10 Ways to Not Get Laid

Find fault in every girl. The pretty blonde with a great smile and huge tits? Her feet are big. The brunette with a pedicure is probably a redneck. Spare yourself the possibility of being rejected by lying to yourself, "None of these girls are good enough. I'll just wait until someone who meets my standards walks in." Stand in a corner of the bar. Women who see you will … [Read more...]

How Do I Know if a Girl is Interested in Me?


Years ago I would pore over Maxim and other mens magazine like Esquire and GQ for the answer to this question, "How do I know if a girl is interested in me?" These articles would teach you how to recognize when a woman was sending what dorks call "indicators of interest" (or IOIs). For example, if a girl waves her finger through her hair while looking your way, she has given … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Millenal Men and Women

The men are weak and the women are conniving. All of them feel special. Few of them are: "I hired a good number of young lawyers and, frankly, didn’t look for opportunities to hire young men; they had lots of self-esteem and damned little reason to have it. The young women weren’t nearly so cocky nor did they feel so entitiled. Many of the women would, however, try to trip you … [Read more...]

Affirming Life

Roosh's post, "Denying Death" offers a wise sentiment. My grandmother never saw the ocean. By the time I had my own means to take her to the ocean, she had slipped towards dementia and was under the watchful eye of a greedy sister looking to make an 11th hour move for her fortune. My grandparents live like it is the Great Depression and will die with huge bank accounts. Why? … [Read more...]