• Rob

    sweet video. silva is the ali of mma though. no one in mma has the movement, precision or grace of the spider.

  • rivsdiary

    bad ass. that turnaround elbow thing is awesome.

  • Danos

    Yeah and to think he really isn’t a completed project as yet. He’s a little under utilised in the light – heavyweight too. Realistically Silva needs to move to light – heavy or Jones needs to step to heavy. I’d love to see him fight Cain Velasquez.

  • Nas

    Great natural talent. Uses his physical gifts, his reach and height really well. But I don’t think he should be elevated to GOAT status just yet. Anderson Silva, GSP, Fedor have accomplished far more in their respective divisions and shown greater technical capabilities. Jon Jones still has a lot of room for development.

    For fairness sake, here’s a look at his weaknesses from my favorite author:

  • Nas

    I am really disappointed that he will be facing Sonnen next. Wanted to see him against the other tall man of the division, Gustaffson. Dan Henderson was also interesting. Mousasi would be interesting too.

  • NineFuries

    I agree that A. Silva is more of a contender for the Ali stereotype than Jones.

    Bones has the longest reach in the entire sport. His gameplan makes the most of it as well. Taking nothing away from the phenom that Jones is but Silva is the one of the most graceful, precise fighters ever to be in MMA.