Value Investing (in Yourself)

While reading some books on investing, I've been overwhelmed by the similarities the investment approach of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger┬áhas to the proper approach to life. Buffett and Munger note that their investment approach eschews an obsession with macro policies. If you talk to most guys on the Street, their views change every day based on whether Bernake farted … [Read more...]

How to Avoid a Midlife Crisis/What’s Getting Old Like for a Man?

To a point, you're only as old as the choices you make. GladiatorGannon explains: "Don't be ordinary. The ordinary guy is brainwashed into thinking that he HAS to get married and have kids much younger than he needs to. This is the woman's schedule, that is her emergency, not yours, and following her timetable throws away some of your biggest gifts and advantages. 15-25, … [Read more...]

How to Increase your IQ

Whether you think of IQ as a generalized intelligence or g-factor, or just view IQ as representing a numerical measurement of smart or brilliant, we all want more IQ. There's two ways to increase your IQ. There's the young man's way and the old man's way. If you're under 27, the single best way to boost your IQ is to learn until it hurts. As a young man, I would drop … [Read more...]

How to Make Her Come to You

Nixon Player watch white

Roosh asked an interesting question: Let's say that I put you in a brand new city. For one year the rule is that you can only cold approach 5 girls a week. You can't use internet. You can't do typical club or street game where you're doing mass approaches. But you still want to plow through a large number of women. What would you do? How would you adjust your game? What type … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Deals for Men

Shop Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week I am no proponent of mindless┬áconsumerism. But often the best investment is saving money on something you're already going to buy. I thus tend to do 90% of my shopping twice each year. If you planned on buying something, today is the day. Some guys already saved 30% of an Omega juicer. Nice. Shop Amazon - Cyber Monday Deals Week I'm … [Read more...]

Make Big Moves

He was a mid-level manager who paid his dues working at various blue-chip companies. Because his reputation was sterling, my friend called him in for an interview at his company - a young start-up with a potentially huge upside. Everyone liked the manager. He was given the standard offer: A significant pay cut with a nice slice of equity. He would earn less but be a part … [Read more...]

Wrestling for Gable

Dan Gable

In 1987 the hardest thing a college freshman could have done was wrestle for the University of Iowa under Dan Gable. When is the last time you were in a room with a group of guys who wanted to hurt you? When is the last time those guys were your teammates? Wrestling isn't fun. Wrestlers are mean. No one smiles at a wrestling practice. Even when your body is young, … [Read more...]