American Men More Likely to Die From Suicide than Car Crashes

Although American complain of oppression, their lives are rarely so hopeless that they end them. Men commit suicide at far greater rates than women. Four times greater.

The National Institute of Mental Health notes:

Are women or men at higher risk for Suicide?

  • Suicide was the seventh leading cause of death for males and the fifteenth leading cause of death for females in 2007.
  • Almost four times as many males as females die by suicide.
  • Firearms, suffocation, and poison are by far the most common methods of suicide, overall. However, men and women differ in the method used, as shown below.
Suicide by: Males (%) Females (%)
Firearms 56 30
Suffocation 24 21
Poisoning 13 40

According to a new 2012 study, men are more likely to kill themselves than to die in a car crash. Think about that for a minute.

THURSDAY, Sept. 20 (HealthDay News) — More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes, making suicide the leading cause of injury deaths, according to a new study.

In addition, over the last 10 years, while the number of deaths from car crashes has declined, deaths from poisoning and falls increased significantly, the researchers report.

Suicides are terribly undercounted; I think the problem is much worse than official data would lead us to believe,” said study author Ian Rockett, a professor of epidemiology at West Virginia University.

There may be 20 percent or more unrecognized suicides, he said.

Why do men kill themselves? Largely because men, unlike women, take action rather than complain.

Life often seems more hopeless for men than for women. A man without a job has few life prospects. A woman without a job can easily get on the government dole.

Men are being arrested and falsely imprisoned in record numbers for bogus rape and domestic violence charges.

Men are being denied the right to visit their own children.

I’m not going to get on a high horse and say suicide is not the answer. But anyone who is considering suicide should email me for my phone number.

  • Matt

    I think about it every day. So what? No one will care if I’m gone.

    • (R)Evoluzione

      Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You never know what beauty you may find in life. You miss out on nearly infinite chances for experiencing meaning in life if you get off the train early.

      • Matt

        That’s a lot like saying that playing the lottery is a good retirement plan. Yeah, 1 in 50,000,000 wins, but those are lousy odds.

        I live in a society that hates my very existence. There’s not a person in the world who would lift a finger to help me. If I was to die at home, no one would even notice for months. And all of this is what being a nice guy and helping others has led me to. I’m tired of fighting, it’s obvious that things will only get worse as I get older. It’s obvious the pain I live with every day is not going to get any better, the physical degeneration of old age is setting in. I can slow it down, but I can’t reverse it.

    • briansbestbooks

      Just become a hedonist. I’m not kidding. Simply find out what gives you pleasure in life, and do that over and over again until you die or get tired of it. If it’s the latter, find something else that turns you on and keep doing that until you die or get tired of it. Rinse and repeat.

      Living for yourself may seem selfish, but it beats not living. And this “society that hates your very existence”? Fuck ’em.

      • analhomonigger

        that’s the fucking purpose of life already.

        you need money to do that shit

  • 3rd Millenium Men

    Suicide leaves a tragically lasting impact on those around you. there are always better options. If you’re seriously thinking about it, get professional help. Good on you for raising awareness Danger.

    • Matt

      Professional help is a joke and asking for help only results in ridicule and extortion. The so-called professionals are only good at one thing – extracting money from anyone who comes in contact with them. As far as having an impact on those around me, there’s nobody who would care.

      This is the society we have built. There are many in my situation and truly nobody cares. The governement wants us to die off before we start drawing on the Social Security we have spent a lifetime contributing to. The liberals want us dead because we are the symbol of all that is evil. And the conservatives are so shell shocked by what is going on that they are withdrawing into more and more closed communities and doing what they can to help each other.

      I’ve been hoping I would die a long ways away from here, but with the current economy that doesn’t look like it will happen either.

      • dangerandplay

        I actually have no philosophical objection to suicide. I had a medical condition that made me question living every day. Had I not had confidence that I could cure it, I would have chosen death over the debilitating, relentless symptoms.

        But it sounds like you’re just being a pussy who is mad that no one cares if you live or die.

        Who cares what a bunch of cunts think about your continued existence?

        Living well is the best, “Fuck you” a man can offer a feminized society.

        Kill yourself means they won the fight.

        I will never let my enemies win. I will stand on their bodies.

        Are you willing to let them stand atop yours?

        • Megale

          “Living well is the best, “Fuck you” a man can offer a feminized society. ”

          HELL YES!! I love this line!!

          Matt, why don’t you tell us a bit of your problems? Forget professional help, those guys could give a toss about any of us.

          However, I for example, do care about about at least trying to help you in some way. So what’s up?

