Mastery: Book Review

Author of the 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene’s latest book Mastery asks: Can we learn to become masters?

Mastery Book Review

Green’s book Mastery is part biography, part practical advice, and part positive affirmations.

In teaching others how to become masters, Greene examined the lives of other masters – everyone from electromagnetic expert Michael Faraday to founding father Benjamin Franklin to boxing trainer extraordinary Freddie Roach.

As I’ve gotten older, biographies have become more interesting. Although I had read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography as a college student, Greene’s detailing Franklin’s life inspired me to read more. Greene nudged me to reading Walter Isaacson’s outstanding work, Benjamin Franklin: Am American Life.

As someone who was always motivated and dedicated in my early years, much of the practical advice was ho-hum. Unlike far too many of today’s young men, I never viewed myself as being above my elders. I sought out their advice, support, and encouragement. “Success leaves trails,” as Tony Robbins wrote, and so I was willing to follow those trails (at least for a while).

As a younger man the advice may have been more useful. As someone who has found his place in the world, Green’s advice was less compelling. On the other hand, Mastery’s reminders were helpful.

Mastery is an inspirational reminder that men often achieved their greatest success much later in life. On the Origin of Species masterpiece was not published until around Charles Darwin’s 50th birthday. A man should always continue working towards his masterpiece.

Mastery is a worthy read but is not so great that you need to move it to the top of your book queue.

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  • Wall Street Playboys

    “not so great that you need to move it to the top of your book queue”

    Believe a list of top-tier books would be of great use

    • Danger & Play

      Good idea. I’ll think of something.

  • mellow

    Nice post.

    You mentioned Tony Robbins. What material of his have you read and what seminars have you gone to?

    Also, What did you learn from that?