Muscle Game and the Great Zyzz

A tribute to the late and great Zyzz. See you mirin’ at the gym.

at the end of the day
if youre a shredded sick cunt
you can get away with anything, bro – -zyzz

not give a fuck bro, thats what we do
thats what the zyzz cunts do
thats what the revolution is bro
none of this fucking sad cunts
we’re all gonna fucking make it bro
that’s it -zyzz

  • Odds

    RIP Zyzz

    He still is one of my main inspirations for lifting. What is the point of even being alive if you don’t look like Zyzz?

  • Rob

    If you can’t pick up a girl and carry her upstairs, what the fuck are you doing?

  • nycbachelor

    I read through his old posts on He strongly hinted that he was on roids… and never cycled off of them. Still- shredded. Probably would have made it big if he didn’t hit the sauna (likely when he has high on coke and on DNP).

  • sean

    this guy inpires me somuch. the not give a fuck attitude. like the one where he hijacked that stall and started’ed.. fuaaarrrkk mirin brah

  • Alpha Anomaly

    Zyzz was definitely an interesting character. His death was unfortunate, but kind of inevitable given his unrestrained hedonism. I don’t know about from a game perspective, but Greg Plitt – the world’s #1 fitness model – is definitely the better role model if one wishes to build their lifestyle on a rock.

    • dangerandplay

      zyzz had a congenital heart defect. You or I could have one and just drop dead. Greg Plitt is not what the media has created him to be. Zyzz is more real.

      • Alpha Anomaly

        Zyzz is more real? Zyzz is a self-acknowledged “fictional” character. Honestly, I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on Greg Plitt. How has the media overblown him? From what I can tell, he has actually done something with his life besides post crazy youtube videos like Zyzz.

        As for the heart attack, you’re probably right. The point I was getting at was that his early death was more than a little fitting given the values he stood for and the hyper-indulgent person he was, almost a perfect capstone to the legacy he set. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a true inspiration. He’s just not the type of guy you want your kids making heroes of, let alone the god his cult-like following make him out to be. If anybody is overblown, it’s the Zyzz.

  • Alpha Anomaly

    I note that I don’t have any bad feelings against Zyzz. I don’t want to sound like I was cheering for his death – I really wish he hadn’t died. It’s amazing what one can do with a mere 23 years and the kid would have been a killer if he had lived even half of an average lifespan. And yeah, he had some game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he read the Roissy Chateau.

    • Odds

      zyzz admitted he had no game and that his strategy to get girls was the same as girls: look good and wait for them to approach. He used his internet fame and facebook page to get girls.

      • Alpha Anomaly

        Zyzz was cocky, overconfident, openly narcissistic, flamboyant, disregarded females, and didn’t put them on a pedestal. I’d say he would hold up pretty well against Roissy’s 16 Commandments. He may not have been a player in the traditional sense of the term, but that hardly constitutes “no game”. Am not under the impression that he was a good conversationalist though, but who knows since he rarely spoke in his videos.

        Your comment did have a lot of truth to it – he did act like a women with his obsession with aesthetics. I saw that vid where he was waiting for chicks to come his way as well.

  • Jack

    kind of gay, probably a sodomite.

  • nycbachelor

    Mmmmm not sure if I would want to be on steroids long term like that… from what I’ve heard they cause your balls to atrophy and shrivel, they sense all the exogenous testosterone and shut down…. sometimes permenantly if the cycle is long enough (or if you down cycle down off of them properly). Probably the only thing stopping from doing them…. that and finding a way to get a hold of them.

  • Pavoneo

    Zyzz cycled at least once, no doubt about it. He admitted it on /fit/ back when he still posted there. That said, he’s what got me into lifting and I’ll always pop out an extra rep in his memory.

    “you’re a fucking sick cunt if you wanna be, stop being a fucking sad cunt. go out, get bitches… be a fucking sick cunt like zyzz brah”

  • Jebou

    What has Zyzz done? Well, he has inspired tens of thousands people go to gym instead of sitting in front of a computer within just a couple of years. Instead of just looking good, he showed what you’re capable of doing with the looks. Some fitness models might look good aswell, but that’s it. When people see them, they’re just seeing “some good looking guys”. Zyzz had some kickass attitude, which made him special.