Don’t Jump

This is an insightful and amazing argument against suicide:

“1. It is extremely common for people to experience ‘time dilation’ at the moment of an accident or intense experience. Thus, the moment one jumps, the intensity of the event brings about a dilation of subjective time making it feel like much longer than the few seconds they are in the air.

“2. The psychological pain that motivates someone to take their own life is one of seeking relief.. a release from burden. The act of jumping and the sensation of free fall is so intense that it serves to do just that. They experience a radical and instant psychological release.

“The combination of these two factors, imo, makes it so the majority of people who fall to their death, immediately regret it as they begin falling… and even have the time to recognize that their problems are workable. So it’s a terrible tragedy on many levels.

“In fact, of the people who have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge

Most survivors (30+) have said afterward that they wanted to live as soon as they went over the side. In the words of one man, ‘I realized that everything in my life that I thought was unfixable was totally fixable, except for having just jumped.’

“That is chilling…

  • Old Glory


    It’s interesting posts like this that are the reason I subscribe to your blog. Thanks, man.

  • Matt

    I’m glad that they didn’t trot out the old line about suicide being selfish. It really is the unending pain that drives a lot of people.

  • primallykosher

    Maybe its better to just sky dive with a parachute or bungie jump when your feeling that way. That way you have some protection from dying and you have a great story to tell.

  • Cesare

    ‘…everything was fixable except for having just jumped.’ Utterly sad yet simultaneously funny. Uh, what exactly did you think was going to happen? Even so you cannot help but be sympathetic to somebody who must by definition be in a very bad place and too over wrought to think things through. It seems to me unless it’s Life in prison, summary execution or some miserable degenerative and painful disease, let it go. Whatever else may be said and how ever your Luck may be, Life is a self resolving problem; nobody gets off this planet alive you just have to be patient. I can’t speak for everybody, but for me it has been quite a trip where the good surprises have vastly outnumbered the bad, only just not exactly in the order and placement I might have always wished, but very good nonetheless and still surprising. I wouldn’t foreswear ending it all by my own hand, I just need a good reason.

    As for skydiving as a substitute, based on my limited personal experience I would discourage that. If you would exit an aircraft while in flight, gravitate towards the people who take it seriously and are totally focused, albeit in a quiet and low key fashion, to surviving this jump and making many more, don’t worry about the thrill, it will always be there if you have a pulse. I’m just saying, avoid the tourists and cultivate calm expertise.

  • rivsdiary


  • And Balls

    maybe for them it took being in mid-air 250ft off the ground to wake up. maybe their demons seemed so powerful that they needed the clarity that comes from facing death head on. their fear may have been so overwhelming that the act of surrender brought them into the present moment for the first time in their lives.

  • Ra

    If any of my friends start giving off suicidal signs I’m going to go Tyler Durden on them and put a gun to their head while wearing a mask and make them think they’re toast.

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  • Jason

    I’ve always wondered what jumpers think at the moment they jump. Now I know and it confirms my belief: Whatever the problem, no matter how big, its not worth your taking your own fucking life!

  • Justa Girl

    and thus, many of us are still here lol

    Seriously, this post was great and I second Old Glory’s comment.

  • dangerandplay
  • Jarl

    Too bad guys looking to kill themselves aren’t usually in the state of mind necessary to consider such things.

  • krauserpua

    I’d want to take alot of guilty people with me

  • Young Hunter

    Humans are woefully bad at taking their own lives. Self preservation is a strong instinct to overcome. Even the ones that put a gun in their mouth usually just end up fucking up their cheek or jaw.

    If only more suicide attempts created that sense of clarity in people. I see countless failed attempts in my work, and most aren’t even cries for help; but more so cries for attention.

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