Increasing Muscular Density and Muscle Tone

muscular density

For years I had a nice body...when at the gym. After loading my body up with NO boosters, creatine, and beta alanine, I was a beast. Outside of the gym, once the pump went away, my body really wasn't where it needed to be. (That changed once I went from fit to big.) A year ago a friend introduced me to the concept of muscle density. Muscular density refers to the hardness … [Read more...]

Hangover Cure

Although my lifestyle is extremely clean during the week, I'm no ascetic. The pleasures of alcohol are no strangers. But I refuse to let an enjoyable Friday night ruin my entire Saturday. I researched the medical literature for hangover cures and devised one after experimenting on myself and my friends. The medical research is sparse: "More than 4700 articles have been … [Read more...]

Don’t Jump

This is an insightful and amazing argument against suicide: "1. It is extremely common for people to experience 'time dilation' at the moment of an accident or intense experience. Thus, the moment one jumps, the intensity of the event brings about a dilation of subjective time making it feel like much longer than the few seconds they are in the air. "2. The psychological pain … [Read more...]

Eye Contact Game

power of eye contact

What color are your barista's eyes? You probably do not make eye contact with people, and it's costing you opportunities. Making eye contact will teach you a lot about yourself and about others. The Power of Eye Contact. If a girl looks down ground, she views herself as lower status than you. Do not neg or be cocky to a girl who looks down. She is already feeling insecure … [Read more...]

Juicing Basics and Juicing Recipes and ANDI Juices

It's hard to know what to begin juicing (assuming you have a juicer.) The best way to begin is with what I call the "working man's juice." In the South, an RC Cola and a Moon Pie were known as the working man's lunch. Working people wanted something that would provide quick energy while tasting good. The “working man’s lunch” appealed to everyone. The hardest thing about … [Read more...]

Buying Your First Juicer

There are several different types of juicers. There are centrifugal, masticating, single-gear, and singer-auger juicers. There are juice presses. There are dozens of juicers and you can go on message boards to debate which is better. Juice people remind me of BMW owners. They'll argue forever over the most trivial details. The debate is stupid. Your first juicer needs to be … [Read more...]

How to Do a Juice Cleanse

Fit Juice logo

[UPDATE: Check out Fit Juice for juicer reviews, juice recipes, and how to do a juice cleanse.] When most people hear men use the word juicing, they assume we're talking about anabolic steroids. Juicing here refers to running fresh fruits and vegetables (organic, if you can swing it) through a machine to create tasty, healthy, and detoxifying drinks. Although I had seen … [Read more...]

$10 Off iHerb Coupon Code (EKO606)/Free Shipping

EKO606 iHerb Coupon

With this iHerb coupon code (EKO606), first time iHerb customers can save up to $10 on their first order. Just type in the iHerb coupon code EKO606 at checkout. (Or click on this link and it will automatically be applied.) iHerb is a reputable company that I've shopped at for several years. I've never had any customer services issues. Only once did they mess up an order. … [Read more...]