Joe Rogan and Vitor Belfort: 15 Years Apart

Vitor Belfort was 19 in the lower picture and Joe Rogan was 30. As a man, going from 19 to 34 is one neverending party. Going from one’s 30s to his mid-40s is quite a different ride.

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  • Andrew

    Has Joe’s jaw grown?

  • Sam

    Joe’s in crazy shape though. Big proponent of juicing too. He had an article in Fighters Only a month or so ago, see if you can find some pictures from it, looks like they slapped a human face on an ape.

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Joe’s quite open about being on hgh

    That tends to make a difference to head/jaw size iirc

  • anarchyraliv

    i spent several minutes looking at these two pictures.

  • rivsdiary

    i’m using propecia. anyone else?