputes between members, etc. So it’s no free lunch.

          A D&P forum (or at least a major subforum) would be private. I don’t need the SEO value. (Less than 15% of my traffic is from SEO, by design.)

          I just need to think of something that makes sense. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • w

    i’ll bet a billion dollars glp won’t take this advice.

    • Danger & Play

      Maybe not but hopefully it inspires him to action. I’ve always liked GLP. I see a lot of myself in him.

      “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” – A Bronx Tale

      • w

        d&p, you are the salt of the earth. chucks’s racism makes him irredeemable in my book.

  • Matt Forney

    Kick-ass post. Also, I want in to the Mastermind Group. You have my email.

  • Liam

    I’d be down for a small registration fee. The content on here is gold.

  • Dan

    I’ve made a good full time living from internet marketing. For the love of god, please do not listen to Frank Kern, or go to the loser pile that is called Warrior Forum.. These are corners of the internet filled with wannabes and hucksters.

    If you really want to learn anything about internet marketing you can join a paid online forum: affiliate playbook, stackthatmoney.com or imgrind.com or you can go to wickedfire.com, but you’ll need to sift through flaming and general fuckery.

    I’m not affiliated with any of these sites, I just don’t wanna see manosphere readers directed to these awful places.

    I’m sure the author has the best intentions, but frankly the resources are garbage. They are a starting point, just really bad ones. They’re only marginally better than googling “make money online”

    • Joshua

      “For the love of god, please do not listen to Frank Kern, or go to the loser pile that is called Warrior Forum.”

      That’s harsh.

      Frank Kern is a master salesman. People love him for a reason. If you’re clever, you can get an excellent education just by watching/studying his launches.

      I would NEVER advise anyone to spend $2,000 on Mass Control. However, I have the product and anyone with a list will make their money back many times over.

      I agree the Warrior Forum can be like watching the blind lead the blind, but there’s also a lot worthwhile advice, too. If you ignore the noise, guys like Paul Myers and Allen Says and Vin Montello all know what they’re talking about.

      I haven’t been on the Warrior Forum in years, but it helped me in the early days.

  • Joshua

    Another great post.

    The trick is to become a genuine expert in your niche AND to become a great marketer.

    As an expert who doesn’t understand salesmanship, you’ll only reach a fraction of your potential. (Besides donations, it’s clear that Roissy wasn’t trying to monetize his blog. However, with internet marketing, he could’ve banked six-figures yearly. But, like I say, it’s clear that Roissy wasn’t trying to monetize his blog and this is no dig at him. Roissy is a legend in the Manosphere. The new guy is pissing all over that site, but that’s another discussion altogether…)

    As a salesman who doesn’t genuinely understand his niche, you’ll sell sub-standard products in volume. Customers will lose out. Refund rates will be high. Soon enough, you’ll develop a bad reputation in your niche. (Unfortunately, this is too common among internet marketers. Clickbank was littered with scammy offers before they changed their T&C.)

    As a genuine expert who understands marketing, everyone wins.

    Broadly, this means: blogging often, building a list, emailing your list (original content), developing a stable of products, and fostering JVs. (For those who want to learn marketing, I recommend studying from Gary Bencivenga, Frank Kern, and Jeff Walker.)

    But, there is a balance…

    DYD (David DeAngelo aka Eben Pagan) makes 7-figure profits every year. Roosh, I’m speculating, makes low six-figures.

    Eben is a phenomenal marketer. I admire what he has achieved. However, I have more respect for Roosh… most people do. Roosh offers much more value for money to his tribe (http://www.amazon.com/Tribes-We-Need-You-Lead/dp/1591842336/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359505479&sr=8-1&keywords=tribe) and we love him for it.

    At what point do you sacrifice personal profits for the good of your customers?

    Personally, my marketing approach is more aggressive than Roosh’s, but less aggressive than Eben’s.

    Sign me up for the mastermind group. I started my first info-product business at 17 – it now makes six-figures yearly.

    I’m launching my second info-product business in February, completely from scratch in a new niche. My goal is generate 5-figure profits by April 30th. I’d be happy to document everything in the mastermind group. A detailed, real-life casestudy could help many people.

    There’s enough gold in D&Ps post to transform peoples’ incomes. I wonder if anyone will bother to take action…

  • Joshua

    A quick thought on the mastermind group…

    If it goes ahead, I’d like to see a registration fee. Nothing much, just enough to help screen out the time wasters.

    • Danger & Play

      What’s a good price to charge?

      • Joshua


        If someone’s whining over $10, they’re not the calibre of person you want in a mastermind group.

        If you’re reluctant to charge a registration fee, another option would be an application form. Again, nothing much… just 3-5 questions to help screen-out bitches like asdf.

  • Carl Sagan

    Solid post.

    I remember Bold and Determined had a similar post.

    It’s something I’ve thought about doing more and more (creating a niche site). I’m lucky I’ve got a solid day job, but it would be fun to have a hustle on the side.

    • Danger & Play

      Like Charlie Munger noted, 1 hour a day 5 days a week…

      • Carl Sagan

        And really, other than your time what is lost if you fail? It’s not like you are trying to start up a brick and mortar business and you have to re-mortgage your house or something. Sure there will be some associated costs for hosting space etc. but that’s nothing compared to the start up costs for a brick and mortar business.

