• AnonJohn


    Note: I’ll have a Perrier, thanks.

  • http://rivelinoinspain.wordpress.com Rivelino

    this guy is fucking hilarious. he needs his own tv show.

  • http://gravatar.com/hypesession hypesession

    this is mad funnny.

  • carioca

    fatties bait

  • WestCoast

    Thats some hilarious shit there should be a drink by girl choice set up for the freezer as well!

    Bacardi 151 = young party girls usually under age 21
    Ciroc + soda = Typical club rat
    Malibu = “Pretend I dont drink” girls
    1800 Tequilla = Enough said

    Cabinet necessities also include:
    Champage = Pretend i am high class and “dont drink that often”
    Cabernet = red for the ~28 range ie: “too cool for beer now”
    Savignon Blanc = Same as above but can’t deal with harder taste of red

    Vodka Gummies / shots = unfortunately these go quick

    Of course the most epic “mixer” of them all

    PINEAPPLE JUICE. Enough said on that one, makes jungle juice taste like actual juice!

  • http://badgerhut.wordpress.com Badger

    A little nesting goes a long way. Some guys think they can get away with the slovenly, unkempt frat-guy game that worked in college (that worked because nobody had any money or long-term dwellings).

  • http://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com dannyfrom504

    What a douche.