• http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

    Wow. No good deed goes unpunished.

  • Vicomte

    But she’s a GOOD PERSON.

    This has happened to me before. One would think it would be flattering, but mostly it’s just pitiful and disgusting.

    The stuff of broken pedestals.

    Smart (and amusing) to film, though.

  • http://theprivateman.wordpress.com theprivateman

    Holy fuck! This is the stuff of the nightmare that is the false rape accusation. These two guys are trying to do the right thing and are put in the worst position possible. They are dropping her off in a public place and she’s shatteringly drunk. Her friends aren’t backing her up with a ride and making these two TOTAL STRANGERS drop her off. She’s propositioning this guy and when he says no, she gets pissed off! If’s actually good that they recorded this interaction but they’re likely breaking the law.

    A drunk woman is a reason to RUN away!

    • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

      “If’s actually good that they recorded this interaction but they’re likely breaking the law.”

      What law?

      I actually had a situation like this except where the girl (knew her through a friend) woke me up in the middle of the night straddling me in nothing but her panty bottoms. tried to push her off me wondering just what the fuck, used her tits as handles to push her straight up and off me..and even though the tits were really nice, left the room only to listen to her talk to her other friend telling her friend that “I” had tried to take advantage of her. Women!

      • http://xsplat.wordpress.com/ xsplat

        That was a great example of female emotional thinking. You hurt her feelings, therefore a bad situation that was your fault happened, therefore when she explains what happened to others she (with female license to contort the truth) explains her emotions; you did a bad thing to her that everyone can agree is bad.

        What’s a man to do when put in these catch 22 situations? Well, that might be the wrong question to ask. Avoiding them is preferable to dealing with them. And structuring your life so that you are protected from the consequences of unforeseeable female bullshit is important; know how to turn your voice and video recorder of your phone on quickly, have a portable income and a passport, have social and legal support, and so on. But for dealing with girls who are on the edge like that, although there is no justice in it (which men crave as much as reason), you have to deal with her emotions.

        First push her off, then compliment her and say she’s hot, then give some excuse why you have to disappear.

  • http://gravatar.com/zorroprimo Zorro

    A drunk woman is a reason to RUN away!

    …and don’t get on video when you do. Because when Princess Cuntflake gets herself killed, society will be out to hang all the men who didn’t help her.

    This stupid broad is a monument to female self-destruction (booze) combined with a society that demands feminism but won’t give up the chivalry.

    Feminism: The infantilization of females and the subjugation of males to the whims of their infant masters.

  • johnno

    This is interesting. This video reminded me of a few weeks ago when I had a similar situation with a very drunk cute girl. In this condition, she was all over me trying to kiss me and everything, but from the very moment I rejected her advances (I’ll never do drunk girls -again) it was a 180 degree turn. She got really mad at me before passing out on the couch. Was it that I “hurt her feelings”? How different are a woman’s feeling when sober than when she’s drunk? Push-compliment-excuse sounds like a good idea in these cases.

  • Cesare

    Rarely have I seen so many objectionable, yea detestable aspects coalesce into such a gem of wisdom. If you would have eyes and ears it is there. This mediocre looking harpy wants to pull some Tequila fueled attitude because these guys aren’t going to brutally violate every orifice in her nasty body. Of course she retains, DEMANDS the right to change her mind and howl RAPE when and where she regains such tepid consciousness as she can gather. This ought to be be must viewing for young men before they learn the hard way that yes means right now with an long option on no forever. What a hosebag.

    • http://angryychromosomewielder.wordpress.com thechauvinistkaiser

      She’s kind looks like a younger less attractive version of the woman who play’s Skyler in “Breaking Bad.”

      And even Anna Gunn is mediocre looking.

  • anonymous x

    The question I posed in a previous thread about whether you are in charge of your controlled substance consumption or is it in charge of you applies every bit as much to women as it does to men. The potential for harm in situations resulting from out of control consumption is definitely not negligible for either sex. With women it could be worse since it often doesn’t take as many drinks or drug hits to remove their inhibitions and yet at the same time society is standing by ready to back her up and accuse you with her should her temperament change on a dime. Even if you did the right thing.

  • Jason

    They were really smart to get the encounter on video.

  • http://linanati.blogspot.com/ Linanati

    Those guys were unbelievably calm. How annoying, having to deal with a drunk woman in their car when they had just got off work. Good for the driver for refusing to go way out of his way to deliver her to her friends.

  • http://sweetsavageblood.wordpress.com Carolina Courtland

    Here’s what they should have done to avoid a problem with her: drive her to a police station and drop her off. In most states it is a crime to be intoxicated in public like that. The police can hold her in the station. And then she can’t claim “something” happened later.

    • http://gravatar.com/evilalpha evilalpha

      Nope. She’s not incapacitated. The guy she came onto should have fucked her.
      If you drop her off at the police station, she gets mad and then claims you fingered her or something. Hell hath no fury…
      I rejected a woman once and she told some female coworkers that had felt her boobs. Of course they knew better (1 in particular) and laughed.

  • Fernando

    when will you boys MAN UP and marry her? GOD WHERE HAVE ALL THE GENTLEMEN GONE!

  • Cumputer

    i would have fucked her and then dumped her on the side of the road

  • http://angryychromosomewielder.wordpress.com thechauvinistkaiser

    “Wow…I need-harrride, ferrreal, becuz–” *Cuts the bitch off by slamming the door in her face*

    Fuckin dumb slut. Let’s see the femmcunt brigade try and explain this in light of their fire-and-brimstone arguments condemning men of rape irrespective of reality.

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  • http://gravatar.com/evilalpha evilalpha

    She’s not that drunk. She can walk in heels while holding a cell phone to her ear. The guy she came onto should have fucked her.