5 Tips for Men Who are Going Bald

It’s not a question of if a man will lose your hair. The questions are: How soon and how bald will you be?

A man loses between 50 and 100 hairs every day of his life.  That’s tens of thousands of hairs each and every year. That’s if you’re lucky.

If you suffer from male pattern baldness, you’ll lose hair at an even quicker rate.

(This male pattern baldness chart shows the most common types of hair loss in men.)

So let’s spend some time talking about whether and to what extent losing your hair will decrease your attractiveness in the eyes of women.

What to do if you suffer from male pattern baldness?

First, if you suffer from male pattern baldness, start taking action immediately. Don’t live in denial. You are losing your hair.

If you are unsure whether you are losing your hair, have a friend compare your hairline to that chart. Anything that is II or below means your body is waging a war of attrition against your hairline. You are losing.

Use Rogaine. Get a prescription for Propecia or Dutasteride – which is actually more effective than Propecia:

We report on a 47-year-old man who was initially treated with finasteride for androgenetic alopecia. Despite continuous treatment, after year 4 his hair density was not as good as at year 2, and low-dose dutasteride at 0.5 mg/week was added to the finasteride therapy. This resulted in a dramatic increase in his hair density, demonstrating that combined therapy with finasteride and dutasteride can improve hair density in patients already taking finasteride.

Propecia is really expensive. In my town, it’s $190 for three months. It is possible to get Propecia from a research chemicals company. I’m not going to post any links. But if you search Google for “finasteride research lab,” you will find a lot of sites discussing how to get a good deal on Propecia.

I know many men who swear by Propecia. It is legit. It works. Get some.

Propecia has sexual side effects in some men, so if your body responds poorly, weigh the costs and benefits. I have an unfilled prescription for Propecia. Luckily my hair is still pretty awesome. But my mane is not what it was in my early 20s. I’ll need to fill my Rx eventually.

(UPDATE: Some people are having horrible side effects from Finasteride/Propecia. Do your research. I stopped using Propecia as the risks do not outweigh the benefits for me personally.)

BONUS: Many guys have reported significant success (and even some regrowth) from a compound called “RU58841“, it is clinically proven to topically block DHT. I haven’t used it personally – but it is definitely worth looking into since many feel it’s as close it comes to a legitimate solution to androgenic alopecia.

Get a shorter haircut.

Second, if you’re over 30, get a men’s short hair style. It seems counter-intuitive, but shorter hair looks better on an older man. I bring this picture into a salon before getting my haircut.

(RIP Paul Walker.)

Get a legit stylist.

Third, if over 30, start seeing someone at a legit salon. A quality haircut is going to cost you. It’s worth it.

Also, female hair stylists have their finger on the pulse. They always know where the fun after hours parties are. Build up your relationship (strictly friends) with your hair stylist and you’ll be able to meet girls through her.

Shave your head to look more powerful.

If you’re going bald, shave your head. Science has shown that men with shaved heads appear more powerful.

Up for a promotion? If you’re a man, you might want to get out the clippers. Men with shaved heads are perceived to be more masculine, dominant and, in some cases, to have greater leadership potential than those with longer locks or with thinning hair, according to a recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. (WSJ.)

Big muscles look great on a bald man.

If you’re losing your hair, don’t look like a fat dumb egg head. If you’re fat, this is how you will look with a shaved head.

bald man

And get a body. You must get a body. A bald man (or man who is losing his hair) with broad shoulders looks powerful and attractive to women.

In a #nohomo way, compare at the picture on the left to the one on the right:

On the right, do you notice Daniel Craig’s shitty hairstyle? I think not. (Again, no homo.)

On the left, look at his hairline. It is highly receded. He is a 40-year-old man, after all.

You can notice his hairline despite his $250 haircut and Photoshop magic. Yet you (and girls) won’t notice his hairline at all in the picture on the right hand side.

Do not be fat and bald.

If you are skinny and bald, you are not totally screwed. But life will be tougher. Do not be skinny and bald. Get some arms, shoulders, and pecs. Girls won’t look at your hairline because they will be too busy looking at your arms.

In any event, hair loss is inevitable. If you take the right drugs, build a good body, and dress nicely, it won’t harm your game too much.

One man put it best when asked if going bald doomed him to a life of celibacy with women:

  • Young and in shape with hair: did well.
  • Young and in shape with less hair: did well.
  • Older and in shape with missing hair: did well.
  • Older and slightly out of shape with no hair: did badly.
  • Older and out of shape with no hair: fucking awful.
  • Older and in shape with no hair: doing well.

