$10 Off iHerb Coupon Code (EKO606)/Free Shipping

With this iHerb coupon code (EKO606), first time iHerb customers can save up to $10 on their first order. Just type in the iHerb coupon code EKO606 at checkout. (Or click on this link and it will automatically be applied.)

iHerb is a reputable company that I’ve shopped at for several years. I’ve never had any customer services issues. Only once did they mess up an order. After I emailed them, they corrected the issue immediately.

(iHerb coupon code EKO606)

iHerb runs really good specials all of the time. For first time customers, you get $10 off your order over $40, or $5 off an order under $40. Everyone gets free shipping for orders over $40.

Last month every customer got 5% off orders over $60 and free shipping on orders over $20. Again, the special deals change every month.

I buy almost all of my supplements from iHerb.

I buy now my Vitamin-D, ZMAB-12 lozenges, vegan protein (I use vanilla to for my modified juice fasts, to make some of the nastier green juices more palatable and to preserve muscle, and chocolate when blending smoothies), coconut oil (which is for cooking and also great in smoothies; economy size for serious users), Probiotics, and probiotic yeast (fights candida and yeast infections).

They have non-supplement stuff that I use too, such as their mouth wash, tooth paste, chewing gum, shampoo, and conditioner. iHerb really is a great company, and if you can save money on your first order using a coupon code, all the better, right?

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  • Rhythm X

    iherb is the shizzle and it looks like they ship to tons of countries for travelers who don’t wanna be without their sups

  • Young Hunter

    Do you exclusively use vegan protein powder?