Doomsday Isn’t Coming


There’s a picture of myself standing next to four AK-47s. In addition to several thousand rounds of ammunition, I had silver bullion and other survival supplies. I was prepared for the end of Western Civilization.

What a dope.

I sold my silver bullion to some morons at $40 an ounce and am planning on a way to return to storage to sell my assault rifles off at a 400% profit. (If you’re curios, a MAK-90 went for $250 when I was kid. Now they are going for upwards of $1,300.)

Then again I was a teenager who had no perspective on life. When you’ve only lived a relatively few number of days, a catastrophe seems imminent.

When JP Morgan CEO┬áJamie Dimon was asked by his daughter, “What’s an economic crisis,” he told her, “It’s something that happens every 5-10 years.” As a 50-year old man, he had perspective.

Yet my mid-20s self freaked out. I was convinced the world was going to end. Hundreds of blogs and newspaper reporters fed my fear.

What an idiot.

The West keeps on moving on. Companies went public, minting thousands of brand new millionaires. If you had dollar cost averaged yourself into the market during the “second Great Depression,” you’d have made a handsome profit.

Unless an asteroid or something hits, doomsday isn’t coming. America will keep moving forward. Time and money wait on no man.

We are driven by narcissism to believe we live in unique times. Yet each decade had some catastrophe.

During the 50’s the Cold War Began. People built bomb shelters, preparing for a nuclear bomb to destroy the world.

The 1960s had a Civil Rights crisis. People expected a race war.

Civil Rights Movement

The 1970s saw tens of thousands of young men sent to Vietnam to be slaughtered. In 1973 America had a major fuel shortage.

fuel crisis 1973 fuel shortage

The 1980s gave us stagflation and double-digit mortgage rates along with record level downsizing.

1980s mortgage rates

Yet in 2013 people are living in fear again. Have we learned nothing from prior decades?

The world hasn’t ended and it’s not going to end.

We are not special enough to be The Generation to See the World End. A belief that the world is going to end right quick like is based on a childish lack of perspective or as an admission of defeat.

Like a man who kills a woman, saying, “If I can’t have her, no one will,” far to many men say, “If I can’t success, no one can!”

People are indeed succeeding. Right now some teenager is building the next big company. Some middle-aged man is rebuilding himself after a costly and devastating divorce. Cancer patients are returning to good health, ready to start over.

Avoid any site that emphasized doomsday scenarios. Doomsday bloggers are men who simply can’t admit they have failed, and because they live in denial of their failures, they will always be losers.

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  • playmuc

    Excellent article. Something can always happen (the uncle of a girl I know was hit and killed by a shingle falling off the roof of a building he was walking past), but we shouldn’t waste time on waiting for it. In most cases everything will be just fine.

  • Rob

    “Avoid any site that emphasized doomsday scenarios.”

    Reason 103 I stopped reading the newspapers.

    The world isn’t going to end. That means the key to success is avoiding BIG mistakes. The world allows for many small mistakes. It’s the big ones you have to be careful of.

  • SR

    I’m probably a little bit older than most of your readers (42), and I remember reading a book twenty years ago called “Bankruptcy 1995”, which was when the author predicted America would go bankrupt. It was a bestseller at the time.

  • TFU

    Great article, I think this is something that a lot of people in the alternative right part of the internet need to hear. Things ultimately just keep going on, nothing ever ends. Predicting and preparing for a short-term “apocalypse” scenario is simply self-deception, a shield from the recognition that all things are long hauls. Fortunes go up and down, but doomsday is a term best left to fiction novels.

  • DVY

    Whats your perspective on rising debt, enlarging bureaucracy, and likely increased taxation in the future?

    Chance of America falling apart-slim to none.
    Chance of America not being as dominant as it once was, w/reduced spending and earning potential- quite high

  • Revo Luzione

    While I completely agree with you, I do think there’s room for some common sense disaster planning.
    It was common for our grandparents and earlier generations to have 30-60 days of food on hand, along with some backup heat & light sources.
    In a hurricane Katrina/Sandy type of scenario, this sort of planning is the difference between weathering the storm comfortably, or being miserable.
    I don’t think we’re going to see a total SHTF or TEOTWAKI scenario anytime soon, but I do forsee more events like hurricane Sandy, or the ice storms that tore through the midwest and mid atlantic states last year.
    In situations like that, a few emergency supplies, and the means to defend one’s self & family are pretty important. Looters can be pretty ruthless, it’s best not to be defenseless. But yeah, three AK’s & lots of ammo, silver, and a doomsday bunker, that’s massive overkill.

  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    Could not agree with this article more.

  • Ra

    I agree that obsessing over every possible sudden and catatraphoic apocalypse scenario is a waste of time.

    I do think we are living in a very unique time, though. The end of the world has never been *more* possible than now when you look at purely man-made world destorying factors. Up until about 1980, the world could withstand and bounce back from just about anything we threw at it. Now, that’s just not the case. Basic life support systems are collapsing and won’t be coming back. Population continues to explode past 7 billion. You don’t have to be a conspiracy doomsdayer to see that within 200 years there’s a very good chance we will have completely destroyed a large portion of life support systems. You don’t just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and press on from that. And that’s all assuming we don’t have any nuclear showdowns.

