10 Reasons the the Manosphere is Fading

A lot of “manosphere” blogs are folding. Why? Roosh lists 3 reasons:

1. Having a manosphere blog could get you fired from work.

2. It’s hard to maintain a blog for over a year. It takes a freakish mind to write hundreds of posts on one or two topics.

3. Blogging remains a hobby for most, not a job.

Those are true. There are a couple of additional reasons.

4. Most men are not cut out for the game. Let’s face it, the game is brutal. Unless you work in a career like sales, finance, or law, rarely are you forced to prove yourself every day.

With a typical day job, if you do a good job, your boss will let you rest on your laurels. You can cruise today and then hustle tomorrow or next week.

If you work in sales, your boss wants to know, “What have you done for me lately?”  Ten good years as a salesman could be wiped away by a bad quarter. It’s not uncommon to get “blown out.”

Similarly, the game never lets you rest. You’ve fucked 100 women? Great. That girl you’re talking to now doesn’t know that. She’s just another prospect…just another lead. Are you going to close?

Because of the game’s brutality, most men are happy to settle for a set of steak knives.

5. Guys fall in love. Most guys settle and some guys fall in love. I’ll never hate on a guy who falls in love. It’s a beautiful thing. A man in love would rather write love poems or snuggle with his girlfriend than write a blog. Who can blame him?

I’d never hate on a  man who went monogamous. Being alpha is about getting what you want. If you’re in a relationship that makes you happy, good for you.

6. Men run out of content. If a guy quits the game, what is there to write about – trips to Ikea?

7. Heterosexual men are weak. Too much estrogen from plastic has made men weak. Most men have no follow through and are generally worthless. The guys at the gyms with the best bodies are often homosexuals. (Gays are more likely to engage in “reckless” activity such as using anabolic steroids and/or going on testosterone replacement therapy. TRT worked for Andrew Sullivan, after all.)

Read my Twitter.  Guys get butt-hurt all the time. Petulant is what describes the modern American men. And these childish, emotional reactions are coming from people who are reading my stuff – and thus should be more masculine and less pussified than average.

8. Men shift towards other pursuits. If you’ve run enough hard game that you can actually keep up a blog, your game has probably gotten pretty good.

Once you game goes from, “I stumble onto sex, i.e., get lucky,” towards, “My game is a purposeful approach to meeting women that has a high success rate,” you sorta get over it.

I can go out on any given weekend and get laid by a woman who, a few years ago, I’d have felt pretty happy to bang.

Once you know you can get laid, you lose the hunger.

9. Men get dopamine burnout. Remember when you first meet a hot girl? You start getting a boner just standing next to her. Your pulse quickens and your breaths get shallow.

Dopamine is about anticipation. Once you know you can get laid, there isn’t any anticipation. You get very blah, blah, blah about the game.

Dopamine Jackpot! Sapolsky on the Science of Pleasure

10. Going to make a juice. Peace.

  • Rob

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Seriously. Most of these guys were poor writers and lacked intellectual depth and nuance. Notable exception to the guys who wrote U of Man. I didn’t read them regularly, but they were quality writers and thoughtful.

    Guys who are intelligent, have known success, are confident—it’s easy to sniff out the fakeness and try-hard attitude some bloggers/commentators bring to their writing.

    I sometimes follow a link that leads me to the Roosh Forum. If that is representative of the Manosphere, I can do without it. I’ll stick to Hawaiian Libertarian, yourself, Bold and Determined, and Roosh.

  • http://eradica.wordpress.com Ryu

    What is this courage deal? You’re the one who wouldn’t publish an article against G manifesto, the biggest faker there is.

    • Danger & Play

      You are laughably wrong, cunt.

  • Tim

    Well stated, as usual, and props to you for continuing to work on this blog. It’s a source of ongoing inspiration.

