The #1 Metaphor of Life

We evolved to view the world through the lens of Newtonian physics. We only see radical movement. We only notice significant change.

We cannot comprehend what happens to our bodies on a cellular level. How can we? “The average 70 kg adult human body contains approximately 6.7 x 1027 atoms.”

On the quantum level, your body is in continuous motion. Atoms are moving and changing. Your body is constantly rebuilding itself or destroying itself. Your brain is changing.

You are the builder.

Whatever you ate today is now part of your body. Did you eat protein and lots of detoxifying vegetables? If so, your body is becoming stronger, cleaner, and healthier. If not, your body is becoming a toxic waste dump.

You are the builder.

Whatever you thought today is part of you consciousness. Did you meditate on negative experiences? If so, you have built yourself into a negative person. Your brain is flexible plastic. You can mold and shape it; you can expand it; you can shrink it.

You are the builder.

Did you go to the gym, forcing your muscles and ligaments to endure heavy weights? Did you force blood to carry nutrients throughout your cardiovascular system? Did you sweat out toxins?

You are the builder.

Reading books is lifting weights for the mind. Did you read a book that made your brain hurt?

You are the builder.

Did you tell yourself that you will be rich, successful, and strong? Did you focus on your Philosophy, Attitude, Activity, Results, Lifestyle? Did you ignore negative people and haters? If so, you have built your mind into a machine that will seek success.

You are the builder.

Did you hang out with positive, driven people? If so, you’ve built a strong safety net. You’ve built a collection of people who will be there for you in your time of need and who will inspire you to greatness.

You are the builder.

You are building yourself brick-by-brick, atom-by-atom, day-by-day, year-by-year, person-by-person, book-by-book, weight-by-weight.

You are the builder.

Once you reject the notion that “life happens” and accept that you are the builder, ask yourself:

What are you building?

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    you’re taking this blog to a whole new level…keep it up…

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    Well said. It occurs to me that as time goes on it isn’t as difficult to take that extra step as it is to remember this and what it truly means.

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    excellent post, man. good reminder. my personal motto has always “Make it happen.”


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    This blog is becoming what roissy used to be like. None of this PUA nerd bullshit.

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    The motto.

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    Awesome post. Keep up the good work.

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    Good stuff. Reposting to FB now.

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    I’ve just read Beyond Good and Evil on your recommendation. I enjoyed it. It’s amazing how easy it is to just whizz through less dense, more modern books now having read it. It truly was a heavy 5×5 workout for the brain.

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