A fat body will cost you more lays than a bald head. You can’t totally stop hair loss, but you can control how fat you get.

Take care of your skin, too. If you have less hair on your forehead, you’ll call more attention to the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Make sure your face looks its best.





  • sosweet2362

    Hmmmm, I agree. Bald can be just as sexy as a head of hair. But nice arms (not huge biceps) and shoulders are sexy as hell.

  • http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com rivsdiary

    good stuff, as always.

    we were just talking about propecia on roosh’s forum.


  • FFS

    Pro tip: Propecia is a 1 mg dose of finasteride. You can get a prescription for 5 mg finasteride (generic, extremely cheap) and simply slice the pills up into 5 pieces.

  • http://primallykosher.wordpress.com primallykosher

    TYpe 6 here. Shave my head with an electric razor every few days. I have a feeling hairloss is due to deficiency. I like the look though. Makes you look more mean and in charge.

  • http://mattforney.com/ Matt Forney

    Just want to warn guys about Propecia; it doesn’t work for all men. I briefly used it several years ago to curb my male pattern baldness. All it did was slightly slow my hair loss. No side effects, fortunately, though I heard of some guys bringing a class action lawsuit against the company because taking Propecia screwed up their sex lives.

    My dermatologist straight up told me that there’s a significant minority of men for whom Propecia simply does not work. (There’s also a minority who will actually gain back the hair they lost, as opposed to just stopping hair loss.) I’m not going to say “don’t use it,” but go in informed.

    • Gannicus

      I had the same response as Matt to it. It may have briefly slowed hair loss, but it did not prevent anything.

  • Carl Sagan

    I don’t get all the guys worried about hair loss.

    So many great examples of bald men who look great. Model yourself after those dudes. The Jason Stathams, Dwayne Johnsons, and Vin Diesels of the world (all in great shape btw).

  • http://admiralcod.blogspot.com Laguna Beach Fogey

    Very useful post.

    “You can’t totally stop hair loss, but you can control how fat you get” — well said!

    If you’re trying to attract women, focus on the things you *can* control. Build a superior physique. Educate yourself to make yourself more interesting to them. Wear stylish clothing. And work on developing Game, if you don’t have it already.

    There’s nothing more unattractive on a grown man than long hair. Especially if said man is a pretty boy, older than 40, or is out-of-shape.

    Very short hair (or no hair) is more masculine.

    I keep my hair clipped extremely short, almost a skinhead-style,with medium sideburns, though I’m between a I and II (see chart, above).

  • http://www.rooshv.com Roosh

    I got 99 problems but head hair isn’t one.

    • http://scartissue.us Wald

      One of the benefits of being a hairy ass Turk.

  • (R)Evoluzione

    Good post. I’ll add that there are some essential oil blends that are well-demonstrated in clinical trials to help hair grow thicker. There are a few other herbs that can be taken orally too–polygonum multiflorum is supposed to help with hair color as well as thickness. Saw palmetto is another plant that acts pharmacologically in a similar, but weaker manner as finasteride. There are actually a fair number of natural products out there like shampoos, conditioners, and scalp toners that may work for you. It’s worth experimenting with. It’s actually a decent opener to approach women with thick, beautiful hair with a comment or question on her hair. One could defuse any possible gaydar from that opener by telling her that long sexy hair is a sign of fertility, and that she’d have beautiful babies with the right guy.

    I started losing hair in my early 30’s after a severe infection from an animal bite. My hair was falling out in clumps, but that was the least of my concerns at the time. When I finally kicked the bug, I went to work on the other things that needed work–my body (gained almost 20lbs of muscle since then,) and my hair. Using herbs, essential oils, and solid nutrition, I would conservatively guess I’ve regained about 40-50% of the hair I had lost. It’s not quite the amazing head of hair I had in my 20’s, but it’s way better than immediately following the illness. My hairline had gone from a I to a III-vertex almost overnight when I was ill. It’s not back to a I pattern, but it’s still better than a II. It helps that I have very few gray hairs, and that I also take very good care of my skin, and it shows. I routinely have lots of people, especially 18-24 year old women ask me how old I am, and I always tell them to guess. The responses I get range mid-20s to early 30’s, and no one has ever come within 6 years of my real age. I always say “Great guess,” and change the subject.

