Robert Green on Self-Reliance

48 Laws of Power

Robert Green’s latest book is Mastery.

Here Robert Green talks about his decision to write 48 Laws of Power. Green was broke, working shit jobs in Hollywood when he decided to make his Big Move. “I saw this one opportunity in life to get out of the rat hole I was in and to do what I really wanted to do.”

Green was basically a “kid” when he wrote 48 Laws of Power. He was only 36 years old when he conceived of the idea.

His story is inspirational to all.

  • Keanu

    Observe the modern man and how much he depends on technology and other people not only for the logistics of living, but also for validation. How many people can go even just one entire day without checking their iPhone?

    I’m finger-pointing mostly at my generation, the younger one. Take my Grandpa, for instance. He doesn’t give a shit about iPhones or texting. You come over to his house, you sit there and chat with him for a visit, he’s completely and totally undistracted. Although his attitude is ‘let’s not waste our fucking time while you’re here, let’s talk about some cool shit that you’ve done lately grandson.’ I leave, he goes back to doing carpentry in his shed.

    I’m not saying that all technology is bad, that would obviously be dumb to say, but I am saying that people could stand to use a little more discretion.

  • Jason

    Fantastic and inspirational!

  • Keanu

    Decisions from a position of strength and abundance > Decisions from a position of scarcity and weakness.

    • Danger & Play

      That’s game in a sentence, is it not?

  • David Alexander

    Absolutely astounding how much influence the dude wields now. Love the fact that he interviews modern guys like 50 Cent and Ramachandran and then finds the innate qualities that connect them to successful fellows of the past. The racist clowns over at Heartiste wouldn’t give due credit to guys like them no matter what heh. Fucking wastes of bandwich.

    Manosphere, Business folks, Gym folks, Gaming folks, they all refer to the 48 laws of power as a key principle. There’s very little criticism and negative feedback on each of the laws.. they’ve practically become a new religion.

    I’m currently reading Mastery and the principles just CLICK. The way he words the most common and true phenomenom with language is fantastic. It’s like when you’re watching a film like Lion king for the first time and you see the action scenes. Watch it three years later.. you see the character development. Another year later.. the parallels to Hamlet. Another year later.. more and more connecitons.

    Perhaps that’s what Alpha Males are. Masters. Masters of their environment. Masters of women. Masters of $$$. Masters of women.

    That’s an old term that’s been there forever. Maybe it’s time to bring it back. In an age where men are perceived as farting manipulable retard simpleton children addicted to food and sex. It is Men who have reached the thresholds of maturity. It’s women who are the overgrown children lol.

  • Thor

    “Man is his own star; and the soul that can
    Render an honest and a perfect man,
    Commands all light, all influence, all fate;
    Nothing to him falls early or too late.
    Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
    Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.”

    This goes even deeper than having money. Being able to live off the land is vital as well. Just look at how everyone was acting during the Hurricane Sandy Blackout. What if the power never comes back on? Being self sufficient is key.