• Eric

    Either hand looks like playmate of the year compared to her.

  • http://www.bronanthebarbarian.com Bronan The Barbarian!

    Are you kidding? What Real ManĀ® wouldn’t want a piece of that heavenly ham hock? Any woman capable of of gobblin’ down a candy corn oreo and living through it is the future mother of my children. The snark and obesity are just icing on the cake of that perfect package. Lindy West, wouldst thou grand me thine dainty hoof in marriage? Lindy West

  • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

    We just have to stop listening to these types of people. Not only is she wrong, she’s a waste of time to argue with. Arguing about things you know to be true is time spent dragging yourself down instead of working to better your life. The more I live and write, the more I’m coming to D+P’s conclusion that you have to take the people who are down with your style and to hell with the rest of them.

  • FL

    Apparently, that was her boyfriend taping that video. Some men just get what they deserve.

  • http://www.staresattheworld.com/ Aurini

    Hahahaha! Shaking hands is now a racist dog whistle.

  • Jason

    Jesus Danger! What did I ever do to you?!? My sight finally returned after an hour so I am typing this to tell you that I don’t appreciate you putting zoological mutations into my goddamn inbox!

    Listen, I know you didn’t mean any harm, but you caused plenty. So to make up for it, the next video you send has to be a blazing hot asian chick dry humping a stripper pole or something along those lines.

    Fuck mysight is still a little blurry so make that two videos of smoking hot asian chicks as compensation.

  • Elijah

    The only way this woman could possibly ever be useful is to pull a plow.

  • Damen

    Reminds me of something ….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBzJGckMYO4

    • Jason


  • http://augustspoos.wordpress.com Spoos in August

    Even if she had a BMI under 25, the snark alone would be a deal-breaker for most dudes.

    That said, it is truly remarkable how many writers in Jezebel’s stable have long-term partners or spouses. They may even have haaappy hamsters; feminism isn’t enough to push the hypergamous happy-zone past a duodecile difference in SMV. Given the number of otherwise forlorn betas, it’s not hard for a woman to punch above her weight in today’s meat market.

  • 8===D


    one day I walked into a bar…

    there were more ladies than dudes….

    they cussed like sailors, chain smoked, had tattooes and were overweight….

    If I was a PUA, I woulda stayed….

    I left, there are worse things than celibacy….

  • Pedro

    I love how the warpig give a comment on eating meat. Huge piglet should not give nutritional advice.

  • Faust

    I was reading that article and I said to myself, “Wow, that sounds a lot like Victor Pride.”
    Sure enough, It WAS Victor Pride. Congratulations to Victor for getting his entire article republished on a major website. I hope it drives a lot of traffic to him. I bet it will.