TRT: Age Gracefully or Use Science?

Who would want to look like these guys when you’re in your 60s? We’d all rather “age naturally” like Luke Skywalker.

After all, why would anyone want to use the science of TRT to live a better life?

Let’s let our bodies fall apart, get decrepit, have no energy, and sit around waiting to die.

  • Clash1e

    Stallone uses HGH not steroids.

    On a personal note I plan on using low doses of HGH in my 40s. A high dose would enlarge your organs, which isn’t good.

  • Ender

    Yea not just steroids, but fuck eating healthy and working out too. That stuff is hard. I mean, who would really want to look like this in their 70’s:

  • Ryu

    They are certainly not the devil they’ve been made out to be. I’d bet most of those guys never go off.

    There is a price though, the most important one – they won’t train without them. Once a man has seen those sort of gains, he’ll never go back to being natural. All you have to do to improve your results is to up the dosage. It’s knowing that everyone “works hard” but your results come from a bottle.

    I’m not opposed to roid use at all. But telling kids that Arnold was just all hard work is bull. Everyone works hard, from the janitor to the CEO today. Arnold started using when he was 14. And I’m really curious to know if he did any gay for pay for Joe Weider.

    • The Chrome Microphone

      Arnold started lifting when he was 14

      He was using from the start?

      • Ryu

        That is the rumor. Remember roids were not illegal in the 50s and 60s. A common way to get them was the family doctor.

        The tell is abnormal returns. His body changed way too fast, even with beginner gains. He had more muscle maturity at 18 than alot of 40 year olds. Part was genetics. At the time, he pushed the doseages the most. Later on other lifters would exceed him in that.

        What should really ring bells is how a farm boy from Austria with 10 bucks in his pocket could get to LA, get Joe’s attention and become a huge star.

        How did he pay for his drugs? Food? Apartment? Gym fees? I know about bricklaying with Franco.

        The rich older gay man who can open doors has always been a part of the scene. Clark Gable had to suck dick to get his part in Gone WIth the Wind. Travolta. Cruise. Many bodybuilders too. Wouldn’t surprise me if Arnie did this.

        • E

          You are clueless. Arnold has always talked and written his use of steroids (and refused to demonize them btw). Nice hard-hitting work there to expose that possibility in 2014, Woodward. And the kind of gay for pay you are speculating about likely involves being the ‘top’, not the bottom, i.e. letting some powerful old queen suck your dick. Bad, but definitely less bad than the opposite.

          • Danger & Play

            If that’s how you rationalize your homosexual conduct, good for you. We all need to find a way to pay the bills and sleep at night. Good luck with your newfound “career.”

  • hustleandswoop

    Didn’t Arnold need heart surgery on one of his valves?

    • LittlePDog (Starting Young and Aiming High)

      so did a number of other famous steroid users

  • jamesmarkii

    lmfao ! Jewbag Weider !!!

  • Gannicus

    HGH must be a fountain of youth. Stallone looks amazing these days.

    • T and A man

      There is a guy called Dr Jeffry Life, his story is a guy who never lifted a weight until he was 59, when he was way out of shape and just settled his divorce. Fast forward to age 73, he has a body many 35 year olds would praise. He is big on weight lifting and HGH.

      His view, and often is indirectly put forward by game proponents, is that resistance training is extremely important for men in terms of regulating their hormones. This doesn’t get a lot of mention as ‘hormones’ is yet another space captured by women.

      But I do believe the research on HGH is starting to show HGH to be somewhat good for anti-aging.

  • Anonymous

    The steroid “menace” really gets me mad. Come on. In the United States, testosterone (and related) is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance? Gimme a break! If it’s really that bad and on par with the abuse risks of other Schedule III drugs, where are all the dead bodies? Huh? Anyone?

    ‘Roid rage too has now largely been debunked.

    I’m in my 50’s. I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy (test cypionate under a doctor’s supervision) for the past 7 years. Since taking the stuff, my body fat is lower, my bones are more dense, I have more muscle mass, and my sex life and emotional well being has improved tremendously. No, I don’t have Stallone’s build. But I look better (and I turn more heads at the pool) than most guys half my age. Granted, I’m a sample of one. But every study and book I read, every guy in similar shoes that I talk with, says the same thing: the benefits all outweigh the (very negligible) risks.

    Vilification of this hormone is just part of the overall pop-narrative to marginalize masculinity.

    • Gannicus

      How did you get on that? Can you just go to your doctor and say you want to start taking testosterone? Do you have to be a certain age?

      • The Chrome Microphone

        As an MMA fan I hear a lot about TRT

        A lot of fighters use it; it’s a controversial subject

        It really seems like you can just walk in and get your test levels checked and if they’re deemed low you can be prescribed TRT

        Might even be worth trying now, low test is very very common even in manly ass men

        Google Todd Duffee
        Was a huge UFC prospect, badass fighter, mid 20s, shredded like a Greek god
        Test low enough to get on TRT

  • The Chrome Microphone

    You’d probably be entitled to doses of TRT by then

    By that age our test will likely have dropped enough that you could just go to the doctor, get it prescribed and have you feeling like you’re in your mid 20s again

    • The Chrome Microphone

      Ya sista’s cunt

      That was a reply to Clash1e

  • Heb

    “Clark Gable had to suck dick to get his part in Gone WIth the Wind”

    Now I know you’re talking out your ass Ryu. The public wanted Gable for the part from the start and he was reluctant to take it.

    Back to more intelligent people now, D&P what sort of diet you do you follow and how long have you done so?

  • modernguy

    Why not just get plastic surgery while you’re at it?

    • xsplat


      • modernguy

        Might as well, you’re so artificial already.

    • Mufasa

      I have no problem with cosmetic surgery, if i thought it was worth it id get it done.

      Or do you believe being an ugly, fat piece of shit makes one more “alpha”?