The Only Dieting Advice You’ll Ever Need

Paleo, primal, vegan, raw, raw vegan, blah, blah, blah. Save your money by not buying dieting books and paying for overpriced advice. This is all you need to know:

  • Carnivore

    Yeah, scooby’s a riot. At the end there it looked like he was pushing a turd out of his mouth.

    So true – don’t even have the crap in the house.

  • Faust

    Remember that old Frito’s slogan?
    “No one can eat just one!”

    It’s truer than we realized.

  • Rob
    • Maxx

      Fantastic clip. When my grandfather was in his 90s and I was in my 30s we went for a walk on his farm, he was carrying a bag of fertilizer, when we came to a fence he put it on the ground hopped over and then asked me to pass it to him: I was stunned at how heavy it was, yet he tossed it around as though it was nothing.

      These guys are a huge inspiration and it makes me grieve to watch what has happened to a generation of men raised on Twinkies and labour saving devices, muscle replaced by fat, soft effeminate contours replacing hard masculine bodies. The effect of the collective loss of testosterone on western society is reflected everywhere.

  • Thor

    Sad to say in 2012 some man made food IS better for you than “gods” food. A lot of our produce is tainted with molds, bacteria, metals and other pathogens which can greatly compromise ones immune system. But “experts” like this one in the video don’t have labs to test food to see what’s infected and what’s not.

    • Thor

      For example I would eat jif peanut butter befre any other peanut or nut butter because all the others have tested for mold and mycotoxins.

  • Gmac

    What if I want to drink alcohol without mixing diet soda?

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  • Bogs

    Some time ago around summer I dropped 25lb in about 1.5-2 month, without doing anything fancy, I just ate less than what my body requires and made sure to have enough protein in my diet to not lose muscle mass.

    People fail in diet because of lack of discipline and no other reason.