MADMAN! He is human as far as I can tell/observe. Putting your life at risk to conquer your fear is not rational. If he is Hybrid or Non Terrestrial, then my opinion is void.

  • Ed_PUA

    I’d say that’s the epitome of DANGER and PLAY

  • Rob

    But he probably can’t Squat or Deadlift 600 pounds, so how strong is he really?

  • maxx

    In a regular sport you know you’re getting past it when others overtake you. In a sport where you only compete against yourself, where first place is life and second place death the only measure of your decline is death. Old age is not an option.

    Another sport with similar odds is the breath hold deep diving record. You either break it and live or you don’t, the only ones who know you reached your limit are the spectators.

    To me it’s not living life to the fullest, it’s actually anti-life. Every day you play Russian roulette until one day you lose.

  • Young Hunter

    Do the terms have to be mutually exclusive? Watching that speed climb I see a lot of both.

  • Fortis

    I’m pretty sure this dude died almost 10 years ago.

  • Gavin

    The ability to persue one passion is remarkable. Extreme outdoor sports like hard sport and traditional rocket climbing are examples of when bigger isn’t always better and fear trumps all. This man life was no tragedy and he knew the risks but his demise is still sad. A recent example would be dean potter and his death almost two weeks agos. He was to the climbing community now what dean dan was ten years ago. If the essence of alpha is the ability to form your own path then these two men should be considered benchmark “alpha’s”