    • playmuc

      Well, this is not about the others, fuck them. But as for killing yourself, there are many options that are much better. If you are struggling, remember that you are probably not required to take part in what ever you do. You can just leave and go to another place. Go to southeast asia and help building schools for poor kids. Or just whore around. Or focus on sports, this always makes people feel better. Or I don’t know.. become a specialist in wines and 19th century French literature. (= a smartass alcoholic).. Or whatever. I may be an ignorant asshole, but I always think that suicide is a bad choice, because not all other options have been explored.. But then again, who I am to assume that I know how it feels..

      Still, so many options..

  • Young Hunter

    I’m not an advocate of it, but at least the ones that are successful are about it. I see tons of suicide attempts and a good majority are women. Note: attempt. Interpret: attention seeking.

  • littlepdog

    Women are also more likely to have failed suicide attempts. For the attention?

    • dangerandplay

      Incompetence. If you want a man killed, would you hire a man or a woman? Men get shit done, which alas means why their suicide attempts are so often successful.

  • Nick

    As someone who’s battled depression for nearly a decade, I can say that megadosing on fish oil, taking a daily multivitamin, hitting the gym hard 3-5 days a week, getting a decent night’s rest, and avoiding shitty foods (I don’t even drink soda) will do WONDERS for your mental state.

    • Nick

      I will also add that anytime I drink–especially if it’s more than 1 or 2–I have horrific mood swings for DAYS afterward. Hate that fact because I love drinking, but it’s true.

    • (R)Evoluzione

      This is some legit advice. Matt, are you listening? Or just being a pussy, like D&P said.
      It’s been said before, but thanks to D&P for raising awareness.
      I have a great life, but I was at a low point in my career about 3 or 4 months ago, and I felt like putting my .45 to my head. I wasn’t exercising as I should, and my food intake was erratic, even though I know better. I was withdrawing socially. One day I just had enough of that way of being, I got my head right, got my force of will together, and never looked back.

      It’s been a long slog out of that valley, but I’m feeling better than ever and moving forward every day.

      • Matt

        I’m taking a variety of vitamins and other supplements including fish oil, I can’t really tell much difference, but it’s worth trying.

        Going to the gym has been a problem for me, I’m clueless about proper workouts. Trainers have been a bust, one crippled me so badly that I had to use both hand on the stair rail to keep from falling down the stairs for the following three days. The other was kind of expensive, flakey and didn’t really get me through a good workout. I’ve tried a couple of CrossFit seesions and they gave me a thorough workout, but they are expensive and scheduling is an issue. The thing I liked the most were the aerialist classes I took, but the crazy bitch running the place decided she hates straight white males she can’t control (her husband is a serious herb) and so I’m not welcome there anymore. I’m quite angry about that, but have learned to never do business with women.

        Trying to put together a good exercise routine has been frustrating. The posts I run across in places like these assume a much greater expertise than I have. I’m an old man in lousy shape, so I don’t have the minimum strength needed for a lot of body weight exercises. Yet. Suggestions are welcome, but running is not an option.

        As far as getting a decent night’s rest, I wish I could. I sleep very badly and have horrible nightmares most nights, sometimes waking up screaming. This is not a good thing. I don’t drink a lot of caffiene, usually a cup of coffee in the morning and iced tea with lunch.

        My diet sucks, but probably not as bad as the average American. I don’t consume a lot of sugar and I’m paying attention to eating more protien and vegetables, but there’s a limit as to what I have the drive to do.

        Overall, I have been making an effort. Too often it has failed. I have a limited amount of drive and since I have to do everything completely by myself, it gets tough.

        • dangerandplay

          Sounds like you have low testosterone. See a doctor to discuss testosterone replacement therapy.

        • Megale

          Let me see if I can give you some help with some of this stuff.

          I don’t know how old you are, but you say you are an older man?

          Forget personal trainers. Most are complete imbecils that took a weekend course and got “Certified”.

          Your workout depends on a couple of things:

          1. Do you want to lose fat first? or gain muscle first. Unless you are on steroids, you cannot do both at the same time.

          2. Do you have any disabilities or injuries that get in the way of your workouts? We need to work around them.

          As far as the gym goes, all you need is free weights, a bike or elliptical for cardio, and maybe a rope pull down machine. As long as the gym has these things, you are good to go.

          You say you’re an old man in lousy shape. Does that mean overweight? and by how much? An upright bike is the best form of cardio you can do, and it’s zero impact on your body. Swimming is awesome as well.

          As a general rule, you should be able to lift a weight at least 15 reps, especially if you’re an older guy. If you can’t get 15 reps, you are lifting too much weight!!

          What vitamins are you taking? Nightmares sound like they are triggered due to the stress you are under. Don’t take a lot of shit for supplements. Do it like me: A multivitamin in the morning, and a B complex and ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium) supplement before going to bed.

