Blog Showcase: Chaos and Pain

Chaos and Pain (very NSFW) is a mixture of vulgarity, hatred, evil, grotesque images, training advice, and all-around badassness. It’s so hardcore that Google warns you away:

Google Blog Warning

Chaos and Pain really is amazing. The front page is the fifth part of a series of Indian wrestling and club bell training. Yet scrolling down will reveal photographs that can best be described as gore.

To experience the blog, you just need to click links and start reading.

If this excerpt from a post entitled, “Evil Will Always Triumph Because Good is Dumb: The Science Continued,” doesn’t draw you in, stick to watching Dr. Phil and Oprah:

Not unlike the legendary strength and tenacity of Wolverine, regular people with  a mean streak have been shown in a variety of studies to outperform the nice.  This should come as no surprise to anyone- just like the ultra evil Darkseid killed off goody two-shoes, Cub Scout Superman, African honey badgers tear the living shit out of much larger animals like gazelles, fuels by nothing but hate and a diet heavy in meat products.  Like the honey badger and Darkseid, it’s critical that you channel your inner Hulk and fucking yell and smash until whatever stands in your way is reduced to smoking rubble.

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  • Josh

    Nice… I’ve had that site bookmarked for quite awhile.

    Did you notice the first part of the title of post you linked is a quote from an amazing 80’s movie?

  • Fawky

    I knew you would like the blog 😉
    He has done an AMA if you want to know more about him.

  • Carl Sagan

    Been reading this blog for many years now.

    Jamie has a somewhat unique perspective on training. His writing is both hilarious and refreshing.

    He’s also quite the interesting character (for those that know about his past).

  • gym question

    DP –

    I live in Hollywood and am looking to start lifting. It seems like my 2 main choices would be 24hour Fitness at the ArcLight, or the Gold’s Gym down near Santa Monica and Cahuenga. Have you been to either, and which would you recommend?

    Plan on doing the StrongLifts beginner workout, as per recommended by Nate on NexxtLevelUp. Thoughts? Thanks, and appreciate your time.

    • Danger & Play

      24 Hour is a good starter gym. If you can afford to pay up front, get a 2-year gym special at Costco.

  • daniel

    I got there following yor link, and it’s by far the best lifting blog i’ve ever read. Thank you.