DJ Kalin Tyler Interviews Hunter Moore

Is Anyone Up Interview

If you think your game is tight, then you have clearly not heard of one man – Internet mob boss, Hunter Moore.

Hunter Moore is a DJ whose fame grew when he created the Internet revenge site, “Is Anyone Up?” “Is Anyone Up?” allowed users to upload images of girls who had sexted them, although the site took a diabolical twist.

Unlike other revenge sites, Is Anyone Up? Linked to the exes’ Facebook pages.

Most men would view Moore’s life as being over. Surely no woman would ever get involved with such a scumbag degenerate.

Hunter Moore’s reward for creating a website that ruined lives was a concubine of groupies. Girls would regularly send him nude pictures and offer him sex.

Hunter Moore became king of the Internet.

DJ Kalin Tyler (whom we interviewed at Danger & Play) had an interesting discussion with Hunter Moore.

The Interview examines Moore’s business strategy, his groupies, and his hustler’s mindset:

HM: I have been doing business since I was a little kid. To me, business is just natural. If I had went to school I would probably be a super fucking genius in business. People think I’m just an idiot for Tweeting and getting girls naked, but little do they know that I am creating this huge fucking empire. I really don’t sleep, all I do is hustle all day long. When people actually sit back and realize what I am doing, they will be like “Holy shit…” I hope people take me more serious on that level, but it is sort of a blessing that they don’t. I would rather them think that I am fucking retarded because…well…I am going to take over the world.

If you want to know what living the life really means, check it out.

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  • Clash1e

    If I did as much coke as him I’d probably also be a king of something.

    He obviously has some brains. Used to know plenty of idiot coke users in my old university and they rarely accomplished anything outside banging and wasting their parents’ money.

    • Danger & Play

      Then why don’t you?

      • Clash1e

        Don’t need to. Recently took the exam for dental school and scored in the 99.4 percentile nationwide.

        I’m a shoe in for acceptance and eventually will be able to open up 1 or more practices when I graduate.

        • Danger & Play


          • Clash1e

            Thanks man

  • DVY

    Haha, you need to relax the ego a little bit Clash1e.

    As a person who just finished dental school and is now working, you need to first finish school, pay off your loans, learn how to work, gain people skills, learn billing and insurance, and good salesmanship.

    1 or more office dont appear out of nowhere, not even w/99.4% dental scores.

    Be humble, because you will have rocked everything in your life up to this point, but stepping into dental school youlll fail and fail again. Miserably for 2 hours, then watch instructors do it in 30 seconds.

    Dont under-estimate the challenges involved. I certainly wasn’t. And i had a better attitude going in.

    • Clash1e

      No delusions here about the challenges that await me, I never said whats coming will be easy. Not much in life ever is.

      Im preparing myself for the future challenges to the best of my ability so I wont be caught too off guard.

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    Hunter Moore is awesome. I love his “don’t give a fuck what you think” attitude.