What Does It Mean to Be a Man?

Return of Kings links to a profile of an 84-old blacksmith, noting, "This is a man." The post offers us a good chance to think about something. What is a man? Unlike so many other philosophical questions seem, the answer to that will have an impact on your life. To answer the question you must first accept something as true: All animals have an inherent nature. Some … [Read more...]

“How Old Are You?”

A perennial question on places where mean concrete is the age-gap issue. Namely, "What do I say when she asks me how old I am?" Well isn't it funny that guys keep asking that question. Think about it. Why are you asking that question in the first place. You're asking that question because girls are suddenly interested in you. A man's peak years to meet women are his late … [Read more...]

Do You Deserve a Feminine Woman?

Sad panda

Guys regularly complain that American women aren't feminine. Yet if you want a feminine woman should you not first be masculine? Proving that wisdom is often found in unusual sources, Planned Parenthood provides some decent guidelines for masculinity. Planned Parenthood claims these traits are "socially constructed," which is silly. Masculinity is a biological … [Read more...]

Superfood: Chlorella

Superfood Smoothie Chlorella E3 Live Acai

It seems like every year there's a new superfood. Superfood is more of a marketing term than anything else. Consider açaí,which rose to prominence a few years ago. Açaí is amazing stuff and I throw it a packet or two into my superfood smoothies. Açaí has a high ORAC score. (ORAC standards for oxygen radical absorbance capacity; a high score means the food binds to a greater … [Read more...]

Happiness-Eating Bacteria

Friday morning I woke up with dime-sized red mark on my lower arm. It appeared to be zit without a head. It wouldn't pop, so I eagerly awaited taking care of it after a hot shower. A few hours later the zit looked like a large spider bite. When I squeezed it, a jolt of hot pain spread up my arm. I watched this spider bite grow for a couple of hours. Once my arm started … [Read more...]

Fat Gripz and Fat Gripz Extreme

Fat Gripz

One of the most effective ways to get bigger arms and to develop overall "man strength" is to train with thick or fat bars - that is, bars with a wider circumference than the ordinary Olympic barbel. For most of us, our grip is the weak link. On every message board out there guys ask, "My grip is weak. Is it OK to train with straps?" (The answer is, yes, get some cheap canvas … [Read more...]

“Should I Shave My Head?”

As a social experiment, I recently shaved my head with a #3 guard. It was a tough decision to make, as I've always been in love with my hair.  I haven't had a shaved head since the Army. I felt five pounds lighter. I didn't overheat as much at the gym, and I use almost no shampoo. I get the same amount of looks from girls. A full head of hair doesn't affect my … [Read more...]