    Oh, and I agree about shelling out some cash to get a great haircut. I’ve been seeing this lady for about a year now who does an old-fashioned razor cut, which makes a very hip, layered look. My business allows me to obtain her services on a trade basis, and so I do see her often, about every 2 weeks. The retail value of this service is probably around $240 a month, and I do believe it worth every penny.

    • Jzb

      I started losing my hair around 24 (I’m 29 now). It started to grow in really thin with a receding hair line. I was disappointed to say the least but I said to hell with it and started shaving my head. I wasn’t going to be one to try every concoction under the sun to save my hair – I knew I was losing it and decided to accept it and move on.

      Thankfully it’s not a bad look for me, though when women see pictures of me from those days they all comment on how attractive I was, which is frustrating. But whatever, I’m learning game/getting huge and it’s going well

  • http://krauserpua.wordpress.com krauserpua

    I have pattern baldness V per the chart. I’ve only had two women overtly comment on my baldness since I learned game:

    1) 20yr old Spanish girl while in my bed wearing a Japanese school uniform
    2) 29yr old smoking hot black girl, comment came inbetween two blowjobs

    They don’ts give a fuck if you shave your head and don’t give a fuck. The black girl said she fancied me in part because of the baldness, that’s what her comment was about.

    I agree on the body. I have a middleweight boxer’s physique. Not jacked, but strong and lean. I look far far better than most 25 yr olds, much less 37 year olds.

  • Rafael

    If you are loosing your hair the only action that should be taked is buzz cut it.

    Finasterid is very controversial and dangerous.

    Also, it must be hell waking up every day going crazy about your thining hair. Embrace it and be free.

    Hair isn´t necessary to have a satisfactory sexual/love life. Confidence, good clothes ( the ones that fit your body and are masculine ) and a good body are.

    Confidence comes from having goals and achieve them one by one.

    If you don´t know how to dress, masculine style and It´s a primal thing can help you.

    And to have a good body you need set this as one of your goals and go after it every day.

    There are no short cuts.

  • Cesare

    Good post, particularly the aspect of focusing on what you can control as opposed to what cannot ( fat vs hair loss). My hair seems to be shorter every year, the convenience factor with sports being the primary factor. As far as how hair loss affects results with women, I can only agree that the body is primary. That said, attitude overcomes all. I think if you come across as overly sensitive about it whether it’s the arcane physics of the Trump comb over or wearing a hat so long people think you’ve become a rabbi it is seriously un-Alpha.

  • Thor

    Surprised you would recommend rogaine and propecia. Nettle root and 5,000 iu of vitamin d3 daily for the win. Head stands ten minutes daily to promote growth and blood flow.

  • Tengu

    Has anyone tried Bosley and gotten good results? I’m not against getting plastic surgery to fix my mane when I start shedding in mass, but I have an Asian friend who tried it, then again, and now his hairline looks like Kim Jong-Il’s.

  • http://curmudgeonloner.wordpress.com CL

    Bald is not the end of the world. I didn’t notice that dude’s ‘bad hair’ (huh?) in either picture. It’s not worth potentially messing up your health with drugs. Those things reduce testosterone.

    I think I can speak for most women when I say I’d rather my man had a hard cock than hair on his head. A man with great hair and a limp dick isn’t going to impress anyone. Don’t be a sad bald fuck, just accept it and don’t give a shit. If a woman doesn’t like it, leave her to her vibrator.

    Good lines for bald guys: “It’s a solar panel to a sex machine.”
    “God only made a few perfect heads; the rest He put hair on.”

  • http://www.southernmanblog.com Southern Man

    I’m fifty-something and while I’ve dodged the male pattern baldness of most of my male relatives what’s there is thinning, and fast. But, I disagree with use of hair treatments. They (mostly) don’t work, the ingested ones can have horrific side effects, and hair loss can accelerate when you stop using them. My advice: Mother Nature is a bitch, and she’s gonna win, so pick your battles with her carefully. Find a hairstyle that works with what you have and put that money and effort into your body instead, where you have a fighting chance. Your body is more important than your hair.

  • Stig

    It’s a good time for guys who are thinning. The shaved/close clippered look is in and those unfortunate long hairstyles of the 70’s/80’s are so out.

    Everyone should try it. You’ll probably like it. If you don’t, it grows back. If you’re thinning, it sorta grows back. No harm done in any case.

