How to Do a Juice Cleanse

[UPDATE: Check out Fit Juice for juicer reviews, juice recipes, and how to do a juice cleanse.]

When most people hear men use the word juicing, they assume we’re talking about anabolic steroids. Juicing here refers to running fresh fruits and vegetables (organic, if you can swing it) through a machine to create tasty, healthy, and detoxifying drinks.

Although I had seen the Jack Lalane and Juiceman infomercials, I knew waaaaay too much to ever juice. I was too informed. I knew that sugar was sugar. I knew that separating the juice from the vegetable/fruit’s fiber content would spike my insulin level like a can of Coke. I knew that juice had fructose, and fructose is pure evil.

When I designed an Intermittent Fasting system over 3 years ago, I had to reject what I had known – which often means what others had told me. Intermittent Fasting had been life changing and so I began investigating juicing.

Maybe I was wrong, and maybe the people who hate on juicing are ignorant.

I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead (free if you have Amazon Prime.)

In Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, an obese Australian man with chronic idiopathic urticaria goes on a nationwide tour to discuss his juice fast.

If, “Sugar is sugar,” and “Fructose is pure evil,” then why did this obese man lose over 80 pounds fat? If a can of sugar spikes your insulin, why did his blood glucose levels decrease? Why do people get off their diabetes medication and insulin after they begin juicing?

Like the narrator in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I have a severe and rare chronic skin condition. (Chronic means it’s genetic; it’s part of my DNA; thus there is no cure, only treatment.)

I started thinking, “Maybe I should try juicing,” but again was held back by dogma and orthodoxy. Besides, I lift weights and train hard. Joe Cross takes relaxing walks. His approach could not work for me.

Instead of juicing, I started adding these greens powders into my protein shakes. That seemed like a fair compromise. When I ran out of the stuff from online, I went to Whole Foods to look at some greens powders.

“That stuff is the fountain of youth,” a man said as he approached me.

“Huh?” I looked over and saw a guy with a head of thick grey hair and glowing skin.

Those greens. That stuff is the fountain of youth.”

The guy had enough grey hair that he had to be old, but he looked awesome. His skin was vital and he moved like a teenager. “Son of a bitch,” I thought, “I bet this guy juices.”

“Do you juice,” I asked. “Oh, yes. Every meal except dinner is juice.”

The man was 54 years old. If he had colored his hair, you’d have guessed him to be 38. He hadn’t always looked so young.

He was growing old and feeling sick. His hair had been falling out, he had no energy, and his libido was low.

He spent two years juicing before his body became young again. Like many people who begin juicing, he explained, his body went through a healing crisis.

A healing crisis occurs because all of the toxins you eat, drink, and breath are stored in your body. The body stores the toxins in your fat, and only releases it when there are enough detoxifying agents circulating in your blood.

When you juice, your body knows that it’s safe to release the toxins. You’ll still feel a bit off for a while, but chronic problems like achy joints and bad skin goes away.

(If all of that stuff sounds a bit hokey to you, read this book. It explains Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox pathways. You can also go on Medline, type in “[veggie or fruit name] juice” and read to your heart’s content. Cabbage juice, for example, heals ulcers. Beet juice heals the liver. Do your research.)

Like most people, I fall into bad thought patterns. I believe that I live The Truth. This leads to a closed mind and dogmatic thinking.

Here before me is a man who looked amazing, and who is giving a testimonial about juicers. He doesn’t sell juicers. He shared his story out of the goodness of his heart.

I was convinced that it was time to start juicing.

I did my research, found out that this juicer was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports and began juicing.

I’m now a juice fanatic.

Be sure to check out: Fit Juice.

  • Spencer

    Very interesting!! What effects have you noticed since you started juicing, how long have you been juicing for, and what do you typically put in your juicer and how many do you drink per day?

  • atavisticmanb

    So you juice and take the Perfect Food supplement? I was a little unclear as to whether you still did both.

  • L

    Could you please post an example of your meals you eat each day ? that would be awesome

  • derthal

    You may want to know something about Maximilian Bircher-Benner and his treatment methods

  • w

    please list your juicing foods!

    • Gannicus

      Yeah, I would love to see what you juice each day and how much of each fruit and vegetable you use.

  • thor jackson

    Carrot, cucumber, beet is a male sex tonic. Check out the book “tao of health, sex and longevity.” Book changed my life.

  • Tim

    Very interesting, particularly since I share what your former prejudices were. It’d be helpful — and awesome — if you could give examples of what your juicing routine is like, how you use the greens and how intermittent fasting fits in. Thanks for the post — stimulating and valuable as usual.

  • FFS

    Posts like this are great. Thanks for including some good places I can start my research. I’ve already started using Athletic Greens daily, but I want to check this idea out in greater detail.

  • Jason

    Wow! Amazing information! I didn’t know any of this about juicing! Thanks for sharing!

  • primallykosher

    What’s wrong with eating a lot of veggies daily? I get plenty that way. I dunno about separating the fiber from fructose, it slows it down generally. Although this isn’t an issue if your working out a lot at a high intensity. I’m curious on how his hair grow back, what the science of that is. Low trypophan levels?

  • thor jackson

    I use the ones called green vibrance..they are the truth as well…body buildeer andreas cahling put me on….

