iHerb Coupon Code (EKO606): Help Me Help You Make Money

93 of you have ordered from iHerb. I would like to thank each of you.

A few people have asked about the iHerb coupon code on the side of my page, which notes you can save $10 on your first order over $40 and $5 on an order of any size by using couple code EKO606 (or clicking this link).

Let me explain why I have the promotion; what the promotion does for me; and how the promotion can make you money.

Anyone who uses that coupon code saves $10. I get 4% of whatever orders you make for the year. Since beginning the program in March, I’ve earned around $800. My projections indicate that I’ll make about a grand this year from iHerb.

Obviously that’s not making me rich, so why have it at all?

First, I actually shop at iHerb. I was a customer for several months before even realizing I could make some book-buying money from their program. iHerb had the best price on AOR Orthocore, an extremely advanced (and expensive) multi-vitamin, so I shopped there. (They had non-supplement stuff that I used too, such as mouth washtooth pastechewing gumshampoo, and conditioner.)

I usually do a price check on Amazon and iHerb. Sometimes Amazon is cheaper; sometimes iHerb is cheaper. Between the two sites I do 90% of my supplement shopping.

Every man needs a weekend distraction. Writing is mine. Some guys golf (greens fees and equipment). Some play tennis (monthly dues and equipment). I write (make some spare change).

Writing isn’t free. I pay hosting services each month and domain registration fees. I have to filter through spam comment. A blog is a lot like a garden. You need to pull the weeds.

If I can make some pocket change, why the hell not?

How You Can Make Money From the iHerb Coupon Code.

Let’s say you make an order using my iHerb Coupon Code. iHerb will send you your very own coupon code.

You can pass this coupon code along to friends and family. Your friends or family members will save $10 on their first order over $40 and $5 on all other orders.

Let’s say your friend ends up spending $500 a year.$500 * 4% = $20.

That’s from one friend. Let’s say you have five friends. That’s $100. It’s free money, so why not take it?

If you’re on a college campus, print out flyers and distribute them. Hustle a little and you could have hundreds of customers.

In addition, I get 3% from those orders. That does not come out of your 4%. You get your own 4% and I get my own 3%. We both win.

Now some may say, “This sounds like a pyramid scheme,” or multi-level marketing. But it’s not.

You don’t pay iHerb anything. You don’t buy products. You don’t need monthly subscriptions.

You just order a product you’d have paid more for at GNC or another brick-and-mortar site.

Use Coupon Code EKO606 by clicking here.

You don’t sell anything. I don’t sell anything. People simply save money.

From iHerb’s perspective, it’s cheaper having us telling friends and family about iHerb than it is in buying ads or starting a magazine. (Did you know that most bodybuilding magazines are owned by supplement companies? T-Nation is owned by Biotest. Biotest gets its customers by advertising its products within “objective” T-Mag articles and through forum posts.)

It’s not like this is multi-level marketing. Everyone of you guys who made an order knows someone who orders supplements. You save them $10 and get 4%. It’s really that easy.

You could even have your girlfriend or parents buy you supplements for Christmas. They’d save $10 and you’d get a 4% commission. I am not telling you to set up “shells buyers” that you order through, as that’s explicitly against the rules.

But if you want some protein powder for Christmas, why not have your mom or dad buy it for you?

So if you’ve been wondering what’s up with the iHerb coupon code, now you know. Feel free to use EKO606 (or click here) or pass it along to friends and family members.

  • IronandDrugs

    Ordered pomegranet concentrate from there. Used your deal, 3 bottles that will last at least 2 months for 40ish bucks and three day shipping. Can’t beat that.

  • Robert

    I’ve noticed that you can’t use the code after your first purchase. So is this only for first time buyers?