Why Young Guys Should Avoid Anabolic Steroids

The first six months of lifting weights are awesome. Guys gets what's known in the field as "newbie gains." You get leaner and more muscular simultaneously. If you take smart supplements, train hard, and eat right, it's possible to gain 10-20 pounds of muscle while losing fat. Your shoulders get wider and your waist gets smaller. The feeling of power and strength is … [Read more...]

Who Do You Live For?

Instead of asking, "Am I living my life with passion and aggression," here are the questions that control the direction of nearly every man's life: What would an obese black woman in HR think if she read my blog? What would a fat, pasty, middle-aged man who hates his wife do to me if he knew what I really thought about the life of the typical American? What would happen if … [Read more...]

30 Minute Workout/The Break Even Workout

When men say that they don't have time to lift, they are lying to two people - the people they spout that bullshit to and themselves. But life does get legitimately busy. Last night I was at the office until 8:45. By the time I got to my yuppie scum gym, it was 9:25. The gym closes at 10. What to do? I do my Break Even Workout. It's a workout I enjoy so much that I've been … [Read more...]

Olivia Munn Still Likes It Rough

Olivia Munn rough sex

Olivia Munn is the hottest of the hot. A Maxim model, men drool over her. Men would line up to kiss her feet. But is that what she wants? When her phone was hacked, the world learned the truth. No, she did not want a supplicating beta male. She wanted rough sex. These are some pics and text messages Olivia Munn sent to her boyfriend. Are you still too timid in the … [Read more...]

Quest Nutrition Bar Review (The Secret is the Isomaltooligosaccharides)

best protein bar

A while back I tried formulating my own protein bar from my home kitchen. It didn't work out. Food science is best left to the professionals. I wanted to formulate my own bars because the other bars on the market suffered from the same problems. Protein bars are loaded with poor quality protein (gelatin), sugar, and the rest of the ingredients list looks like a recipe for … [Read more...]