Today’s Reads

  • Joshua

    To pay my way through college, I developed info-products to sell online. Made over $100,000.00 in my late teens (17-to-19 years old).

    Copywriting was the most decisive factor in my success. The Gary Halbert Letter was invaluable, although I recommend hiring a proven copywriter where possible. (Be warned, the good ones are NOT cheap.)

    On another note, I’ll invest in the J8006 soon. I’ve been drinking Garden of Life’s vegetable powder for months because it’s convenient/easy ( Am feeling great, but it can’t be as beneficial as the real thing…

    Keep up the excellent work D&P.

    • Danger & Play

      That’s an awesome story. I’d love for you to do a guest blog. Would you be interested?

  • Joshua

    I’d be happy to. Send me an email when you’re ready.