    A lot of woman really love it and none are shocked by it anymore. My attitude to anyone who doesn’t like it is screw ‘me anyway. I really enjoy having it all taken off by my cute barberette. By the way I have a fine head of hair, better than Daniel Craig it appears.

    Having good hair shaved off is kind of like owning a yellow Ferrari. In the same way as owning a yellow Ferrari say you have so much money and status that you can afford not to give a shit about having a conventional red Ferrari — or maybe this yellow one is the 3rd one in a line in your 15-car garage — shaving off great hair says it’s so good I can do violence to it without a care.

  • dem

    21 herewith a receding hairline… and everyone says i dont look my age… sucks to havea receding hailrine at this age…iam going for laser hair therapy as a last resort

    • Thor

      What is your diet/lifestyle?

      • dem

        .i am at 15% body fat at 6 3 and 210lbs.
        i eat healthy enough for a 21 year old.
        no one has a receding hariline in my family.

        i went to the dermatologist ( she was such a bitch, ). she told me without any medicaltests that nothing can be done and i should use rogaine or propecia. i told her to fuk off.. she wasnt even that experienced.

        i am supplementing with d3 and other stuff for soe time now.. hair still receding man…

  • nek

    Another Off-Topic question,

    Do you still have any close friends that you’d consider blue-pill? I read your ‘Building your crew’ post, and it made me think that with blue pill friends it’s best just to cut them out. However, since more than a few people and old friends are still ‘blue pill’, it seems that this approach could result in little to no friends or even people just to go out with. Just wondering your take on that and how you manage that (not just Danger and Play, but for anyone who reads this and would like to chime in). Maybe this could be another post topic. I know it’s off topic but your advice on matters seems pretty solid, and this is something I’m starting to confront more and more.


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  • DestroyToCreate

    The generic finasteride is a great idea, it is much cheaper than Propecia, and is the exact same stuff, just cut up the pill. One warning though, do not let chicks even touch the chopped up pills. The active ingredient can (will) cause birth defects, and women should not even touch the pills.

    There are also some other alternatives that do work. PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) therapy costs a lot but worked great for me. Takes about 1 hour, once a year. No side effects.

    Also LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) has been shown to work as well. You need several 30-45min treatments over the course of two months. Totally painless. No side effects.

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  • anon1

    Hey Mike, so i know this is an old topic but i had a few questions.

    Recently started to notice that the corners of my forehead the hair is starting to recede back.

    Core scalp is pretty luscious still but hairline is in the very primary stages starting to work its way back.

    I didn’t think the fear would effect me too much but it has quite a lot.

    I always rocked short hair, but the idea of it receding when i’m only in my mid 20s is not something i can really contemplate.

    Any advice?

    I don’t want to apply chemical ointments or pills that have potential for negative sexual side effects [especially when i’m trying to increase my natural testosterone]

    is there anything mineral supplement wise or things i can be doing to help?

    It may come to the point i’ll have to do a full shave but the type of group of friends i have [all have long hair] they’re going to be the antithesis of supportive

  • http://gregstevens.name/ Greg Stevens

    I completely agree that body matters more than hair, and also that the best advice it to know how to do the most with what you’ve got.

    But as long as you’re talking about preventative/restorative things like rogaine and finesteride, I’m surprised you didn’t talk at all about hair restoration surgery.

    I know it’s crazy expensive, but for people who can afford it, it’s absolutely a viable option to pursue. It sometimes gets a bad rap because: 1) the technogy has improved dramatically in the last 10 years and you still hear people perpetuating stories based on results 15+ years ago, and 2) you need to go to someone good with lots of experience, who knows how to do it so it will be asthetically pleasing and age-appropriate.

    But as long as you have the money to spend to do it right, there ain’t no shame (IMO) in taking that step.

    • Mike Cernovich

      100% right. I left it off the list as at the time of article (2012) I hadn’t known anyone who had the surgery performed. As a rule I only recommend/suggest stuff that I or someone close to me has personal experience with.

      • Rocco

        I would be curious to see how those surgeries look now. I saw some guys with them years ago, and it was obvious that they had it done . You could actually see like little rows of planted hair, like rows on a corn field. Was gross IMO.

