• Andrew

    Has Joe’s jaw grown?

  • Sam

    Joe’s in crazy shape though. Big proponent of juicing too. He had an article in Fighters Only a month or so ago, see if you can find some pictures from it, looks like they slapped a human face on an ape.

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Joe’s quite open about being on hgh

    That tends to make a difference to head/jaw size iirc

  • anarchyraliv

    i spent several minutes looking at these two pictures.

  • http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com rivsdiary

    i’m using propecia. anyone else?

  • Danny Walnuts

    What does this photo prove about anyone’s “ride”? Is it just meant to hate on people who go bald, or look older in the face? Otherwise he seems to have been living the life of his dreams during this “ride”, and he’s in phenomenal shape. And didn’t Vitor’s sister get kidnapped and killed, and didn’t he get busted for banned substances in his sport multiple times during this “neverending party”?