Wisdom from 50 Cent

50th Law

“You know what my grandfather told me? You’ll be as successful as the mother fuckers you talk to for no reason. If you spending your day talking to a nigga who ain’t got nothing going on, what the fuck kind of information can he offer you?”

“Man isn’t as attractive as an attractive woman until he is successful and publicly noted. Women in this room turn down men as much as I turn down women at this point.”

The 50th Law.

Read The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Green.

  • Jason

    “You can will yourself into a good space.”

    Of all the truth in this video, that one, for me, is the biggest. Because it really is will to power, and nothing else.

  • playmuc

    Another good post!

  • Mizubob

    Admittedly, not a rap fan. My impression of rap, is hoods with some talent.
    In this video, 50 cent came across as a very intelligent and articulate person (when he wanted to).
    Another stereotype hits the dustbin.
    Thanks for the post

  • String

    The 50th law is a book I constantly refer back to. It’s like an entrepreneur’s bible.

    Highly recommended.

  • http://krauserpua.com Krauser

    I too was very surprised by this video. I really dislike rap music, fashion and behavioural tropes so I always assumed Fifty was a moron. How wrong I was.

    What interests me most is his ability to Code Shift. So he opens talking on the roof in the projects, giving it the vocal and gesture styles of a hood guy. Three minutes in he has the clipped sedated (but still strongly confident) body language and vocal style of an educated professional. He knows how to use the norms of each environment to get himself taken seriously.

    Good vid.