        • Danger & Play

          You could always watch TV or spend your time like most Americans. 😉

  • Jason

    Private Mastermind Group: Yes.

  • CL

    You consistently refer to money-making and having a side hustle. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts for a different situation — highly paid, but hating the job. I’m working about 70 hours a week, and make bank for it, but spend a lot of time doing incredibly boring stuff with unimpressive people. What I do looks great on a resume, and will give me some options, but in a field that I don’t like. There’s minimal time for a side hustle.

    On the one hand, you write about hard work being the only path to get ahead. I understand that. On the other, you write about surrounding yourself with impressive people – I work with incredibly boring people (partly the job, partly the way it changes people). What’s the balance?

    • Danger & Play

      Mastermind Group is how you surround yourself with excellent people.

      First you “meet” them online.

      Since it will be a closed, private forum, meet-ups in real life should be common.

  • Revo Luzione

    What an epic post. I lol’ed so hard at the beginning, and got inspired with the rest. You’ve got Chuck pegged so well, I was crying with laughter over here.

    But the real marrow of this conversation is all about the hustle, in the best sense of that word.

    The ideas and possibilities are virtually limitless, as to how many side hustles you can have and what you can accomplish with them. The internet can truly set free a creative mind’s potential.

    I’ve got a ton of ideas. I’ve been holding off for for far too long–fears of failure, fears of success, fears of alienating people.

    Fuck all that, I’m ready to roll.

    Let’s do this Mastermind group. Sign me up.

  • Simon Grey


    Your advice to Chuck is generally sound on a micro level, but it its not scalable to a macro level for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has taken a basic Econ course. The world has a finite demand for D&P’s and Tim Ferriss’s. Eventually, the market for self-promotion dwindles, and it becomes increasingly difficult for newcomers to make money. Meanwhile, the old guard finds their earnings decreasing because the market is over-saturated. This doesn’t mean that your advice is wrong; it just means your advice has limits.

    Also, it can be equally profitable to create a couple of offline hustles. As a professional writer, I can tell you that the market for writers and writing isn’t quite as large as most think.

  • Blade

    “Inexperienced, ignorant, and foolish people commonly confuse realism with cynicism.”–CEO of a marketing company

  • Blade

    “The true positive thinker acknowledges potential and existing negative circumstances and reactions, and engineers a plan to overcome them, to achieve positive results.”–William Bodri

  • mason

    Been a longtime reader, would love to see this MM group come to fruition.

    I would say a few questions would demonstrate applicants are worthwhile intelligent individuals. A $10 registration fee will keep numbers down.

  • ASF

    I’m a little surprised no one has mentioned Ramit Sethi.

  • Matthew King

    Entrepreneurs are the highest male type in our culture. They are the equivalent of warriors in the ages of war. Our war has been sublimated into sport and business, so men who seek to prove themselves in a competitive arena today have different outlets than past generations.

    But your attempt to shame Gucci Little Piggy into manliness is misguided. You are on the right track about entrepreneurship, but your Broier-than-Thou lecture doesn’t speak to men who are in that sort of rut — if indeed he is stymied, and you aren’t extrapolating too much from too few clues.

    GLC complains about the misuse of the skills of a man like him within the context of a broader critique of a society that has turned virtue on its head. It isn’t an indicator of his frustration so much as it is a declaration that he personally knows the subject of which he speaks.

    A better approach would be to assume he knows at least as much as you. Even if you are correct, you just can’t offer unsolicited advice like this without raising your fellow man’s defenses. That’s all I could think about as you unloaded specifics on this guy: how is D&P in a position to lecture GLC, other than by what the former claims about himself and the few characteristics the latter decided to express about himself?

    Part of my business is to bring non-entrepreneurial types to a place where they can make good entrepreneurial decisions. And rah-rah shame tactics backfire on otherwise proud men. You are better off pulling them in a direction where they can self-identify the liabilities holding them back, rather than getting in their face and publicly insulting their lack of initiative — especially since your brand of declared superiority wears thin quickly and is regularly chewed up/spit out by the market no matter how great you feel about yourself.

    Others will detect this as charlatanism, like some commenters above. But it’s not “snake oil” so much as it’s a misdiagnosis of the protege’s real needs. The presumptuous adviser thinks some mental block is holding a poor soul back because that’s what held them back in a similar situation. But there are some legitimate circumstances that can’t be drill-instructored into success, no matter how loud you yell. I just don’t get the sense that GLC requires your brand of pep talk. Not every man does.


  • Acksiom

    I’ll sign on, but only for $110.

    $10 for membership, and $100 to exclude Matthew King (King A).

    • Danger & Play

      Not gonna lie…I LOL’ed.

    • Rob

      Ironically, the above is the sanest thing King A’s ever written on the internet.

      • Danger & Play

        Is he a notorious troll? I’ve stopped reading just about every manosphere blog and even then avoid the comments. Too much negativity and hate. Guys like asdf and King Alpha predominate.

        • Rob

          When I used to read the heartiste blog, he’d write irrationally confident religious content. Same on Frost’s blog.

    • Matthew King

      I want you in my mouth.


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