What I Eat on a Normal Day

It’s 2:30 p.m. my time. I’m going to start making my first meal.

It’ll be beet juice – one beet w/greens, two lemons, and three or four carrots. Thrown in 5-10 grams of BCAAs and 5 grams of creatine. BCAAs are overhyped as giving a guy huge gains. That’s not exactly true.

What BCAAs do is help you recover a little bit faster. At my age, less DOMS and quicker recovery might mean an extra 20-30 workouts a year. When you have to really grind for gains, those extra workouts make a cumulative difference. BCAAs help with recovery. Big time.

Then train.

Then a protein shake with bananas blended with kale and some coconut water.

Then 2 or so “whatever meals.” Maybe salmon with kale chips and dark chocolate. Maybe a rotisserie chicken with the skin removed. Maybe 5 eggs cooked in coconut oil with fresh-made (by me) guacamole. Maybe I’ll take some sushi-grade ahi and make a nice poke. Beats me.

I eat a lot and prefer preparing my own food. I don’t really like going out in public and only do so to meet up with friends.

It’d also be really expensive to eat out the way I eat. I regularly eat 8-10 ounces of wild Alaskan salmon. Even at Costco prices, that’s $8. To get that much at restaurant prices would cost you around $22. Sushi-grade Ahi is expensive as fuck but a few ounces go a long way.

Plus you really can’t get kale chips at restaurants. I either bake my kale chips at 350 degrees (after coating them with coconut oil and nutritional yeast) or use my dehydrator.

If you guys cook for yourselves, leave a comment. I’ll do a post on recipes if the demand is there.

My last meal will be around 10 p.m.

So I usually eat for 6-10 hours and fast for 14-18.

A couple of days a week I do a modified juice fast. I only drink juices (with protein powder) during the day, again during the same feeding window. Then I’ll have one large meal for dinner.

I don’t count calories or keep track of protein intake. I get in around 2,500-3,000 calories, which keeps me lean enough while allowing me to make steady, consistent gains in the gym.

  • galt

    Agree completely about not wanting to go out for meals. I cook nearly every meal (1-2 at day) at home and follow intermittent fasting protocol more often than not. Kale chips and grass fed beef are staples. I do not own a juicer, but am considering getting one. If you don’t mind the taste, seasoned beef liver is an inexpensive and nutrient-rich staple to try. What protein powder do you recommend?

    Would certainly be interested in a recipes post.

  • http://gravatar.com/atavisticman Rob

    If you cook, garlic is great to have. I personally chop up a lot of veggies, put them in a cast iron skillet with olive oil and garlic, and then cook them at a low temp. I’ll add sea salt and pepper. I then add in chicken breast towards the end. Before adding the chicken, I let it sit in lemon juice. With this I’ll have a sweet potato. I usually dice up the potato and cook it in a second skillet, or mash it.

    I have this meal a lot with different veggies. I’ll sub out the chicken for beef or fish sometimes.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Great tip.

  • majorscarlet

    All that talking about healthy, clean eating and you don’t post a pic of yourself. Seriously? You could be 300 lbs for all we know.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Could be.

    • AnonJohn

      i can vouch. he most certainly is not. lean and strong. no homo, looks great.

    • samseau

      If you were intelligent, you would have found pics of this guy already.

      • samseau

        And just to let you in on a secret: He’s tall, strong as fuck, and would probably destroy 99/.5% of men in a fight.

  • Kuraje

    “It’d also be really expensive to eat out the way I eat.”

    Truth. I buy around 10-15 lbs of chicken breast per week.

    20-24 hour fast | Macros devoured in 1 meal.
    Cook 7 days a week.

    Regular Meals:
    Meat: Jerk Chicken/Curry Chicken/Whatever Caribbean style seasoned chicken strikes my fancy.
    Veggies: Bok Choy/Broccoli/Cabbage
    Fruit: Plum/Nectarine/Peach/Pear

    On training days, add either Basmati Rice (only rice variant that doesn’t fuck up the gut lining after it’s been repaired (i.e. Paleo | Robb Wolf) and has a low enough GI for my purposes) or Plantains (grilled on a George Foreman. No frying).

    First 5 from this list: http://www.leangains.com/2010/01/supplements-you-might-actually-find_09.html

    I’ve been on a ‘cut’ for 5 months but doing the above, increased strength on Deadlift, Squat, Chin-ups & Bench.

    BCAA’s before any lifting or Krav Maga session. I only train in a fasted state.

    Stats (1 Rep Max, not calculated, actual lifts):
    Bench = 1.8*bodyweight
    Chin-ups = 1.8*bodyweight
    Squats = 2*bodyweight
    Deadlift = 2.6*bodyweight

    Might switch macros from cutting to hit 2.4*BW on squats and 3*BW on deads.

    • http://youcoulddietoday.wordpress.com notyokhakis

      Assuming you get a gram of protein/lb bw (maybe more?), that is insane that you do it in one meal! I’m impressed.

      • Kuraje

        Minimum 1 gram/protein of *lean* bw. Takes about 1 week for the stomach to adjust but highly convenient as far as saving time.

  • brrp

    Instant Pot, a digital electric pressure cooker, has been life changing for me. It allowed me to develop a time efficient food preparation system that has had major impact on my health. The emphasis is on time efficiency.

