You’re Not Entitled to Happiness

The two pillars of feminism are narcissism and entitlement. As American men are feminized, American men are as unhappy as women.

Narcissism is mistakenly interpreted to mean vanity. If that were true, there would be no fat or ugly narcissists. Rather than denoting vanity, narcissism is the belief that the world exists for me and me alone and that any craving is therefore morally virtuous and deserving of immediate satisfaction. (American obesity explained in a sentence: I’m entitled to indulge whatever craving my body feels.)

Consider the attitudes of many American men – even men who read game blogs and thus who are trying to “unplug” from mainstream thought. Men are always bitching (note that bitching is a feminine world; real men don’t bitch) about this stuff:

  • Clubs suck.
  • American women suck.
  • My friends suck.
  • Learning game sucks.
  • Life sucks.
  • Spending money on dates sucks.
  • Going to the gym sucks.
  • New York City sucks.

If you want to understand the narcissism epidemic, add for me to each of those sentences. You then understand that American men are not bitching about the state of affairs qua the state of affairs (none of us are that enlightened) but instead are bitching bout the state of affairs qua how that impacts me.

The truth is that while American women suck in general, there are plenty of guys pulling hot ass. Some of us have legit friends who have our backs when needed. Some of us are legit friends who are there when our friends need us. Some of us have great times in clubs – even clubs in New York.

There is more truth.

If you are out of shape, broke, have no game, have no personality, have a negative personality, are always bitching about how inferior everyone is to yourself (and telling everyone how superior your are), life will suck for you. Everything and everyone will suck for you.

Life sucks only for you when you feel entitled to happiness.

Most men think that by virtue of “showing up” to life, they should be rewarded with riches and pussy – or at the very least, they are entitled to a decent-looking housewife who fucks them regularly and doesn’t cheat, a 9-5 job (weekends off, natch) that pays enough to sustain a family, 2 kids, dog, and white picket fence.

Why are you entitled to any of this?

In 1912, Americans lived with their extended families in dilapidated homes and walked around shoeless.

In 1992, I had two pairs of jeans to last me an entire school year. I was fat. I got bullied. My mom was mentally ill. We had food stamps.

You’ll rarely hear me bitch because when you are born with little, you feel entitled to nothing. If I wanted to have decent clothes, I had to get away from my hometown. If I wanted to stop being bullied, I had to get tougher than the bullies.

When I focused so much on beating people up that my social skills were lacking. I didn’t have any friends or girlfriends. I read over a 100 books on communication, body language, human interaction, emotional intelligence, human evolution, culture and philosophy. Now things are great.

Life is simple when you realize, “Everything that sucks is my fault. Either my emotional response to the situation is overborne or else I am not doing enough to change my external environment.”

When guys bitch, all I can think is, “Why do you think the world should be any other way? Why should life be different for you? What have you done that entitles you to righteous treatment?”

Oh, that’s right. You exist and therefore are endowed by your Creator with the inalienable right to endless pussy, good friends, cash money, and eternal youth.

Why do you think being born is an accomplishment? Motivated by billions of years of evolution, your dad was driven to inseminate your mom to replicate his genes. You were born. Great fucking job, kiddo. Let’s all sit around and talk about how fucking special that makes you.

After we’re done listening to how much life sucks, guess what: Life will still suck for you.

If you want life to stop sucking, find out where you fucked up. Maybe you’re a shitty person who deserves every bad thing that has happened to you. Maybe you’re a decent person who lacks a life philosophy. Maybe you’re living in the wrong town, have the wrong job, or are dating the wrong girls.

(I used to think I had clinical depression. Then I moved from a shitty flyover state to a Golden Land. Suddenly my depression was cured. A few years later I was unhappy again. Then I got divorced and got happy.)

Accept that you are not entitled to happiness. Accept that if you want to be happy, you must figure out what makes you happy. Make changes.

Or else join a god-damned knitting circle with a bunch of old ladies, because legit men are done listening to how much your life sucks. You’ll never build a solid crew if you yourself suck.

  • Jason

    An incredibly powerful post. And every word, the truth.

  • TGC

    This post reminded me of when Rollo often states, “Don’t wish the game were easier; wish you were better.” This journey has been an interesting one as well as a challenging one. Some aspects are more challenging than others, of course. A few examples: I’ve got my diet and nutrition on lock; I continue to make gains, even if they are gradual, in the weight room every week; and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is now becoming like second nature to me. I remember when I first started, I found it to be enormously complicated and would regularly get my ass kicked during sparring. Now I am able to hold my own a lot more and feel much more comfortable. End result is a noticeably leaner, more muscular and less soft body. Still with women is an area that I am sorely lacking. This afternoon, I was at a park reading a book and I saw this incredible blonde I wanted to talk to, but I got chicken, she left and that was that. I know that I have got to find the will to deal with these situations if I am to get what I want. I know I need to dig deep (and part of the reason I read these blogs is to find that extra motivation) because the game isn’t going to get any easier; I need to make myself better.