    I have to quibble with your claim that gay men are stronger and more disciplined than straight men. Your example about the gym is not a good example: the reason they’re in the gym is they know they will not have sex with attractive mates unless they are in prime condition. Women are actually more tolerant of less-than-perfect male bodies. Straight dudes have more wiggle room. I’ve known several gay men with wills of iron, but there are just as many that are less rigorous, weak, and prone to excesses.

    I’d say the proportions of strong to weak are about the same, straight or gay. Straight dudes have a lot to learn in terms of self presentation, grooming, and paying attention to culture from gay men, for sure.

    And it’s cool you’re messing with the stereotypes. Just not 100 percent persuaded.

  • Ra

    The default life cycle of a game blog seems to be:

    beginner game topics -> intermediate game topics -> game anecdotes -> gender philosophizing (women are evil, men are oppressed) -> burnout / girlfriend -> fin

    The blogs with a future branch into topics that are really what game is supposed to be about to begin with: becoming a better, more attractive man. You can talk about how to be a better man in the 21st century for years and years and keep my attention (this blog, bold and determined).

    Oh, and travel. Travel topics don’t really get old either (roosh, naughty nomad).

  • http://blog.illusionofsanity.com Dr. Illusion

    You forgot to list the most important reason of all.

    SocialKenny. Be afraid. If you offend him, your blog will fall.

    In all seriousness, I can understand why someone can get tired of writing a game blog. As another commentor said, a game blog eventually branches out into how to be a better man, bodybuilding, health, style, education, etc.

    And as Matt Forney said….You will find that your posts about building yourself up and becoming better don’t get a quarter of the hits that your “women hating” and “slut-shaming” posts got.

    I don’t have enough readers for it to be a concern on my blog, but I know in real life it gets frustrating when you have to hard-sell being a better man. Modern men seem very resistive to improvement, to the point that they will become combative or whiney when you say something like “If you are tired of not getting chicks, maybe you could lose a little weight”. Or “If you hate your job, maybe you should find a better one”. Innocent statements like those do not go over well, even to friends. Putting them on the internet doens’t get you nearly as many readers as stories about pick-ups and articles about evil women.

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  • http://Whatsreallygood.org Thor

    Love this post and the videos. Been noticing alot of flaky fade outs in the manosphere. In my opinion its never to late to write a post that you have written before but with a new twist. Especially if you are trying to get your new readers attention. they probably won’t go back to your archives and could miss some gems that would get them hooked.

    We also tend to forget some of the most useful, helpful basics. It’s like something as easy as approaching right away gets lost in the mix of all the other smoke and mirrors.

  • rivsdiary

    great post.

  • venice

    One guy worked at the Olive Garden while blogging how great free markets are and how pitiful everyone is. The fucking Olive Garden!

    this comment is gold….i have reflected the exact same thing about that clown…

    thanks for keeping it real, D&P. honest question — what’s the over/under for how long you gonna keep your blog?

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  • campofthesaints

    even back in his early years, Roissy race-baited and wrote about his disgust for anti-american pro-immigrant politics.

    • http://eradica.wordpress.com jenibear

      Yah, but he gave that up and now just retreads his pua stuff. what is he like 45 now? it was “kewls” back in 2002, but 10 years?

  • Handle

    Isn’t it possible that for any subject there’s only so much one can say? And especially with regards to how to achieve success in something as fundamental and unchanging as human psychology and sexual selection dynamics? After a point, new things can be discovered and discussed, but they become fewer and farther between – the law of diminishing returns.

    And after a while the group discussion of any such topic starts to become a repetitive echo chamber, and it becomes quite difficult for all but the most creative, dedicated, and insightful to continue to produce a stream of genuinely original contributions. If you’re not innovating, you’re mentoring, which is fine, but a different online format.

