Welcome to 2013

Shantaram: A Novel is next up on the reading list.

Here are your new tax rates, U.S. citizens.

If I’m a billionaire, I’m hanging out with something better than this, ya know? Hell, I was doing better as a negative-hundredthousandaire.

After 8 years with Levono, I got my first Macbook, which was cheaper on Amazon than the Apple Store. My computer is a tax deduction. Find a way to run a side hustle so you can deduct computer purchases.

Starting your own business offers many tax advantages. Resolve to start your own business in 2013.

I’m addicted to the blog Million Mile Secrets. If you have good credit, you can basically fly for free. If you have bad credit, fix it.

Happy New Year!

  • Kuraje
  • liam

    Looking forward to your review of this book .I got given it by somebody who had no interest in it.
    200 pages later I was engrossed and kept putting it down to avoid the end…….. aswell.I disagree with a lot of his philosophical ideas and fictional characters ,but……. a book discussion thread for this book would be amazing……..and judging from the quality of the comments it would be a very worthy debate.

  • liam

    Excuse my shit grammar I was talking about Shantaram.

  • Rob

    You wrote somewhere that you’ve been on a 1099 for some time. That’s going to be my situation in several months. I don’t know if writing a primer on that holds any appeal to you, but I would be interested in reading it.