8 Traits of Masculine Men

Guys regularly complain that American women aren’t feminine. Yet if you want a feminine woman should you not first be masculine? What are some traits of masculine men and how can you use these masculine traits to attract women?

Proving that wisdom is often found in unusual sources, Planned Parenthood provides some decent guidelines for masculinity. Planned Parenthood claims these masculine traits are “socially constructed,” which is silly. Masculinity is a biological construct.

Nevertheless the list is quite good. A quick review of this list shows that most American men are not prepared to handle feminine women.

Traits Commonly Associated With Masculinity

1. Independent. Are you always crying about politics, saying that life will be good for everyone if “your man” is elected? Do you complain that the government has not done enough to boost the economy? Then you are dependent upon the government for your economic success.

2. Non-emotional. Do you cry when people say things that hurt your feelings? Have you ever reported an online message board post to a moderator because it was “mean”? When your boss is being an ass do you become a sad little panda.

3. Aggressive. Are you afraid of approaching women? Do you take what is yours or complain that there is a lack of opportunity? Can you survive a street fight, or would you become a victim of the Knockout Game.

4. Tough-skinned. Does a rhinoceros know when a gnat is on its back? Do you stew and brew over real and perceived slights? See also number 2, above.

5. Competitive. Do you try making yourself better each day? Do you grind out extra reps in The Weight Room, look for a side hustle, and constantly improve?

6. Strong, active, and self-confident. Do you walk like a man? Are you in the gym and reading every day? Do you have the posture of an alpha male? Or do you walk with slouching shoulders and hold your head down like a slave before going home to play Xbox 360. Do you live by the Twin Pillars of Alpha?

7. Hard. When life gets tough do you push through or do you quit? Are you afraid of drinking a green juice and instead look for your milk and cookies? Even worse, are you so defeated and demoralized by life that you become a drunk?

8. Sexually aggressive. Any loser can be horny. When you see a woman do you decide that you are going to be a man and make your move?

Life is about polarity. It’s yin and yang. Feminine Women Want Masculine Men.

Women want their opposite. Even a self-proclaimed “strong, independent woman” wants to be tamed. All of my feminist classmates – including aggressive lawyers – changed their last names when getting married.

America is full of feminine women, as femininity is a biological construct.  Women want to submit to a man. Or did you not notice that 50 Shades of Grey sold over 50 million copies?

Women want masculine men. There just aren’t enough masculine men to go around.

  • Rafael

    Maybe guys spend too much time on social networks instead of spending this time being social on real life, thats why they have no idea how to bent over a woman.

  • http://ancalgon.wordpress.com ancalgon

    Excellent posts. Many “awakened” betas like myself spend way too much time whining about how bad the situation is once they realise they have been strung along for most of their life.

    What we do not see is that it is our weak and fearful mindset that makes us susceptible to this kind of bullshit. Recently I have been trying very hard to avoid reading and reacting to a lot of the “End of Men” style articles that are two a penny in the Atlantic and similar rags, and being more proactive about changing myself.

  • ASF

    Very true. There is a definite tendency among our circles to put everything on women without looking at ourselves first. I know that I am deficient in some of the items you listed above, but I am not going to complain about things because I know I truly haven’t done everything I’m capable of.

  • Revo Luzione

    Since the dawn of my red pill age, I’ve been working hard on all of these.

    Of all of them, #5 is the toughest for me, particularly in the are of economic competition. I’m just not all that money motivated. I’m motivated by knowledge, information, freedom, etc. So the reframe is seeing economic advantage as increasing all of those things.

    Keep on beating that drum, this is some good stuff. D&P is a great voice in the androsphere.

  • http://alpha-traits.com Alpha Traits

    Another interesting post, D&P. Every single trait in this list can be improved upon with time.

    “A strong oak is just a nut that stood fast.”