    • anon1

      at what age is it worth doing? and also how much does it typically set you back?

      i’m not balding yetiA but i can see a slow march of the hairline upwards, and want to know what options i have if things go north.

      the other option is me doing a randy orton style super short type thing, lol

      • http://gregstevens.name/ Greg Stevens

        I think it’s something worth looking into any time after you are well into adulthood, late 20’s or early 30’s or later. I have a young friend, 24, who has a receding hairline who went in to task about it and the guy said he preferred to wait with younger patients, treat them first with finasteride and Rogaine, and see what it looks like when they are a little older.

        The cost varies dramatically depending on how much you want done, and also the way the hairs are extracted. The process takes your own hairs from the back of your head and implants them where they are needed: either the crown or the hairline.

        You can have them removed one-by-one, which is more expensive and also more traumatic for the hairs (meaning a greater chance that individual hairs might not “take” when implanted!), but the benefit is it leaves literally no scar at all on the back of your head: you can shave bald and nobody will know you had the procedure.

        The other method is getting a super-fine “strip” from the back of your head. This is less expensive, and less traumatic to the hairs… but there is a minor scar, so you would need to keep a hairstyle where the back of your head is no shorter than the “3” setting on your hair clippers. LOL

        The most time consuming process is the implantation, which the surgeon will do by hand, one by one. That’s the part that you’re REALLY paying for, since you want someone who knows what he’s doing and will place the follicles in positions and growth-directions that go with your own hair growth and make the new growth look natural.

        So it varies widely, but I’ll give you my story for a point of reference: I had it done two years ago, at age 40. We did the strip method of removing follicles, moved my hairline forward maybe 1/8 inch in front and 1/4 inch on the side/temples where it was receding more. And he had some left over follicles after that was done, so he used them to fill in a “thinning patch” on the crown of my head.

        Now I can wear my hair “up” in front, like I used to years ago, and feel good about it (see my profile picture).

        It cost me $12K…. literally the best $12K I’ve ever spent.

        • anon1

          I was going to say damn man you look much younger than 42 in your picture! Impressive stuff

          Thanks for your feedback, I’m in my tail end 20s and just shocked at how the whole receding deal is happening to my friends and me. I didn’t anticipate it would be this early.

          I’ll definitely take it under consideration the older I get (in the UK so I am guessing it will be more expensive over here)

          Thanks again for your comment, and the hair is looking great!

    • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

      coming from a guy with perfect hair?

    • SongTalkingMan

      I also agree with this.

      If you’re balding, then you’re balding. There’s not much more than accepting it that older guys usually have worse hair. You’re maybe able to slow the balding somewhat somehow. But you’re always, always, always in control of what you put it your mouth and how much you move your body.

  • Steve Kenny

    Great advice on a topic I’ve dedicated too much time to. I agree a badass body and a chiseled, masculine face out-weighs a dense head of hair-but in my experience, HAIR MATTERS. A LOT. In addition to Mike’s advice, get a tan. Girls love a tan, ripped body. Check out the product melanotan 2, especially if you are very pale. Skinny, pale, and bald is just a bad combo, as is fat pale and bald. If you have enough money, get a hair transplant, and if you’re as crazy about your hair as me- get another ten months later, and if you need/want more density, get another. Last week I got my third hair transplant. Be ready to look like a freak for 2 weeks if you opt to go through with the surgery. But first: make sure you get an FUE (follicular unit extraction) rather than a strip procedure. I got a strip procedure my first time, and now I will forever have a large, obvious scar on the back of my scalp which sucks because I look best with a shorter hair cut. The FUE procedures leave no detectable scars even when I hit those donor sites with a no-gaurd. For the 1st week post op, your face will be TERRIBLY swollen with drooping eye lids from the lidocaine used to numb your scalp. If you have vacation time, use it for the first week, or just grab your balls a go into work and be prepared to have everyone ask “what the fuck happened to you?”. Order a surgical cap and have it before the surgery, or have a job that allows you to wear a hat. Your scalp will be covered in ugly, bloody scabs that will not got away completely for at least 10 days, 14 days at most. The facial edema is gone after 6-7 days. Along with rogaine and propecia/dutasteride (I’ve never used dutasteride…yet) use a ketoconazole shampoo. I like lipogain big 3 the best. Just search for ketoconazole shampoo on amazon and it will come up. Also, the mindoxidil formula I use is Perfect Hair because it has azelaic acid in it, and I’ve found it to be much more effective against shedding than minoxidil w/o AA. We may have to order AA creme to mix with minoxidil in the future because lobbyists for Pfizer (maker of rogaine) like to ban products that combine AA with minoxidil.

