• 8===D

    I wanna be a rawk star…

    maybe a porno star too, but I don’t want all the PUA’s lookin’ at my wee wee

  • Ra

    Pursue music (as singer / writer of original songs). It could bring me everything I want except possibly money: something to build, something to perform and give to others, a reason to travel and meet new people, a reason for girls to approach me for years and years to come.

    Awesome video. I’ve heard various versions of the “what if money didn’t matter” exercise over the years, but his delivery really sends it home. Wish I heard this 10 years ago.

  • C

    His response to “but what I like doesn’t make money” is that if you work at your passion, you will become a master and thus make money.

    Some counterpoints:
    1. Some passions actually do make no money (video games, knitting)
    2.If it does make money, just because I love it and work hard at it doesn’t mean ill succeed (music, sports)

    I’m playing devil’s advocate. I want to believe him.

  • Asad

    Race. 2 wheels, 4 wheels. On road, off road.

    I would rather listen to a high revving V8 than a Bach symphony. The controlled chaos of the race is something I cannot find elsewhere.

    Whether screaming through the mountain passes, flying across the bay bridge, digging in at the strip or navigating Laguna – racing is my bliss.

    The cruel irony is that I’m driving my families old minivan, for now.


    Live-a-board catamaran.

  • Bravado

    I’ve been thinking about this question for over 20 years, and it’s a lot harder to answer than you might think.

    As much as I would love being a porn star or professional dive instructor or something fun sounding like that, I think the best answer to this question is to think not about specific job titles/roles but to think about how you want to spend your time.

    What activities get you into a state of flow? What challenges you in an enjoyable way? What plays to your strengths?

    For me, this includes things like solving certain types of business problems and spending time with certain types of people.

    What I find the challenging is getting the time balance right. Working sixty hours a week solving problems sucks but at 20 hours of week it’s a joy.

  • Jason

    Developing my full human potential.

  • dc1000

    i’d be a journeyman muay thai fighter.

    i’m good enough to be a pro fighter, just not good enough to win a lot

  • Boz

    If everyone were to purse their passion we’d have a surplus of bad musicians and a dearth of custodians. The fact that a few can pursue their passion irrespective of income is predicated on the fact that many must eschew their passion for pragmatic considerations.

    Moreover, being passionate about x doesn’t necessarily entail being an excellent practitioner of x. Conversely, being a good practitioner of x doesn’t necessarily entail feeling passionate about x.

    The pursue-your-passion maxim makes for good postcard philosophy but it wilts in the light of further analysis.

  • reilo

    Get an army and start my own culture and nation

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