    Now, I would submit that there is still ample room in these subjects for elucidation of nuances and subtleties, small shifts in the societal zeitgeist, exceptions to rules, and exceptions to exceptions, to refine one’s practice in the art as would an aficionado or connoisseur. But we know that there are many levels of success and ability, and only a fraction of even enlightened men will have the talent and determination to ever be able to make use of such enhanced knowledge to improve their skill level.

    I’d guess that for most men, a Bible-like archive of the internet game community as it currently exists is probably all they’ll ever need, want, or would be able and willing to exploit. You could boil it down to consensus and do what the Army does and come out with an overall FM, and then ARTEP’s or STP’s for training the Joes at the various skill levels (highest are train-the-master trainer and doctrine-writers). You could imagine a male-friendly alternate reality where it was the Army that actually did this in the old “Individual Soldier” 21 series: Field Manual 3-21.99 “Game”.

    As far as Jack Donovan goes – he is a prime example of why it isn’t quite accurate to lump every man who engages in homosexual sodomy as merely “gay”. Unlike say, Anderson Cooper, who couldn’t pretend he wasn’t gay no matter how hard he tried, nothing that Jack writes says gay at all. Anyone that knows a little history (look up “catamite”) – or has ever been in the modern Islamic world or parts of the Far East – or who knows that otherwise marginally straight men can be encouraged socially or pressured by circumstances to commit buggery, understands that there are different ways this thing can manifest.

    If anything, it seems to me that he has the personality of a basically straight man, but one who has fallen in love with the idea of masculinity and manliness so much that the obsessive affection has taken over his sexual desire like a kind of fetish. This kind of thing happens to a lot of intellectual men who study a particular foreign country – all of sudden they must, and can only, have *those* women. It happens that Jack studies men, and so he just may be the world’s only straight homosexual. Then again, you live in SF, so I’ll defer to your observations.

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  • http://patientambition.com Nick

    I’ve followed a lot of manosphere/game blogs for the past year. Some of your points mirror what I’ve experienced. I have no need for basic game advice other than an occasional refresher so it makes sense that guys highly experienced with game would have a hard time continuing to write articles on the basics. Theres also only so much you can write on the fundamentals, what it comes down to is getting a 100 approaches under your belt, correcting mistakes, developing a style and doing another 100 approaches or until you find a girl your satisfied with. It’s natural for bloggers to bridge out to other topics since the best blogs I’ve followed have been a reflection of the personal growth of the author. I’ve come to the point where I finally recognize women aren’t the end all be all of a mans life thus a blog dedicated purely to bedding women would get old fast for both the author and audience. This is the sense I got from Generation Nihilism, like a bright burning star but how long could it last? Good decision to get out before it got stale and now the transition to more traditional self improvement in the form of bodybuilding.

    As far as Chateau Heartiste, it’s my favorite blog, based on quality, variety and frequency of content. The political commentary and piercing analysis of cultural and societal decline in America is the best stuff of it’s kind I’ve read in years. The race-baiting charge is just a rehash of the baseless “racism” charge that leftists have used for decades and is finally being seen as the fraudulent accusation that it is. Check out John Derbyshire’s recent column on all the blogs he reads. Read articles by the late Sam Francis. Read SBPDL. You don’t have to agree with everything but base your disagreements on arguments. I’m happy the taboo about ever discussing race is being demolished. At the end of the day game and even general personal growth are selfish pursuits if you ignore the collapse of the nation around you.

  • http://www.strengthbysonny.com Strength By Sonny

    The manosphere is fading because the market is becoming saturated with re-hashed content from dudes who just don’t have actual experience and don’t have a voice worth listening to.

    Success in the future is going to be very much dependent on having actual experience that readers will respect as legitimate.

    Blogs that have that cookie cutter approach and feel just won’t survive. Examples of this include the recent increase in B&D copycat sites.

    High quality blogs (those worth reading) will need to be backed by real life experience and personal examples to really have a shot.

    I like this site though because I can tell you actually put the time in to make the content vs. other blogs that you can tell are just summaries based off of other shit they read online.