Grocery Shopping for Alphas

A lot of guys want to eat healthier but don’t know how to start. Well, here you go (and note the shout out to lemons):

  • Chris

    “Happy wife equals a happy life.” “No wife at all also works.” Hahah yes

    • dangerandplay

      I was waiting for this comment.

      It’s interesting how guys that other men admire and/or fear are total betas at home, isn’t it? I’ve seen powerful lawyers and Wall Street guys shrivel up when seeing the wife’s name show up as an incoming call on the cell phone.

      That’s why I don’t get caught up in the alpha-beta stuff. I just use the terms for fun.

      • Young Hunter

        Alpha/beta is all relative to the situation. No one is “alpha” all the time. Like someone in the comments at Chateau Heartiste tried claiming he was so alpha that he doesn’t get shit tested in relationships. Sounds like someone who’s never been in a real relationship.

      • asdf

        Even Julius Ceaser took it up the butt once. There is no utopian alpha out there.

      • Jack Donovan

        I agree with the other two comments. Alpha isn’t a type. It’s an ideal (dominant) social position in a male hierarchy. If it’s presented that way, it makes sense. If it’s a magic kind of person, it’s retarded.

      • muc

        Back when the whole pickup-literature thing has started, David DeAngelo was using the word “wuss” a lot. I like that. Instead of Alpha or Beta, I’d rather say you are either a man or a wuss.

        A man eats right.

  • Ryu

    Geez. John Meadows is on so much shit, its incredible. Steroids are just the beginning – insulin, TH, GH, diuretics. Probably 25,000 worth of gear yearly, at least. Do you know what he looks like when he goes off the sauce?

  • Shameful

    What’s the opinion of trying to keep weight down while still adding muscle mass? Gained a lot on my lifts this summer but weight is up significantly and bodyfat % is only slightly improved. Should i just ride it out till i hit a major plateau and then try to cut the weight?

    Also speaking from experiance, can get a deal on a whole grassfed cow if you have the room for a big freezer. The meat is excellent and better for you than grainfed cattle. Hell was a story about a cattleman feeding his cows candy instead of corn…that cant be good for you.

    • Carnivore

      Yeah, there are also some online places (e.g. US Wellness Meats) where you can order grass fed beef in bulk.

      The video’s a start. Doing your own cooking is the next step and can save a bundle – buying prepared/precooked stuff is expensive.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast…WTF?!

    The whole point is to lose all interest in this kind of junk food.

    • Antonio

      “GLUTEN AND DAIRY-FREE” pancakes.


      • Fearless

        Haven’t watched the vid yet but some ppl can’t handle gluten and/or dairy. An ex of mine would throw up if she ate anything gluten/dairy. I’ll be damned if she didn’t have a great body bc of it but it’s too much shit to deal with on a daily basis.

    • dangerandplay

      Not everyone eats the same way.

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