How to Avoid a Midlife Crisis/What’s Getting Old Like for a Man?

To a point, you’re only as old as the choices you make. GladiatorGannon explains:

“Don’t be ordinary. The ordinary guy is brainwashed into thinking that he HAS to get married and have kids much younger than he needs to. This is the woman’s schedule, that is her emergency, not yours, and following her timetable throws away some of your biggest gifts and advantages. 15-25, women enjoy massive advantages dating. 25-30, it evens out, and from then on is strongly in your favor. If they conjob you into committing before you hit your peak, your best years are taken from you.

“The average 38 year old is a broken man because he was poured EVERYTHING he has into his marriage and his kids. Every time he wants to do something cool and interesting for himself, and develop himself (gym or school or whatever), he asks himself if he is going to do something for himself, or something for his kids, and chooses the kids. This is natural…the race to make it happen so early is not. He feels empty because he IS empty – he has poured EVERYTHING he has into other people.

“Let me tell you something from experience – if you start lifting hard at 18, and keep doing it till 38, you’ll be fucking huge and strong. If you keep doing martial arts, you’ll develop amazing skills, and you’ll be that cool kick ass guy at the gym that everyone looks up to. If you feel like going out, you don’t have to hang out with you married 30 something buddies, you can go out with young ass kicking MMA fighters that look up to you and talk you up everywhere you go.

“For the most part, years don’t make you old, kids and marriage make you old. And you don’t have to do that till the years are already making you old.


Check out this post to avoid being ,”Too Soon Old, Too Young Smart.”

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  • Dc1000

    Gannon dropping knowledge all over the Internet. Good to see you in this new venue.

    Listen to this guy people. I can vouch that he speaks from experience. Dropping truth.

  • ASF

    Very true. Girl I am seeing says that her friends at work say that when guys get older they start dressing better and working out, etc. Basically mid-life crisis thing. So I ask her: what should I be doing instead? She had no answer because the answer is to serve women.

  • Clash1e

    He feels empty b/c he’s doing the family thing wrong. He’s not being the patriarch he’s being mommy #2. The woman’s job is to put in most of the leg work of raising kids.

    It’s no wonder the man feels empty when he takes on the role of being a man and woman by both going to work and taking care of the kids to the same degree the woman should.

    Family life will only make you feel shitty if you do the faggy new age idea of what a father should do/be. Marry the right girl that’ll stay home and maybe work part-time when the kids are all in school. Don’t be the feminist bitch-boy and do family life the proper traditional way.

    If done right you will surely have time for gym and other hobbies. And when one of the boys are old enough you can even include him in your hobbies for father-son time, killing two birds with one stone.

  • David Alexander

    Thank you clash.

    Plus to build off the “How to have a higher IQ” raising a son from ages 3-10 or so could very well be incorporate tricks to boost your brain.

    You could start using modafinil as a family
    You could start integarting dual n back training
    You could challenge each other to arithmetic abbles and trivia and shit.
    You could solve engineering problems.
    You could set boundaries and rules through debates.

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  • thecaptainpower

    I will be 35 in December, no wife, no kids, and a 2-hour workout today…

  • Quintus Curtius

    So very true. I wish more guys could get this.

  • dave farley

    am 37 this year ,started lifting when I was about 14 started boxing about 19 added thai and bjj 2 years later an am fitter stronger now than I ever have been my 2 best mates are a few years older than me an they are broken physically and mentally one of them is scared to talk to me infront of his girlfriend because she basically dominates him.i self administer test cyp 200mg a week which over here trt is non existent they give you anti depressants if you go to the doctors with low t symptoms . it honestly is a sad world and its obvious there is a low t epidemic over here in the uk once a man has given the woman what she is put on earth to do(breed) she then has no use for him an then she begins to gradually imasculate him anyway thus sucking the life out of him an rendering him useless for any other purpose than to go to work and pay the bills and gradually rot ,FUCK THAT .