    My hairline began receding when I was 17. I didn’t get on propecia until I was 29. Now I’m 33 and I look my best and haven’t been happier looking in the mirror and I feel great going out and meeting people. Also…along with being lean and ripped-not only do you have a badass body, but your face is not puffy-it is CHISELED and MASCULINE. You have a great jaw line and facial features a fat man never displays. Fuck mother nature and all that bullshit. You only live once. Do what makes you happy. I no longer obsess/bitch about my hair. I style it and sport it and go on with my career/life. The first 4 pics are from the week after my second transplant. The second 5 pics are a about 6 months post op from the second surgery. (i don’t have pics from the 1st surgery because I still had a flip phone at the time in 2012). I attempted to upload pics from last weeks surgery, but I keep getting a message stating ” Sorry, but the file you are trying to upload is larger than 2.10 MBs. You can either crop your image, or try to upload something smaller”. I’m not computer savvy, so I will mess around with the images and try to upload them to this post some other time. Also, I feel it’s important to know that lighting significantly alters the illusion of density. The very last pic is about a year after only the first surgery, and because the room was slightly dimmer, I appear to have a full thick head of hair in it. Also, in pics 5, 6, 8, and 9 I have hair thickening fibers to create density. The fibers do help big time with density, but I hate washing them out and then having see through hair, which is why I got another surgery. I’m offering this information because I was not informed of the post op consequences that would last 2 weeks, I was basically told “the scabs fall off in a few days and the scar will be covered by your existing hair, and just use ice on your forehead to reduce the swelling”. I had know idea how bad I’d be swollen, and as for the scar… it was big, obvious, and nasty. I have thin, short hair and it was not hidden. I was working at a hospital at the time, and went back looking ugly as fuck, and of course there were plenty of hot girls working at the hospital…. so you can imagine the embarrassment with the swelling and the big scar and having to explain the story to tons of people (I didn’t have a surgical cap ready, but even if I had… the swelling is worse than the scar). Anyway, I’m happy I got the surgeries done, and I hope this post helps out some guys that are in the same situation I was in.

    Glad to be a part of the D&P community

    Steve Kenny

    • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

      I had two surgeries done myself. Both FUE.
      First one failed miserably and I got horrid folliculitis from it and almost NOTHING grew. I was devastated. The doctor knew something weird happened and redid it free of charge. The second so far is coming in much nicer but it destroys me to know I “lost” all those possible grafts. Hes been trying to get me to try PRP and stem cells to boost it back and restore some of the tinning but I told him I want to see where this second one goes first. If all goes well (or less than well even) Im going to try and convince him to work me a GOOD deal on those to try since this will be TWO surgeries that my awful awful head rejected.
      Im glad yours worked so well, you seem happy. I personally think hair matters more than anything in todays culture. I have a great physique but like I tell everyone, I cant walk around 80% unclothed all day so WHO THE FUCK knows!
      My brother has perfect hair, always will, and everyone thinks hes ten years younger and in much better shape (he doesnt work out and is actually kind of chubby) just because of his hair. Where I Used to get much better and more girls they pretty much outright say “YOU TWO are brothers?!” and pass right by me.

      Being bald is a social/sexual death sentence unless you have a SHIT LOAD of money or are 6′-4″+…. I’m 5-8

      • Steve Kenny

        Hey Nick,

        I’m sorry to hear you had a poor experience with the hair transplant. How long ago did you get your second surgery? I hope the second one gets you some great results. I’ll never forget how I felt going into my first HT surgery(the strip method)… I was really freaked out by the possibility of it turning out horrible. You have a unique story and I’m glad you shared it on this post because as I am in favor of doing the surgery, it’s important for guys to know there are risks. There’s never a guarantee with any surgery(or anything for that matter). I’m glad your doctor did another one free of charge, but I can imagine how devastating it was to have to go through that surgery twice for one potential result. Like you said, baldness can feel like a sexual death sentence…. So you’re a man who understands why I’ve had 3 surgeries, and I’m planning on doing a 4th. I wish you the best if you choose to try the PRP and I’d like to hear your experience with it if you go that route. I’m attempting to post a few pics from my second procedure on here to show guys what they can expect….. In a few months I’ll post more pics from the 3rd surgery. Baldness is a shitty thing that I obsessed over for a long time so I had to take a chance and do something about it.

        • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

          Yeah its a killer thing to deal with. Especially when I have 2 siblings who have perfect hair.
          I dont know about the prp yet, I want to see if they will cut me a break for my frustrations. I understand completely why you have done it. I from personal experience know the difference in the way you are treated. I went from a 9 to 10 with hair to literally a 4 without. I saw how more and more hair lost made other features that were once kind of charming (my nose) turn into odd deformities.
          I tried shaving for a couple years and just did it again and honestly I remember why I stopped now. I take WAY to good care of my self and my body to want to accept being bald.

  • rogger binny

    Changing hormone level in the body of the
    patient may also pours its bad impact on the patient’s hair growth level. These
    changes may take place in the body of women as well as in men also.
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  • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

    Shaving you head is a myth. It is not seen as dominant its seen as a fear.
    I have been losing my hair since I was 19, been working out earlier than that. I shaved my head here and there through out the years and I can tell you NO ONE likes it. Its not an attractive style and those same studies prove its also less attractive.
    I shaved my head for 2 years at my job a couple years ago. I had an FUE procedure done then regrew it. The women did NOTHING but compliment me when it started growing back. Openly told me never shave again.

    A couple years later, (like 2 weeks ago) I shaved again for summer. The looks people gave me were like I murdered my hair’d version in cold blood in front of their eyes and laughed. They wont look me in the eyes and openly tell me they dont like shaved heads. Even though our CEO is shaved bald.

    Shaving your head ONLY works if you have a thick head of hair with a perfect hairline. You need that thick density to show shading and contrast. If you are diffuse or bald on top its a horrible look and shaving to skin is a complete NO NO.

    also your pics of Craig are deceiving because the clothed one he is IN YOUR FACE with the receded hairline, but honestly he looks better on the left.
    Do another one where they are both far away and see whats better.

    I can tell you a body means DICK as well. I am in WAY better shape that my brother, always have been. I used to get WAY more women because I also have a WAY better personality and more charisma. Since losing my hair (he has perfect hair) women look through me like Im glass, if I shave they cross the road because I look like a bulked up ex rapist just out of jail. They flock to his head of hair.

    Sorry but your “blog post” is utter shite.

  • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

    Shaving your head as a sign of strength is a myth . It is not seen as dominant its seen as a fear.
    I have been losing my hair since I was 19, been working out earlier than that. I shaved my head here and there through out the years and I can tell you NO ONE likes it. Its not an attractive style and those same studies prove its also less attractive.
    I shaved my head for 2 years at my job a couple years ago. I had an FUE procedure done then regrew it. The women did NOTHING but compliment me when it started growing back. Openly told me never shave again.

    A couple years later, (like 2 weeks ago) I shaved again for summer. The looks people gave me were like I murdered my hair’d version in cold blood in front of their eyes and laughed. They wont look me in the eyes and openly tell me they dont like shaved heads. Even though our CEO is shaved bald. Most dont even remember me ever shaving prior, like they blacked it out even though my work badge is shaved.

    Shaving your head ONLY works if you have a thick head of hair with a perfect hairline. You need that thick density to show shading and contrast. If you are diffuse or bald on top its a horrible look and shaving to skin is a complete NO NO.

    also your pics of Craig are deceiving because the clothed one he is IN YOUR FACE with the receded hairline, but honestly he looks better on the left.
    Do another one where they are both far away and see whats better.

    I can tell you a body means DICK as well. I am in WAY better shape that my brother, always have been. I used to get WAY more women because I also have a WAY better personality and more charisma. Since losing my hair (he has perfect hair) women look through me like Im glass, if I shave they cross the road because I look like a bulked up ex rapist just out of jail. They flock to his head of hair.

    Sorry but your “blog post” is utter shite.

    • Charlie

      Hey man it seems to me that you are the one who gets insecure about losing your hair. They can sense your insecurity on a limbic level and get repulsed by it.
      The fact the women started to compliment you, once your hair started growing back, might be because you started to feel more secure of yourself, so your POV is biased.

      Alot of girls have the gina tingles for guys like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel.
      Baldness has nothing to do with it.
      But hey just my 2 cents of a full thick head of hair.

      If it matters to you, it matters to them…

      • http://www.6beersin.com/ evil nick

        Confidence has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. Its looks.
        The men you mention are all rich and famous so you can not put them in the same league as you or I and at the same time can’t put them against someone like Cruise, Pitt, Clooney, ETC. It would be like comparing Statham to ME.

