• anon1

    ah excellent you put this link up

    • Danger & Play

      No doubt; thx for link.

  • Nicholas Hill

    Damn, what a solid, motivational video.

  • ‘Reality’ Doug

    By definition not everyone can make it happen when that means #1 or dominance. We know that from sexed evolution. But men must risk or fail too. Great posts on Arnold. The takeaway for me is the breaking of the rules. I wish I knew that when I was young and indoctrinated. People who make the rules typically abuse that power to maintain their position at the expense of the group’s greatness. There is a right way to break the rules, just like there is a right way to approach women with sexual intent. The fix to being a creeper is to fix your approach to win not to avoid future attempts. As in the video, there is nothing like winning (if it’s worth while). Enjoying the Ahhhrnnnold.

  • Augustus

    Excellent video, but did you notice the subliminal messages flashing on the top of the screen ?

    • Danger & Play

      No. Do tell…