  • samseau

    Is juicing prohibitively expensive or time consuming? Do you need to shop for veggies and fruits everyday? Is it possible just to pick some up for a week’s supply on the cheap?

  • Vince

    My $0.02: This movie changed my life. A year ago I was 60 pounds heavier with a recurring skin condition on my lower legs. I had already lost 25 pounds over the course of six months by lifting weights and cutting fast food and sugary drinks out of my diet. A friend recommended this movie – I watched it and thought, “what the hell? It’s worth a shot.”

    I bought a juicer, some fruits and veggies beyond the normal stuff I kept at the house, and went to town. The first few juices I made tasted like butthole. The first keeper I got consisted of a few carrots, a red bell pepper, and an orange. I drank it and felt a weird tingling in my body, kind of like smoking a cigarette if you’re a non-smoker. I had to lay down for a few minutes… The first juice I made with high ANDI score foods (kale and swiss chard mixed with ginger and an apple) made me nearly puke from the tingling sensation – it was too much. I looked on some juicing forums and found that this is a common reaction, and by my fourth day of juicing, the bad reactions were gone and replaced with an overall feeling of well-being I had never known in my adult life. By the end of my seven-day juice “cleanse” I felt FUCKING INCREDIBLE. I had shed 15 pounds of fat, and when I went back to the gym, my bench, dead, and squat had stayed the same.

    I don’t juice like the old guy that D&P talks about, but I do juice everyday. Sometimes it’s every meal, sometimes it’s just my lunch (I don’t eat breakfast). Just depends on what I’m in the mood for. However, I do juice fresh berries and an orange to mix with my protein powder for a post-workout shake that is better than anything I’d ever had before. I do this daily because I work out daily.

    It’s all about taking the info presented and adapting it to your life. To everyone wanting a list of juices, google that shit and experiment on your own. I prefer sweeter juices, so I’ll use bell peppers with oranges or apples and a couple carrots, or a beet juice with beets and tomatoes, maybe some celery. For protein shakes, I’ll juice whatever fruit is on sale: grapes yield a ton of juice (1 cup of grapes gets me 3/4 cup of juice) and go great with oranges. Blueberries are my favorite to juice, though. Cherries are great, too, but you might shit your pants after your first cherry juice. Your body will mitigate the colon-destroying effects after one or two.

    Samseau, juicing is no more expensive or time-consuming than most people’s lives now. Instead of spending an hour at lunch and dropping $10 or more, I spend that hour and that $10 on juicing for the day. Short answer, though, is that you will probably suffer a little sticker shock at first, but remember, you’re not spending that same money on other foods.

    If you’ve never seen that movie, you need to. Whether you’re a fat fuck like I was or a regular dude or a gym rat, there’s something in that movie for you, even if it’s just to shift your thinking a little bit.

    • dangerandplay

      This is a fantastic story. Thanks for taking the time to write it out.

    • w

      incredible, thank you vince!

    • D

      You also are not spending that money later on expensive medical bills. Everyone pays. Either you pay for healthy food now or medical bills later.

  • samseau

    What about V8?

  • Carl Sagan

    D&P what was your diet, training and lifestyle prior to juicing?

    I mean if you are a bag of dog shit, then ANY type of reasonable diet is going to make you feel like a God. Just like ANY training regimen will make you stronger because when you are a newbie. It doesn’t take much.

    But what about guys like me who have been in the game for 10 years. Been eating well and training all the time. 2 years ago I had my blood checked and my health markers were excellent. Going to have my blood checked again this year and I’m pretty sure it will be the same story. So what kind of benefits will juicing provide for me?

  • derthal
  • Professor Ashur

    What is the reason why consuming these things as juice is more effective than consuming them as solids, such as beets, or whatever? I am assuming it must have something to do with absorption, like colloidal minerals?

    • dangerandplay

      1. Your body has trouble separating the nutrients from the cellulose.

      2. Who has the time to eat pounds of vegetables a day? Juicing lets you get in our fruits and vegetables without chewing cud all day like a cow.

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  • Bill

    the whole movie is online for free at

  • FFY

    Just had my first for real juice. A giant 16 Oz batch 5 stalks kale, 5 stalks collard, 5 brussel sprouts, 3 leaves cabbage, 8 strawberries and 1 apple.

    Not only was it delicious, but I am having this rush like none other

  • Liam

    Cool blog,
    if your goal was improved skin quality what would you juice ,taste be damned?

    • dangerandplay

      Carrots and lots and lots of greens.

  • Carl Sagan

    Okay I’m gonna have to chime in here.

    Just made my first fresh carrot and apple juice. I now wonder why people don’t make their own juices more often. Fucking delicious.

    Another convert.

  • Carl Sagan

    Update: Just had my first beet juice:

    1 beet
    2 carrots
    1 pear
    chunk of ginger

    Freaking ridiculous.

  • Badger

    Late here but I’ve hit the juice hard for the past 2-3 months and I’ve felt absolutely great. This shit really does work.

    • Danger & Play

      That’s great to hear.

      What’s your favorite juice recipe?

      • Badger

        I really dig the recipe used by the American guy in FS&ND – kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger. I modularize it by swapping out the kale for other greens (collard, chard, bok choy) and the spice (parsley or cilantro). That’s probably 75% of my juices. I don’t usually feel great after I drink a juice, but about two hours later I find myself feeling fantastic.