        They were complimenting my hair, NOT ME. My boss told be the shaved look did not look good on me. EVERY WOMAN told me the shaved look did not look good on me. What is someone like me supposed to do then? Oh “get confident”…… thats works.

        Hair loss can make you (or I) go down quite a few notches in looks. Take it from me, with hair I used to get Modeling offers (no joke). Losing my hair, women barely look at me twice, and I work out at least 4 days a week.

        Ill tell you what. Clip your hair down to a 0 guard THEN Bic a horse shoe on the top. Then go like that for a few weeks NEVER letting the top stubble through. Tell me how you feel after that.

        • Christopher Mason

          I think you should consider there might have something to do with your Charisma. Think of charisma like.. soul power. You’re indicating through this post a tendency to object and complain. Consider raising your eyebrows more often, friendliness is more attractive. So are positive emotions. Get a fuzzy sweater and some dress shoes and read a book in public while leaning against the corner of a brick building. Or- get into goth music and get a motorcycle and some sleeves because fuck what they think, you’re gunna fucking enjoy life regardless of superficial bitches or assholes in authority who don’t know what it’s like to be you. Wear some aviators, keep the body well tuned and keep using punctuation. foo.

  • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

    Husband shaved his head a few years ago (he had kind of longish hair), I hated it at first but now I love how it looks on him. So bold and masculine. He’s in great shape as well which like you said don’t hurt.

  • muzammil

    I am 24 years old I had hair on my head but due to some loss of hairs I taught to trim my hair and after a month they r growing slowly and I am fed up and I can see space on my head also so do I need to shave all my hair with blade it will work or not

  • John Posey

    WTF. I am 16 years old but my hair look the same as 1 pic.

  • Rocco

    I never saw a loss of sex due to my hair thinning and actually some girls like the balding thing. For me doing the complete shave might have been cool when it started, but now when you go to the bar, there are 10 other dudes with complete baldy looks. To me its like “Hey look at me, I am trying to hide the fact that I am balding naturally so I just went ahead and bick’d it so as to look like I wanted to look this way” Not my thing. Also This look isn’t for everyone. It depends on the shape of your head, skin tone, if you have scars to be shown or your head is prone to break out when you shave it. I prefer to keep mine short but not skin short, I am more the Jason Statham level of balding, so it still looks ok, just kept a level above a buzz cut for me. More a military look. I think as I get older, I will keep my hair grown out a bit. Fuck it its a manly thing is balding, and as long as I wear it confidently and my body shows I’m not a weakling or fat fuck, I’ll be fine with it.

    Back to chics, some actually LIKE balding men, and others just don’t care one way or another. I have only heard 1 or 2 females in my life actually be turned off by a balding guy. My theory on this, is that balding is just one of those “things” that love it or not, is a completely masculine thing from mother nature. Just as we are attracted to feminine curves (not fat) but curvacious ass, some thighs and hips are sexy too (in varying degrees and depending on taste) and just as we are naturally inclined to like the feminine form, females are inclined to like things masculine..broad shoulders, deep voices, more body/facial hair..and something like balding is somethings a plus for women and others just a thing that they will overlook if the man has the broad shoulders, powerful look etc.

    • SongTalkingMan

      How a man does a thing might seem like a minor, trivial thing, but it is of more importance that what he does. Other guys might shave themselves bald like a beta shaves, but some might do it alpha.

      I was recently at a place taking turns swim in the sea and sitting in the sauna. The water was cold, but could have been colder, and it was fucking freezing in the sauna. It is a club and whatnot, so couldn’t increase heat, nor could I throw water on the rocks to increase the humidity and thus make it warmer. If I would, the kids who thought it was too hot in there might have thrown me out. So as I sat there and shivered, I decided to listen and eavesdrop on their conversation. These recently graduated from school, middle-class kids worked selling strawberries and such, whatever job they could get. When they talked about university and future and life they talked as if their lives were over. They did shit because they had to do shit, dressed like their culture dictated how they’d supposed to dress, and so on. If they had little money to what they wanted to do, then that was their little freedom from their mines and their slave-morals. When the kids left I met an immigrant chilean man, who probably came from worse socioeconomic backgrounds. As I talked with him, I noticed that he had a wife, a child, a dog, way more obligations and expectations and shit he has to do. Much more than these children. This man had, despite whatever problems and shit he had to deal with, he had decide to live. If didn’t have a way to walk, he’d make a way. He would make the way, he would create a way.