How to Make Women Come to You

Roosh asked an interesting question:

Let’s say that I put you in a brand new city. For one year the rule is that you can only cold approach 5 girls a week. You can’t use internet. You can’t do typical club or street game where you’re doing mass approaches. But you still want to plow through a large number of women. What would you do? How would you adjust your game? What type of lifestyle would you aim for where women are coming to you?

I would follow these 5 fashion rules. I’d buy Starting StrengthBody of a Spartan, or Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and follow the program to the letter.

I would juice. Your skin is your largest organ. What you eat comes out through your pores. Eat some vegetables and tell me you don’t smell better to women.

Now you have the heavy lifting done. If you have good style and a body, women will start coming near you. In the real world, that’s enough. She comes to you, hovers around, and then you open her. In this challenge, however, you have to make her open you.

To get a woman to open you, you need to give her something to talk about. Be a douche bag and she will talk to you.

I would buy one accessory that pops. I got a white Nixon player watch on dc1000’s recommendation. The watch is gaudy as hell. That’s by design.

Women would always say something about the watch. Even a girl says, “That watch is gaudy,” she is talking to you, right? Wear some khakis and an Express men polo shirt; see how many women initiate conversation. A $125 watch will get you more sex than Rolex.

I often wear Ray-Bans at night. You know how many women have stopped to say, “What kind of douche bag wears sun glasses inside?!” As illogical as it may be, women are attracted to men that anger them.

Or maybe wear vibrant shoes. It can be anything. Just pop.

If I were only going to be in a city for a year and was putting my career on hold, I’d pick up a job working at a grocery store in a young, upscale and/or gentrifying neighborhood. (Guys always say, “I’d work as a bartender.” Good luck with that. If you’re lucky they’ll hire you as a bar back, i.e., a goon who carries up cases of beer from the basement cooler to the real bartender.)

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods would be ideal. When we started talking about cooking, she’d say, “That sounds good.” Then I’d tell her, “Come over sometime and we’ll cook dinner.”

I would get a dog. If you have a well-trained dog, women will stop you on the street to pet it and admire you.

The only thing cuter than a boy and his dog is a boy with a baby. If my friends had kids, I would babysit. Take a kid out in a stroller to the park where the au pairs work.

Find a sports bar. Wear a piece of sports apparel. Women will ask you about your favorite player or favorite team. If you’re in a major U.S. city, find out when soccer games are played. Often foreign women flock to those venues.

Follow the above advice and women will open you. There is better news.

You aren’t forced to stay silent like a coward until a woman opens you. The question is hypothetical. Indeed, waiting for a woman to give you permission to talk to her is pathetic.

Imagine how many women you will meet if you’re in shape, dress sharply, and roll out with a dog? Remember, you don’t need an invitation.

  • Nate

    So on point. Cheers.

  • John Galt

    The writer thing works well too. Since I do write for fun and profit, I can be a regular at a good pickup location and explore other opportunities for inspiration in both game and writing.

    My black, understated portable (net book) gets noticed as I am actively working the keys, not mindlessly surfing or viewing. This makes up for a plain style which actually goes with the whole look being described. Another angle is when I go out with my bound writer’s book and elegant pen. Sometimes the words come out better that way as does the pickups. I have had females swoon asking me if I am a writer. That book and pen have yielded me some of the best pieces of writing and ass.

    The key is to not fall into a rut in terms of your writing hangout. I have one, but will go elsewhere. Since I am a good storyteller, I can make a reason that I am in the location too. Girls and sales prospects love a good story. When you are doing something for a purpose and feeling good about it or just enjoy it, the pickups are easier. Sometimes you are so absorbed in your project that you overlook the signals the girl is giving you or wish she would go away. This helps when you see her again.

    She might ask what you write. Here truth can be an inspiration. I tell her that I write about relationships (We know that it means game.) as a personal mission. Have you ever described game in a manner palatable to a female. Learn how and see how it opens her mind and other body parts to you. If you write about something for work or a guy hobby or some other beta shit, be evasive in a mysterious way. Tell her you really want to write about such and such (think of something romantic) and are keeping your skills sharp. Encourage her to talk about what type of writing she likes.

    Oh BTW, it helps if you have a place close to close the deal, BECAUSE THE ABOVE WORKS. I always know where I can get a place when looking for new writing spots. Logistics will cost you more lays than you think.

  • dc1000

    ha! i got opened more times than i could possibly recall with that watch. it was money.

  • Rob

    I know you’ve written about it before, but hair style can be huge. It’s amazing how much better I look when my hair has a little product in it and is styled just a little. The difference is crazy. When i just wake up, don’t do anything with the hair and go out, the number of looks I get drops significantly.

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  • Lumpy

    > If I were only going to be in a city for a year and was putting my career on hold…

    I’m a 24 year old guy and I’ll be moving to New Orleans and doing just that after the new year!

    > Guys always say, “I’d work as a bartender.” Good luck with that.

    OMG, you are fucking psychic. That was exactly what I was idly thinking. I’ve seen a number of bartending schools that have job placement as well. Why is it not work the effort to break into?

    • Badger

      Way late here but I have talked to a number of bartenders and service workers I know who espoused the opinion that bartending schools/courses were bullshit. By “bartending” I mean making good drinks, not just beer-and-shot sororiwhore emporiums.

      I think D+P worked in service so he’d know firsthand, but I was told that a restaurant will either (a) hire you with no tending skills and teach you if you’ve shown potential, or (b) hire you from another bartending position where your skills are not in doubt. A girl I dated worked behind a very upscale bar, a position she reached because…she was the hostess there and her manager decided she had what it took to tend and trained her. Like D+P said, if they don’t want to train you you’ll be a barback lugging heavy stuff while someone else flips the bottles and gets the numbers. IOW a bartending course is a low-leverage credential. There’s a bartending school in my city that supposedly puts you in contact with places that need bartenders, but it sounds like a scam to me.

      Scam certainty for places that purport a bartending “license,” servers on both coasts have told me there’s no such thing that any government or liquor board cares about. (They don’t care if you can make cocktails, just that you can sell alcohol under proper state regulations and pay the taxes.)

      Now, my sources may be biased, since they got into the biz without going to some kind of a school, and may have an interest in talking down people trying to get into the biz, but I trusted them enough to give me a valid opinion.

      • too long in london

        Be a waiter instead.
        Different dynamic but in many ways, better.
        It REALLY helped me, and you can get numbers/serve liquor/connect with customers. Can help you network too-I got offered a job by a customer, I got invited to interview by another-they didn’t come to anything at the time but it was a good environment.
        Also, you don’t need training, although if it’s a decent place (fine dining, a big hotel) tell them you want to do a Wines and Spirits Education Trust Course (for sommeliers) and that will command you more money or a better position if you want to work in the industry.

  • Dave

    Regarding the weigh training books- do you have any knowledge or experience with “Body by Science” by Doug McGuff?

  • Gro0ver

    I find there’s always a great supply of attractive females at yoga and dance classes. If you learn to dance salsa to a good level, big bonus. Physical barriers are already broken and you get to show how boss you are by being in total control of her body. Most girls there are single (especially beginners) and are generally more interesting than your average bar sluts who would rather stay at home and watch The Kardashians than learn a new talent. A very worthwhile investment for the international player :)