• Bronan The Barbarian!

    Spot on and hilarious.

  • jmd

    Great minds. I’ve been watching his tour of x city videos on YouTube for the last week. Pretty amusing stuff.

  • nek

    It’s amazing how disposable we are in the eyes of women.

  • beta_plus

    Bill actually said in either his NYC or LA video “spinning plates”. I’m betting that he reads the manosphere but for professional reasons cannot admit it.

  • rivsdiary

    “gold digging whores are the wife beaters for men”

    bill burr is the most masculine comic that i know of right now. and fucking hilarious too. i wonder if her reads roissy and the manosphere. i think he does.

  • rivsdiary

    like the great rollo said, “men love idealistically, women love opportunistically.”

  • playmuc

    Some truth to it, some passive aggressive bashing to it. Just saw/heard 2 videos, the first one is absolutely correct. The second one is just the bitching of a man who is unable to deal with his woman. It’s not that they want the relationship to be only about them. If you believe that you are on your path to becoming bitter. But this and other blogs have that subject covered extensively.

  • maxx

    As one woman once said “The worst thing about feminism is that it has made enemies of men”. A massive backlash has been triggered. Men and women vilifying each other is not the way it was meant to be. The future does not look bright.

  • Anti-Blue Pill

    Bill was Funny and true to the Fucking max which reminded of this jim jefferies bit.

    • Anti-Blue Pill

      oops just realized i cant post youtube links, Anyways just look up jim jefferies-foreplay funny shit.