How do I Know if my Wife is Cheating on Me?

Many men wonder how they can know if their wife is cheating on them. How can a man know if his wife is cheating on him? It’s really hard to know for sure. Surveys show that 54% of women have cheated in a monogamous relationship. The same surveys also show that a full 65% of women would cheat on their husbands if they knew they would never get caught.

A lot of men are getting cheated on without knowing it. Consider this reader mail from a friend of the blog. A buddy of mine (who is black) writes in:

“D&P told me once that I’m a young guy there’s no reason I shouldnt have some cougar taking care of me.

“About a month later I discover:

  • Misty’s in Ontario, CA
  • Foxfire in Anaheim Hills, CA
  • This Jazz bar in SFV (name escapes me)
  • Any health store (Whole Foods, Traders)

“If your 34+yr old wife gets a boob job and she lives in SoCal, particularly OC, I have a 87% chance of fucking her…WELL.

Funny part is that you’d think it’s the wives of dudes that neglect them. Nope. Usually the well taken care of ones with doting husbands that text them cute shit. Trust me the bitch will show proverbial black guy  the text and laugh about how corny or out of touch you are.

I’ve fucked so many wives/Fiances/etc that I developed trust issues as well. I’m barely working them out to be honest. I already know I’m never getting married, even if I have/want kids.


That’s consistent with my own experience as well. It’s a myth that women cheat on bad husbands.

Incidentally, I encourage all of my younger readers to find a cougar/sugar mama.

She will buy you new clothing, help with your bills, take you out to nice dinners, and provide excellent sex.

In rich cities like L.A., chicks over 30 still look very good and even women in their 40s are attractive.

If you’re worried about your wife cheating on you, check out our many posts on Game.

  • Jason

    Okay, so what are the steps a man with a wife/girlfriend can take to keep her from cheating? Maybe having a ‘Taken In Hand’ type of relationship with her?

    I mean is it as simple as not being a simp or is there more to it than that? Will a woman cheat regardless of an inattentive husband or a doting husband or anything in between?

  • Nick

    Yeah, I’d like a bit more elaboration on all this. As a 22 y/o, it’s hard for me to imagine finding a suga momma. How do you play that game? I used to text a 36 y/o and if I wasn’t replying back every fucking second, she’d “call me out” for being “classic.”

  • Jake

    Very simple, that one.

    The guys who get cheated on are the ones who are trying to recreate their childhood relationship with their mother.

    You want unconditional love? You want her to care? You want a shoulder to cry on? You want to be ‘equal’? You want all that mommy-love? Well, guess what … that’s not your girlfriend/wife. She wants to be fucked hard and told what to do.

    On the flip side, the guys that don’t get cheated on – are the ones that act like their chick’s daddy.

    And that’s all there is too it, kittehs.

    • Danger & Play

      This is a great summary.

  • Dagonet

    My mom has been “mistreated” by her boyfriend for 15 straight years (the whole length of their relationship), and all she ever does is talk/complain about him. She is in a constant state of obsession over him. She claims she is not happy, but she has never cheated on him, and hasn’t ever taken serious steps to end the relationship. He is as aloof and alpha as they come. It’s very clear to me that if he hasn’t been sleeping with other women, then he’s at least had plenty of opportunities. My mom’s fascination with him has never waned.

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  • runsonmagic

    I’m curious on the “how to” part as well. I could see myself pulling this off, but I’m not how to transition from fuck buddy to asking for money.

    • Danger & Play

      Don’t ask for money. When you see her, look a little out of it. When she asks you what’s wrong, say you don’t want to talk about it.

      She’ll press on (usually). Then say it’s embarrassing and not something you want to talk to her about.

      Then she’ll be hooked.

      Mention you’re a little short on rent.

      Since you’re younger and she is older, the provider dynamic is shifted. An older woman dates a younger man because she has a fetish for it. She doesn’t expect the younger man to have his money and affairs in order.

      At the very least these women should be taking your shopping for new clothes.