    First, the pressure cooker is great for rapidly preparing frozen wild fish and meat. You can throw in a whole frozen chicken or a few pounds of frozen ground beef (grass fed, of course) and out it comes in 20 minutes soft as butter. So to maintain a supply of healthy protein I can simply stuff my freezer to the gills with bulk purchased high quality frozen animals about once a month. No need to frequently shop for fresh or plan for defrosting; I can come home and throw something in the Instant Pot. I order high quality frozen stuff in bulk over the web from regional farmers and never even waste time at the store.

    Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I use the Instant Pot to make vegetable stew in bulk once every couple of weeks. Chop up vegetables and fill the Instant Pot to the brim. Just throwing in whole bags of frozen veggies is fine, too. Add a cup or two of red wine. Run the cooker for 15 minutes. After cooking, open it up and add at least an entire block (four sticks) of grass fed butter (Kerry irish gold is the shit). Add a some high quality bullion and other seasonings to taste. Mix, and ladle the stew into quart sized jars and put the jars in the refrigerator. Repeat the process until you have enough jars of veggie stew to cover you the next couple weeks.

    So everyday for lunch I eat a jar (~28oz) of butter loaded veggie stew, and maybe a handful of nuts or a hardboiled egg or two. For dinner I come home and eat another jar of veggie stew and about 1.5# of some meat or fish yanked from the freezer. Add in the odd handful of berries or avacado and that is really all I eat. It is less hassle and time, not to mention better tasting, than prepared or fast food. I order all the ingredients to my house while on telecons at work.

    I’ve been tuned into the paleo-sphere for years but I continued to have a few intermittent health problems before I started eating this way. I was eating potato and corn fed meat, and corn fed butter. I thought I was eating clean but apparently not clean enough. I continued to have intermittent small spots of psoriasis, some minor acne, and some sinus issues and colds. This is while placing in tournaments in my sport, BTW, so it’s not like I was a wreck. I switched to strictly grass fed meat, wild fish, and the afore described vegetable stews and everything cleared up. My physique and metrics are better now on one or two strength training sessions a week than they were on three or four in the past. It’s difficult to disaggregate importance because I made all these changes at once, but I suspect the veggie stew is of particular importance. A single jar translates to many times the RDA. One jar will have, for example, half a cabbage, a bag of spinach or kale, some squash, most of a bag of frozen peppers, and a whole stick of grass fed butter.

    • samseau

      Very interesting man. Thanks for sharing, I hate cooking and this sounds like an legitimate alternative.

  • Ollave

    Recipes, bring it.

  • http://gravatar.com/josephtkach Joseph Tkach

    Do you eat the salmon and tuna raw? If so, how do you select sushi grade fish?

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      I bake the salmon or sear it in a pan, medium rare.

      Sushi grade ahi is at local whole foods.

  • http://youcoulddietoday.wordpress.com notyokhakis

    D&P – I was gonna ask, but I see it was linked above. I assume you follow Martin?

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      No. I “discovered” IF on my own, a few years back.

      Within the past year or so, that guy has taken the manosphere by storm.

      I need to write an ebook or somethig.

  • maxx

    How do you make kale chips?

    • galt

      Put the raw kale in a pan, drizzle some healthy oil (coconut, olive, etc.) over it and season to taste. Put it in the oven and bake at 350-400 for 20 minutes or so. It comes out crispy and delicious.

      • maxx

        Cool, sounds great, thank you.

  • AnonJohn

    looks like we’re on the same diet plan. i will break my fast today with kale, cucumber, carrot, celery juice (with protein added) around 2pm. then i’ll have some chicken breasts. around 7 or 8 a typical meal would be grassfed beef patties with a mound of broccoli or whole roasted chicken and salad.

    usual stuff!

    eat salmon twice per week, been getting the wild caught coho salmon but that shit is expensive as hell.

    girl and i spend about $1500 per month on food.

    are you not worried about the quality of the farm raised salmon from costco? it is also dyed.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      It’s wild Alaskan salmon. They have the wild stuff here. I would never eat that farm raises poison.

      The wild stuff is $28 for a bag of 7-8 fillets.

  • JJ White

    I want to make some kale chips. Are you able to store them?

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      If you dehydrate them, yes. In my experience they get soggy after a couple of hours if you bake them.

  • http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com rivsdiary

    right now i am eating toast and store bought oj. i need to improve.

  • TFrank

    Awesome ideas here, especially the home-made guac.

    I’m in the market for a juicer, and especially something like the thermos-jug thing in your pic so I don’t have to worry about dousing my gym bag in beet juice. What’s the brand, and how do you lug your shakes around without spillage/going bad?

  • http://smokeinmyeye.com Dulst

    I eat 2-3 meals a day, which are always built around this template:


    I eat paleo so the carbs always come from potatoes, sweet potatoes or squashes.

    Typical meats are pork loin steaks, beef steaks, chicken breast and lamb leg steaks.

    Typical veggies are spinach, carrots, bell peppers, parsnips, onions, brocoli and asparagus.

    I fry or grill the meat in coconut oil and a bunch of spices, then either steam or sauté the veg.

    Something I do love doing is making batches that cover a few or all of the components of my meals. My most recent ones have been beef heart stew (meat and veg covered) and ratatouille (veg).