Bang Poland for the Extras

Bang Poland is part travel memoir, party how-to-get-laid guide.

I originally planned on visiting the country for one month, but ended up staying for seven. It wasn’t because I made amazing friends or fell in love with the cities, culture, or food. It also wasn’t because I became enchanted with its mountains or natural beauty.It was because I simply couldn’t get enough of the women.

Their personalities and vaginas fit me like a glove. What was supposed to be a little visit to get used to Eastern Europe turne dout to be one of the greatest discoveries of my adult life.

Although I have no plans to visit Poland (I hate travelling), Bang Poland is nevertheless a fun read. His description of Polish girls reminds me why men must demand better behavior from American women:

Sweet, gentle, and considerate. Even when a Polish girl rejects you, she’s sweeter than an American girl who fucks you.

Nurturing. A Polish girl gets pleasure if you’re experiencing pleasure, similar to the vibe of Brazilian women.

If you don’t like American girls, go to Poland.  “Love it or leave it,” applies as much to the women you’re dating as it does to the country you live in.

If you’re going to remain in the U.S. for a few more years to make that money before expatriating, remember that women are horrible because our culture allows it. If your girl is not sweet, gentle, considerate, and feminine, then kick her the fuck out. If every American would “man up,” then women would start behaving better.

Today is the day to buy Bang Poland. It’s half-price, at $4.99, and also comes with several free gifts. Since Roosh is very methodical, one free gift is especially useful.

If you have a college education, you no doubt had a lab journal. Your journal, although a pain in the ass to maintain, would let you know exactly where your experiment went wrong. What is game but a human social experiment?

Thus, Roosh is including:

-My raw game notes from Poland. I share my working game notes along with my post-mortem analyses from pillaging three Polish cities on weekend trips. These are personal annotations that at the time were for my eyes only. You’ll be able to take a look at the method to my madness.

The notes alone are worth $4.99, so get your copy today.

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  • AJ

    I live in Poland and have done for three years. Roosh was either extraordinarily lucky in the girls he met when he was here or he’s lying in order to get people to buy his book.

    Pretty much every girl over the age of 23 in Poland is married and has at least one kid. So if you like stretch marks it’s the country for you. The ones younger than that are either Catholic fundamentalists (no chance) or clown make-up Russian-whore style exploiters looking for a man with money (even worse).

    I think our Arab friend was so exited at the sight of lots of white women in one place he didn’t notice a) they are not too keen on foreigners, especially non-white ones; b) they are not as thin as you think; and c) they are certainly not the kind to get pleasure from your pleasure.

    Rosh’s books are just fantasy material for men who are never going to visit the countries he writes about. Travel books sell well because people never visit those places about to verify the truth.

    Anyone dumb enough to visit Poland on the basis of Roosh’s book deserves all the crushing disapointment he will experience.

    What next? Bang Antarctica? Bang Aboriginal Australia?

    • The Chrome Microphone

      I suspect Roosh’s game is just a little sharper than yours

      The man’s basically dedicated his life to fucking his way around the world

      He can probably get reactions from girls that the average man can’t

  • Whitehall

    I’m halfway through “Bang Iceland.”

    Sure, interesting and entertaining read, but the big problems are sample size and sample selection.

    So don’t take his opinions as hard facts to be duplicated by you. I think of his books as more novels or short stories – there is “artistic truth” there – maybe.