          I’d be surprised if this doesn’t at least help with the nightmares.

          There’s ways to eat a better diet without having to sacrifice some of the tastier stuff.

          Contact me if you want to chat more. I’ll help you as much as I can.

  • Ben

    “Life is like animal porn, it’s not for everybody”
    – Doug Stanhope

  • Archer

    You’re a good dude Danger&Play.

    The statistics on successful male suicides vs successful female suicides are staggering. Many women try swallowing a bunch of pills to make it relatively painless and then probably feel the ‘post jump regret’ and vomit the pills back up. Men use non reversible methods.

    Part of me is deeply saddened by the culture that let the world get this bad. Another part of me wants to personally institute change.

  • seedless4life

    I feel that the “trophy for everyone”, and the “my child is special and unique” attitude we deal with these days can cause these problems. It seems hard for some people to deal with adult life, being raised to believe everyone loves them and their shit don’t stink. Reality is that life itself, has no inherent meaning. No one is actually required to like or care about you.

    So what does that mean?

    It means that if we want meaning in life, we must seek it out, or create it. If you want people to like you, make yourself someone people want to know.

    We are the authors of our own life story. Is yours one that anyone would want to read?

  • asparagus

    i have never suffered from straight up clinical depression, rather a justifiable sadness at a lonely and uneventful life.

    once i got into cold approach however that just about completely went away. now i’m not saying i’m a master pua or that the cold approach lifestyle is not without its own problems… but just the fact that there was hope for me and that i was taking action, the kind of action non-cold approaching guys would dream of having the balls to do, wiped out that quiet, gnawing despair that i suffered in my teens and early twenties. real talk.

  • Maxx

    These stats don’t include the number of car accidents that are actually suicides which would make the problem even worse.

    Don’t confuse depression with plain old unhappiness. Depression is a fashionable word these days I was diagnosed with mild depression and given pills to take. At some point I woke up to the fact that I was just unhappy and that there was a good reason to be that way, recognizing the issue and taking positive steps to change it helped no end, no pills required.

    D & P’s article ‘The Key to Male Sanity’ is a good place to start to regain control.

  • nek

    Slightly off topic, but I think it might be a useful question to answer with regard to the depression/discontent theme: How did some of the people here get over resentment/bitterness towards a chick in the past that screwed you over?

    I sense that this holds me back and holds others back in life, prevents guys from moving forward with their lives and achieving satisfaction (I’ve seen it in a few other guys so I know it’s out there a fair bit). I’m curious since I’d wager that alot of guys that seek out the manosphere first came here as a result of being screwed over badly.

    • dangerandplay

      Living well is the best revenge.

      Once you build a good lifestyle, you don’t even think back to the people who wronged you.

      You’re too busy doing cool shit.

      I don’t even remember a lot of positive experiences, as my life is so packed with memories that it takes a while to sort them out.

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  • A♠

    Thanks for this post.

    It helped me hang in there another day.

  • samseau

    I think most depressions can be cured with appropirate action. Making changes to one’s lifestyle can have huge ramifications.

    For me, I have nearly eliminated negative moods by doing regular exercise. I stopped doing exercise for awhile (no lifting, no dancing), and I immediately started to hate myself. It was totally uncontrollable.

    I have worked with kids who also hated their lives, but by simply taking them out for a hike their moods improved considerably.

    I firmly believe depressions are chemical and nothing more. The right actions can stimulate the production of different chemicals in the brain and eliminate negative feelings.

    • A♠

      I’m actually more depressed when I do those things.

      I’ve researched such a condition [I do not believe I am a snowflake] and found no answers.

      As I am not a troll, any civil insight will be appreciated.

      I’ll be open to questions as well, in fairness.

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  • Nine Furies

    Agree with that samseau. Ive had suicidal thoughts since the 4th grade. I still have them even now and Im in great shape, around 10% bf 32 yrs old. I have a ltr with a chick thats 21 and has a phenomenal ass who worships the ground I walk on. I have no major debts and am disease free.

    Yet I still think about blowing my brains out. But you know what? I dont. I hit the gym and punch some people then I feel better. Or I play some video games or fuck my girl. Physical activity seems to be the main thing that gets my hormones back in a positive emotional state.

    If I was in any way dependant on others for my sustenance due to injury, etc then yea Id most def blow my brains out. At least thats where my mind goes first at the thought. If I reached a state of hoplessness I would definitely consider taking some people with me if ever I decided to peace out for good.

    If your gonna kill yourself Matt at least take some pieces of shit with you. Like some thugs, child molestors, lawyers, anyone you absolutely hate. Then suicide wouldnt be so bad if you helped take out the garbage when you go.