  • Nick

    I really enjoyed this post. You have a writing style that doesn’t pull any punches, which can be a much needed wake up call to the reality around your readers. There have been many times I’ve read your posts and thought “damn that was harsh” and reflected on it later to realize it was just harsh truths.

    On another note, this post goes very well with Roosh’s post “Everyone is hoping that you’ll fail”.

  • FFY

    Damnit dude I’ve been gearing up to roast whiners and haters and you’re over here taking the words right out my mouth.

    Good shit man

  • demetrius

    thank you. for making me realize things and all the books recommendations.

    Wisdom is the best gift a man can give another and that is what you just did

  • Xanthin Smith

    This is the best post ever written!!!!!

    Seldom, do I read posts in the Manosphere, because 95% of them are just Bitchin’ about women and the Dating World, which tells me a lot about Who they truly are.

    I’ve learned a long time ago, there’s 26 Philosophies of Success, two of them being, “Losers make excuses, Winners make it happen” and “You are RESPONSIBLE for your success.” This post is an excellent representation of that.

    Well done, I’ll be following your posts from now on.

  • Dean

    This is a great post. But what I don’t understand is why are North American men game aware men complaining about women? If you understand game, take it seriously and practice (500 to 1000 approaches a year – which is only 10 – 20 per week), are in decent or better shape and are gainfully employed in something respectable, there has never been a better time to live. America whatever its flaws is a single man’s paradise if he is game savvy. Am I wrong about this? Not in my experience.

    I am old enough to remember the 90s. If a man was more beta than alpha naturally back then, he was basically fucked. He had no internet to consult for the knowledge necessary about women. If he was lucky he heard of Ross Jeffries. But that was about it. Today with the internet, the manonspher (despite its flaws) and all the mounds of literature on the subject (not to mention the 1001 PUA training camps) there is no reason to bitch and moan. Learn the basics of seduction and practice. Real simple.

  • Gannicus

    Jesus, what a good post. Keep up the good work D&P. This has become one of the best blogs around.

    • nek

      Cosign. You get to the meat of what matters. Alot of the other manosphere blogs are great and each has it’s purpose, but this blog is becoming a road map to the most effective and direct ways to improve your life. The truth may hurt, but the truth will set you free.

  • ThatNorwegianGuy

    Inspirational post; while things may be shitty, more often than not there are ways of improving your situation that are a million times more likely to improve your situation that sitting around and bitching. Regretfully, I have been guilty of the latter a few times myself, but I’m sure as hell not going to make it a habit.

  • AnonJohn

    “Everything that sucks is my fault”

    Perhaps the best manosphere line ever written.

    I’ve gotten into plenty of arguments with whiners out there who complain about every thing all the time (most memorably about Washington DC sucking) and I always just responded with this same line of thinking. It sucks for you dude. Make yourself better, or pull a bitch move and run away to foreign countries where your money goes farther and you’re exotic…

    I have no time for complainers.

    Louis CK also had another great line the other night when talking about life to his kids. It was in reference to something difficult in life. He said:

    “I wish I could tell you it gets better. It doesn’t. You get better.”

    Get better, bitches!


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  • Cesare

    Things are neither good nor bad save the thinking makes it so. Happy isn’t something that happens to you while you sit passively like a bird crapping your shoulder. It’s an approach and a way of looking at things. Everything sucks? Maybe, don’t know that I am any authority, but I can’t help but notice that most people fight violently when confronted with the big dark inevitable alternative to,uh well, ‘everything’. It’s only what you make of it, if your mind is right you can have fun on a road march

  • Jarl

    The only thing I don’t agree with here is the “American women suck” part. I think more people say that in regards to relationships, not hooking up. Used as an excuse, it’s lame of course, but you can’t blame a guy for noticing that 95% of American girls are unfit for long term relations or building a family.

    The difference is between guys who make excuses so that they can give up and those who don’t. The best men will see it as even more of a challenge to sift through all the trash to find any girls that are worth it, and have a lot of fun banging trashy skanks on the way.

  • thor jackson

    You in nyc? Let’s link up and scoop some dimes.

  • martaj1618

    Reblogged this on Blyad.

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  • krauserpua

    Great post. Very true. Most guys unplugging feel victims and the MRA sites reinforce it, unfortunately.

  • xsplat

    Another solid post.

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