5 Pounds of Fat v. 5 Pounds of Muscle

I knew muscle was more dense (or as the kids say, “weighs more”) but didn’t realize it was this much more dense:

If you’re doing everything right in the gym (and not using steroids), you’ll be fortunate to put on 5-10 pounds of muscle in an entire year.

It takes a while to build up an impressive physique because 5 pounds of muscle doesn’t take up much space.

  • Seedless

    Having used to be a fatty, I know how hard it is to lose the fat, and am now realizing that increasing muscle mass and density is just as hard of a process if not harder in some ways. I am curious though how easy it is to lose muscle? If I’m maintaining a natural, healthy diet (paleo, raw, IF) and working on a combination of high rep lifting and low rep heavy lifting, is it possible to lose muscle mass or density?

    • http://flyfreshandyoung.wordpress.com FFY

      As long as you’re getting enough protein you’ll be fine

  • http://gravatar.com/josephtkach Joseph Tkach

    This picture is highly inaccurate. Use your intuition and visualize what one pound of steak looks like. Now visualize five pounds. Is it substantially bigger than an a cheap ballpoint pen? Yes? Myth busted.

  • Seedless

    I’ve held one of those 5 pound globs of “fat” before and it seriously made me sick to think that 14 months ago, I had about twelve of those inside of me. It’s blogs like yours that helped me turn my life around.

    Danger, you reminded me that I’m a builder.

  • derthal

    “The density of mammalian skeletal muscle tissue is about 1.06 kg/liter.[4] This can be contrasted with the density of adipose tissue (fat), which is 0.9196 kg/liter.[5] This makes muscle tissue approximately 15% denser than fat tissue.”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscle)

  • G K

    ” the density of mammalian skeletal muscle tissue is about 1.06 kg/liter.
    This can be contrasted with the density of adipose tissue (fat), which is 0.9196 kg/liter ”

    so the difference in density is only around 20%, not the 300%+ that the picture suggests
    the picture is misleading to say the least

  • http://gravatar.com/nycbachelor nycbachelor

    Its very much wrong.

    Go to a butcher shop and order 5 pounds of steak, you’ll be shocked at how much meat you’re getting- and if anything it’ll make the idea that you can only put 5-10 pounds of muscle on a year that much more believeable- and amazing, when you visualize slapping that meat onto different major muscle groups on your body.

    • http://hadgonesixpaces.blogspot.com/ dorsey47

      It depends on the cut. Some muscles are denser than others. 5 pounds of breast will not look the same size as 5 pounds of tongue.

  • mpb

    I can attest to 10 pounds of muscle being a significant visual difference.
    I bulked from 143 to 160, over 6 months, and continue to lift now…I’m around 153-155. Everyone noticed, especially females, without me saying a word.

    There will simply be more noticeable difference if 10lbs of lean body mass is added to a smaller person than if 10lbs of lean body mass is added to a larger person.

    It’s awesome that you recommend stronglifts 5×5 instead of some bodybuilding bs.

    The image up top is definitely not quite right, it looks like your first reaction told you it was off too. This one looks more accurate.


  • Mellow

    I’ve had steak tips bigger than that five pounds.

  • Chi_Banger

    This site is about powerlifting at the outset but I’ve been able to incorporate some of it to my own non-powerlifting lifestyle take what you will from if but I think there’s very good info, in the manosphere there so much on game , just pure pua shit which is all well and good as a starting point but , lifestyle game is the end point, I tip my hat to you Danger.


    I’m 22 now and started reading around 18, as long as the world doesn’t go to shit(it very well may but hey) I feel very capable of achieving my life goals which I won’t share for reading sake but are very similar probably to most men who visit this site. Thank you and best of health, to all of you, and if you haven’t yet buy that juicer and read up you’ll feel so much better!

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  • JorgedaIndian

    An untrained individual can put on 30-40lbs of muscle in a year without steroids. Provided they are willing to an asspile of food.