  • Seedless

    1, 3, 6, & 8 are the ones I tend to focus on first. This is a great list of things to focus on for becoming a real man… the red pill version of a real man. I used to think there was something to the PUA lifestyle, but then started making myself a better man and saw that I didn’t need stupid clothes or one-liners to sleep with women when they’re approaching me and practically begging to go home with me after some short conversation. Thank you D&P, and the manosphere.

    Alpha traits said it best…”every single trait in this list can be improved upon with time” no matter where you are at in the game.

  • frankly truth

    I f*cking love the way you write.

    It’s so concise, effective, and I’m laughing.

    Imaging Drill Sergeant from FMJ screaming in beta boy’s face and playing carrot-and-stick with a plate of milk and cookies.

    D n P would you mind if I add a few other masculine traits? (These are subject to change of course)

    HONOR: Are you a straightforward, straight shooting, honest, unapologetic man who gives and demands, believes in truth and reality as opposed to fantasies and lies, and confronts people as opposed to playing social sabotage like a fucking effeminate snake? In a world full of backtalking nancyboys, people reigned by jealousy and fear and petty grasps of power, are you WORTHY of RESPECT like all the great soldiers, geniuses, leaders, and heroes of the past were!

    LEADER: Are you worthy of admiration? Are you someone little boys and girls and other and men would defer to if shit hits the fan?

    CREATOR: *Insert your entire building piece here*

    POSITIVE: Despite the epiphanies and realizations you get after the hearing the whole “the world ain’t sunshines and rainbows schpiel,” do you sulk or do you wake the fuck up and march forward to a glorious death with boldness and a cocky smile!

  • frankly truth

    Also, I don’t know if you noticed this.

    But I just realized that this is probably THE most effective pro-marriage article I’ve ever read and I know that wasn’t your intention.

    The fact that everything was all about inspiring your fellow man to reach the heights of masculinity to acquire a woman worth fighting for.. and then planting that one seed.

    “Even the lawyer ballbusters changed their last name.” The ultimate act of devotion, honor, respect, and surrender a woman can possibly do. Damn.

    Sh!t. The feminists need to take notes real quick real slick.

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  • http://augustspoos.wordpress.com Spoos in August

    Yeah, I never really liked the whole busting on American women thing. You might have to work at it, but there’s femininity in there. Of course, the irredeemably emasculated will call all that effort pussy-begging.

    Shoot, I was beta as can be, dated feminists, and they were still (at least somewhat) feminine. In the end, it didn’t work out, partially because of their baggage, and because I killed their attraction to me.

    That said, I stand by my assertion that femnists, broadly (heh) speaking, are not worth dating. Most of them are pretty messed up, and that’s why they seek refuge in feminism. I feel sorry for them: the steady diet of Jezzy-rage isn’t helping them, however cathartic it may be.

  • http://bonuscoverage.blogspot.com BC

    Could it be that the reason most American aren’t strong enough to break American women is because so many American men were raised in single mother households?

  • Pierce

    Here’s the thing…

    American men are poisoned by the government through food, the water supply, BPA, pesticides, etc.

    There’s a REASON why men act this way.

    Travel overseas and 95% of men FEEL BETTER instantly.

    I’ve talked too many men across different backgrounds/race/ages, it’s all the same.


    Who would want to bend over the average american chick?

    Sorry Mr. Danger!

    I care about STDs, false rape charges, stress, timewasters…


    Your average american women is 38 years old…

    She’s basically hitting menopause!

    Look it up on CIAfactbook.com

    A TRUE feminine woman is young and fertile…

    You can only find these overseas without being thrown in jail or catching a case….

    You can get whatever you want so stop trying to shame MEN into accepting sloppy, old american women.

    You get what you ask for :)

  • Jacob

    Love this post, Mike. Very simple but also very true. A lot of people have touched on the fact that our culture has tried to “breed” the man out of us. I know this firsthand as I was VERY competitive when I was younger. My life revolved around the next Taekwondo competition. People constantly told me I needed to stop being so competitive. I, being the young naive teen/20 year old that I was, believed them. Immediately, my athleticism and skill started to drop. I am now building my competitive spirit back. People say I can’t? I say “fuck you”, I will.