    It may not really start to hit the fan by the time we die, but generations growing up in the 22nd century very well could be witnessing the end of civilized humans, and maybe humans altogether.

    Of course, an asteriod could show up in 200 years and do the exact same thing, but that’s not very likely. Whereas us doing it to ourselves is completely possible given our current trajectory.

    So for me, the answer is not burrowing in bunkers with assault rifles, out of shape wives, and 2,000 pounds of shitty food. The answer is in shaping the world by the enlightened intervention of powerful men. Because the average person will collectively destory themselves by doing what they’re doing until maybe the TV networks go down, but by then it’ll be too late.

    In short, if you care about preventing the end of the world, don’t run away — build things, gain status, attack.

    • Danger & Play

      The Black Death. The 1919 influenza pandemic. World War I. World War II. War of the Roses. The Hundred Years War. The Great Depression. The Cold War. The Holocaust. The Holodomor.

      Yet humanity marched on.

      • Ra

        The cold war was the only thing that could have been truly world destroying, and no nukes were ever sent over the pond. We’ve been minutes away from that happening more than once. And that was as recent as the 1980s.

        It’s really our position on the exponential growth curve that I’m pointing out as being unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and it brings with it some of the biggest plausible species destroying threats we’ve ever seen.

        I agree with your main message, that obsessing over every possible catastrophic scenario is a waste of time, especially if your solution is to hide in bunkers clutching guns and gold. But unfortunately there are real, large, unique problems looming on the horizon that can’t be wished away with a positive outlook and that will threaten the existence of our species. Hopefully a few men of action will recognize that do something about them, it’s the only thing that got us this far.

        • Danger & Play

          You mean people will die? No shit.

          Some guy could kick your door in and ass rape you tonight. If you lived your life like that were extremely likely instead of implausible, you’d be viewed as a retard.

          Same thing with all this retardation about how society is going to collapse and how we’re going to be trading silver in the streets. It’s fucking moronic.

  • Wake

    Why you should care about doomsayers but not worry too much:

    1/ The MSN is mostly singing some “It’ll be allright” tune (eg.: the platinum coin magick). Wrongly.
    2/ They are legions of doomsayers of all types out there. A tiny fraction only of what they predict will become true. But one thing is certain: things will get worse before they get better. Buckle up.
    3/ Relax. As bad as things can go, you guys (male, intelligent, active, flexible, 20-40 yo) will be part of the demographic that copes best with the coming mayhem.

    Once I had a pretty good idea of what will or might go wrong, I understood I have the means to cope with it. Not only that: I will comparatively thrive. As the world will change, opportunities will arise and you will spot them as some point. Some will then make it big, some will even become heroes.

  • Robert

    Some excellent points in your post.
    Doomsday isn’t coming, which is a good thing. I like living in the 21st century.
    However, I believe that life, as we have known it, is coming to an end. Big Bro keeps growing. Surveillance keeps increasing. The counterfeiting by the Fed is in high gear..Etc…etc..
    Civilization collapse? Not likely
    Civilization change? Very likely
    Personally, I buy tangible, useful things and hold on to them.
    Those green pieces of paper with dead presidents on them? They’re only worth something because everyone agrees they’re worth something. Should that faith be shaken or start to erode, things could turn ugly. Fast.

  • Ed_PUA

    I like the basic message here, but not so sure it’s right on substance…

  • Ed_PUA

    I encourage all of you to watch the “Aftershock Survival Summit” video on Youtube…

    • Danger & Play

      Looks like another douchebag trying to sell his services.

      • Ed_PUA

        LOL wrong

  • sfer

    And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?/
    They were, those people, a kind of solution.

  • jake

    fear sells.

    it’s especially fun to watch from a distance, while banging teenage asian girls. worthy goal: developing a coneusseur level appreciation for fuck skills of a cambodian girl, vs. thai, vs. french, etc.

    yawn, corporate-sponsored media hype. keeping the cubicle hamsters distracted from LIVING.

    also and just in time, the jake cambodia retrospective (of sex and whatnots):

  • PM

    I mostly agree with you. but I wouldn’t quote a banker, they can say whatever they want and say that crisis happens and it is normal, but I don’t trust them, the most powerful men in the world do really shady things in our back to screw the population over. Bankers own the government because of the debt, we have less and less rights and a lot of other shits thats ruining the world

  • Nate

    Mike, sometimes it’s remarkable how much I find in common with you. I had the exact fears you mention here after the crisis in ’08. It happened right before I left for a year long study abroad trip, & I had somehow convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to return to America once I left to study in Europe.

    During that same time I was reading a number of blogs focusing on Austrian econ, which no doubt contributed to my paranoia. One of those blogs was named Marginal Revolution. & as I recently found out from your Twitter, you found the manosphere the same way I did, through that single post on MR several years ago. Not long after, D&P was in my news feed & my life was taking a whole different turn. Isn’t it amazing how one path can lead you down another?