Why Do You Recommend So Many Books?

Haters will often ask, “Why do you read so many self-help books? If the books are so effective, why do you keep reading new ones…Haven’t you already found your answer?”

There are two ways to answer the question. How you answer the question depends on the tone in which it was asked. If it was asked in sincerity, then here’s my actual answer:

Successful, interesting people have taken dozens of different approaches to life. Although I’m confident in myself, I’m not arrogant enough to ignore those who have come before me. Maybe someone has taken a path that will work for me. Life is short. If I find the right book, I could save myself many mistakes.

If it was asked by a hater, take a different approach.

Haters are not allowed in my personal life, but maybe you have a family or co-worker who asks such questions. They aren’t really asking questions, by the way. They are being passive-aggressive cunts.

Instead of calling you out by saying, “You’re wasting your time reading dumb books, bro,” they give themselves cover, “I was just asking you a question!”

Ask the person, “What did you have for lunch last Tuesday?”

The person will say, “I have no idea what you are talking about? How could I remember what I ate?”

Even though you ate something today, you’ll need to eat something tomorrow. The body needs nourishment. The mind also needs continual nourishment.

You should then start asking your questions. “If you think these books are cheesy  perhaps you can give me a recommendation? What are the last five books you have read? Maybe I’ll pick one out of your pile.”

That question will shut down haters.

Here is what you have to understand about haters: They have nothing going on in their lives. Really. Haters aren’t getting laid. They aren’t moving forward in life.

It would be wrong to call them failures, as failures try. Failures are actually legit people, so long as they keep getting back up. As General George S. Patton said, “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

Haters aren’t doing anything other than sitting around in a knitting circle, judging everyone. Haters are indistinguishable from gossiping old women.

If you go into a successful person’s library, you’re going to see the same “cheesy” self-help books. You’re going to see titles like Think and Grow Rich; The Five Pieces; Tony Robbins titles; etc.

If the haters were right about those books, then why do so many successful people recommend them? Are these successful people delusional, unlike the enlightened haters?

Haters aren’t reading anything. Ignore the haters. Do not interact with haters. If a friend asks you a cunty, passive-aggressive question, end the friendship before they lower your average.

Build a legit crew of guys who are too building themselves up to have time to tear you down.

Also, if your family sucks, cut them off.

I have a brother in prison. I haven’t talked to him in over a decade. He’s a piece of shit. Why would I have him in my life? If all you can say is, “Because your parents made the selfish, biologically-driven decision to reproduce,” then you have failed.

  • http://twitter.com/dmvarg John De (@dmvarg)

    So true – haters are too busy focusing on others flaws (or qualities that they perceive as flaws) to look at themselves and make positive changes.

    Care to recommend some other books/novels? Besides the ones listed in this post.


  • WestCoast

    Shit this post is so dead accurate its scary. I also realize that the number one person against self help books is women… We all know what happens if you take that advice.

  • http://lenorwegianguy.wordpress.com ThatNorwegianGuy

    Spot on post, man. Good job!

  • http://2fisted.wordpress.com/ cookie9001

    I’ve been reading biographies on pretty much all the world’s greatest generals and warriors. I’ve also been reading a ton of books by champion chess players. It’s amazing how much can be taken from both war and chess, and be applied to life and game.

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  • J. Ballard Criminal.

    I’ve been questioned about my voracious appetite for books a few times and my reply has always been “because I can afford to, and not just financially”.
    I follow it with a smile or a light laugh and that’s the ends the conversation.

  • http://emuelle1.typepad.com/ Eric S. Mueller

    I love to read. Every time I try to create a list of books, I keep coming across new titles and ideas I need to read.

  • Nihilist Joe

    100% agree with this. “I don’t read” is as unattractive in a person as “I don’t wash”.

    I do think you have to read more widely than just the self-help genre though. A more esoteric reading list tends to be the difference between the cheesy dime-a-dozen “life coach” and someone wirh a nuanced, interesting world view.

    What would Danger and Play be without the grounding in philosophy behind it?

    • SongTalkingMan

      I hear a person talking poorly of books and of reading, then I just got reason to avoid that person.