What is Sex With an Older Woman Like?

Fortunately this is not my first-hand report:

Yes, she did seem like she had a pretty face at one point, and her hair and all that shit was nice, which would lead me to believe she dressed to impress; at one point anyway.

Her pussy was all loose, like pealed chicken skin or something.

It took her a good while to get wet also, and some saliva had to be used.


  • Linanati

    Sounds like she had kids and didn’t do her Kegels afterwards. Even with a vaginal prolapse, Kegels will tighten that back up. She won’t be as tight as a virgin, but it can still be pretty good. If she doesn’t start doing Kegels in her 30’s though, it won’t help much.

    And any woman who has trouble naturally lubricating should slip into the bathroom and put in a little KY or Astroglide – no need for the man to know…

  • SarajMgmt

    How old are we talking here? That’s a pretty relative term.

    Still sounds kinda true, based on my experiences, but it has to also be said that older women are usually very eager to please and are often more open to stuff men like (anal, rough BJs, etc) that younger women are less likely to go along with.

    It’s not all bad …

  • http://ridewithblaze.wordpress.com The Fucking Writer

    This isn’t the norm. I usually prefer older women, because they are through with drama and know what they want sexually. And just like SarajMgmt said, they are eager to please.

    I wrote about it here — http://ridewithblaze.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/older-is-better/

  • Linanati

    @The Fucing Writer

    Maybe the guy who wrote that had a one night stand with Michelle Duggar. Kegels ain’t ever get that one tight again.

  • Mike

    They’re not all that bad, and yes, they’re usually more realistic about their purpose and position in the world. Older ones may have wrinkles, but when you pull them around by their hair and get rough, they coo. Got to watch out for the ones who’ve recently lost a lot of weight, though. Shudders is right.

  • Andrew

    ‘I don’t want a woman who knows what she wants in bed. I like women who are hot and do what they are told in bed. ‘

    fuck yeah how many times do you hear some douche saying he likes older women because they know what they want LOL

  • http://finndistan.blogspot.com finndistan

    I don’t want an older woman who knows what she wants, I want a younger perky nubile woman who wants what I got to give; and; the softer the skin, the tighter to the touch, the harder the butt, the perkier the nipples, the less baggage carried around in the soul, what I got to give just grows in hardness, size and love volume.

  • Professor Ashur

    Old enough to know how to make oatmeal cookies without using a recipe?

  • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

    42 is as old as I’ve gone. Her body still had the dew of youth. Age is relative, sure.

    Nevertheless, I tied her hands up with a bath robe belt, pinned her on her stomach, and gave it to her how I wanted to.

    I don’t understand guys who say they “want a woman who knows what she wants.”

    In a sense, then, saying you want a woman to know what she wants is abdicating your responsibility as a man to tame her.

    That attitude is – in every sense – beta.

    Ironically, I give women what they want. What do women want? To be dominated, owned, and possessed by a man who isn’t afraid to take what is rightfully his.

  • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

    What I value most about an older/mature woman (they don’t have to go together) is that they seem to have a better idea of what they want and they don’t have as shitty of attitudes.

    As an example, when I was 24 I was dating a 32 year old who absolutely blew my mind one day. She had come over with one of my sets of sheets all cleaned (she spilled something on them and took it upon herself to wash them) and I proceeded to fuck her brains out. After facefucking her at her request, I walked with her out to the living room where my roommate at the time had brought in two pretty girls, the younger of which easily could’ve been a model. Ridiculously good looking. We chatted a bit with the group then I walked with the 32 year old outside for a minute, where she told me that the younger girl had been seriously eye-fucking me and that she was incredibly hot and that I should go for it.

    “Really?” I thought.

    Yes, really. The 32 year old knew I wasn’t exclusive and just needed me to fuck her brains out. No jealousy.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      I’ll troll, saying, “Anyone over 26 is a cougar.” But 32 isn’t old if the girl has been doing yoga, eating clean, and avoiding the sun.

      • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

        Yes, it definitely depends on the girl. Messed around with a 39 year old that had legs and an ass that would shame many 25 year olds. Of course, after 2 kids her boobs weren’t that great, but she really took care of everything else. Some bolt ons and she’d be good to go. Also loaded money-wise. I really oughta finish my posts on her. Better yet, I really oughta see if I can finish ON her.

  • T’darra

    As an “older woman”, I have to say this: Why the fuck would I want some baby boy who thinks he’s capable of giving me more than a once- or twice-around? Most of those younger males haven’t begun to explore or experience their own sexuality.

    • jay

      Sorry to tell you sweetheart – but at the age of 23 I had experienced more than most men have by the age of 40. Age does not necessarily dictate how one such person “Fucks”. P.S. my current “friend(s)” are all over the age of 35 – and they definitely enjoy me.
      Not to discern what you said, I simply just do not agree.

  • Wendy B

    Well,for me it seems like the older i get the more i need sex… Don’t want somebody’s 30yo moron..i like a good in shape 47 or 48yo..im 52…he needs a strong back strong hands…im very flexible and im in very good shape… I can touch my toes..do splits and im also anal…everything is still very tight,i haven’t had any complaints yet…..younger men want to date me but im not comfortable with it… May go younger maybe 43 …women can fuck forever..however most men need viagra at 38…life is funny like that….

    • crunchie

      Wendy, do you have crows feet around your cunt???

  • Theman1977

    I have a 54 year old girlfriend and her pussy is tight and wet and she’s a great lay and she treats me like a king